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A Teaching on Buddha and the multiplying of the Buddha consciousness

Beloved Kuthumi
June 14, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come again.

According to the established tradition I will give a Teaching. However, the comprehension of this Teaching can be difficult for your external consciousness. This is a Teaching on Buddha, which is on that stage of your Path that you must inevitably reach and that you will reach sooner or later.

Each of you has a potential to become a Buddha. In exactly the same way as every seed has a potential to become a plant and, in its turn, to set seeds.

The only thing differentiating you from a Buddha is the level of consciousness.

Some seeds fall on good soil and sprout very quickly. Others require considerable efforts for sprouting. But you should never forget that you are in a garden where the gardener is God himself. He is a rather careful gardener. That is why, even if to become a Buddha requires great efforts from you, you will become a Buddha despite everything. It is impossible for you not to become a Buddha, because this is a natural and obligatory stage of your development. Today I do not want to dwell upon those souls who have no wish to develop and follow the Path predetermined for them. You are aware of the fact that in reality not all the seeds sprout. There are a certain percentage of the seeds that never become adult plants. There are a certain percentage of plants that perish without reaching the stage of the fruiting season.

Yet, you must know what to aim for. And your aim is to become a Buddha.

In reality the level of the Buddha Consciousness, when you reach it, is akin to a plant entering the fruiting season. When a human reaches the level of the Buddha Consciousness he obtains an ability to endow with his consciousness millions of beings who are at the lower stages of evolutionary development. This resembles an adult plant scattering seeds.

A Buddha sows the seeds of the Buddha Consciousness within the human beings. These seeds lie dormant inside a human for some time. Nevertheless, the time preset by the cosmic terms comes and the seeds of Buddha start sprouting in the human. Buddha sows the sparks of his Mind within the humans. The time comes and these sparks of Mind germinate and become obvious. Within each of you there is a hidden seed of Buddha, a spark of Mind that was sown inside of your being millions of years ago according to earthly measures. Now the time is coming when this spark of the Buddha Consciousness begins to be manifested.

This is not the intellect. These are not your abilities enabling you to exist in the physical world. This is the Mind that dwells within you and is identical to the Divine mind. This is the thing that gives you a chance to reach the Divine stage of evolution and become a God-man.

Just as a seed sacrifices in order to give a plant a chance to appear, in exactly the same way Buddha sacrifices to give the seeds of Mind an opportunity to sprout within millions of live beings. This is the sublime self-sacrifice you become capable of when you reach the level of the Buddha Consciousness.

It was exactly the self-sacrifice of the greatest Beings of Light millions of years ago that gave humanity a chance to obtain Mind and, owing to this Mind, to become different from the animals.

You obtained your Mind due to the act of an infinite self-sacrifice performed by the greatest Beings of Light who blended into the humans of Earth in the hope that the seeds planted would germinate and the Buddha Consciousness would be multiplied someday. And instead of the seven greatest Beings of Light, the universe would obtain millions of Buddhas.

In this way the development takes place, in this way the merits are multiplied.

However, between the stage when the seeds are sown and the stage when the plant becomes fruit-bearing there is some duration, a natural period. For the humanity of Earth this duration equals many millions of years.

The Divine Alchemy is such that the Beings of Light who sacrificed primordially in order to endow mankind of Earth with Mind blended into the humans of Earth, in the millions of lifestreams. And they will be able to restore their identity completely only after all the humans remaining on Earth by that time have reached the level of the Buddha Consciousness.

Within each of the Ascended Masters there is a spark of a higher Being of Light, and when a human reaches the level of the ascended state of consciousness he becomes able to give back the spark of Mind that has served as the yeast in the depth of his being and due to which his evolution has taken place. The Heavens are exultant over every case of such ascension. Every case of such ascension gives to those Great Spirits who endowed mankind with the Mind millions of years ago an opportunity to restore their integrity to a greater extent.

However, when a human reaches the level of the development of a Buddha, he in his turn follows the lead of the great Beings of Light. At the same time, every Ascended Master who has reached the level of the Buddha Consciousness has an opportunity to endow with his particle those individuals who are still in embodiment and with whom this Master was in a karmic connection, as his history of existence on planet Earth was tightly bound with their lives.

Of course, your lifestream must be in agreement with the presence of a particle of the Ascended Master within you.

I will tell you more. Every prophet, Messenger, or messiah always enjoyed the presence of the higher Beings of Light within himself. Sometimes there was not one Being of Light but a few of them. The presence of the Beings of Light within the temple of an embodied individual is determined by his level of merits. You will not be able to endure the Light of the presence of the Higher Being within yourself if you are not ready, if you have not reached a certain grade of purity of your four lower bodies and, correspondingly, if you do not have a high level of vibrations corresponding to the high level of consciousness achieved by you.

The knowledge I am giving you today is not new. It was well-known and taught in all the prominent Schools of Mysteries and was echoed in many books and scientific works.

Everything changes, and the time comes when the things that were accessible to very few advanced disciples become attainable for very many people. Only the level of your consciousness prevents you from understanding and fully evaluating the greatness of the Creator, His care about every live creature, and the opportunities that the Law of this universe provides for the evolution of all the souls inhabiting the universe.

Today I have told you a beautiful legend about Buddhas and the multiplying of the Buddha Consciousness.

When a seed germinates and the plant grows, it encounters many barriers on its Path of development. These are droughts, floods, the burning sun, and the pests. Every individual in his development on planet Earth encounters a lot of barriers. Every individual has to overcome a great many of obstacles. However, these obstacles are necessary for the growth of your consciousness. You become a Buddha only when you have overcome all of them. You become a Buddha only when you in your consciousness leave the frames of the illusory world.

Now, here is the most important thing that I must tell you about. The Teaching you have just received is just another view of the fall of Lucifer and the fall of the angels.

As exemplified by these two views on one and the same event you may judge how unrecognizably the human mind can distort even the highest deed of the Spirit.

In truth, everybody judges everything by himself and everybody sees in everything his own imperfections.

That is why your own choice of one of the two legends will tell you much about yourself.

The quality of duality is inherent in every event occurring in the material universe. And the higher the level your consciousness reaches, the less negative and the more positive and Divine things you see in the surrounding reality.

When your consciousness reaches a high enough degree of purity you will be astonished with a fact that everything has changed around you. And then instead of the fallen angels that were surrounding you and with whom you were tirelessly fighting, you will see human beings who suffer and need your help.

In order for the transformation of your consciousness and you to take place you must wish to progress on the Path, you must put yourself under the winds of changes and be afraid of nothing. Nothing threatens you in your world except your own unreal part that attracts into your world all of the negative situations and circumstances.

I wish you to attain enlightenment already during your current life. All the Ascended Hosts and I are ready to serve you and to give you all the help you need.

But never forget: It is impossible to help an individual who does not ask for help and who thinks he does not need our help.

Always remember that you are just children in the questions of knowing the Divine Truth. At the current stage of the development of your consciousness, even the Truth I have given you today will seem incomprehensible and disquieting to you. But a few years will pass and every schoolchild will be aware of this Truth.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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