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The new stage will enable you to experience yourselves living in the two worlds simultaneously

Lord Surya
June 12, 2005

Lord Surya

I AM Surya, having come from the Great Central Sun!

Beloved, the moment that was anticipated by the Ascended Hosts and that will make an epoch in the evolution of this planet has come. Such moments are recurrent and each of them serves as a starting point for the further progress. It is akin to your sailing ship when it is being moved by the gusts of wind. Every new gust of wind gives a new impulse to your movement. Now a mighty gust of wind has filled the sails of your opportunity. But only if you have been expecting this gust of wind and have hoisted the sails and prepared for sailing in time can you use the Cosmic opportunity given to you.

There is a hard Path before you. Storms and hurricanes are yet to come. But the main thing is that you are ready for your Path and that you have hoisted the sails of your being. The waves and the storms are just your inevitable companions in the illusory world. The constant resistance of the resilient matter creates the necessary tension that allows you to develop your thoughts, to stiffen your will, and to aspire to victory through all the obstacles. If you keep the right image in your consciousness it will be impossible for the sailing ship of your being to suffer a shipwreck. Your consciousness is your main factor. All the circumstances of your life and everything that happens to you are determined precisely by the level of your consciousness. You choose by yourself whether to aspire in your consciousness to the Supreme and to progress along the Higher Path or to prefer to drag on a wretched existence in a cozy corner. But those who choose a pleasant vegetable existence will sooner or later feel stirs forcing them to move. Many of the especially indolent will be simply forced out of their cozy corners, aroused from their sleep and set on the right Path.

You are lone travelers who must constantly move and never stop in your progress. Therefore, those of you who are sure in your consciousness that you have already reached everything and can have a rest now must urgently make necessary corrections in your consciousness.

The state of peace is in fact an illusion. You can never be in a quiescent state. Even during your meditations, when your human thoughts and feelings come to rest, you make grandiose journeys round the worlds where there are neither time nor space. The entire mechanism of journeys around the far worlds, the higher worlds, and the fiery worlds is hidden inside of you. You make your journeys within your consciousness. For that reason, everything you should care about is the level of your consciousness.

Everything in your world has its beginning and end. And only your consciousness will continue to exist after your physical death.

The experience gained by you is of importance. That is why the more you act in your world the more experience you gain. The physical world gives you plenty of opportunities to develop. The physical world is literally crammed with objects to which you can apply efforts. You influence the physical world and you transform it.

Each of your actions can raise your consciousness and lead to the growth of your consciousness, your immortal part. And any of your actions can lead to the growth of the illusion. The whole thing depends on the direction of your efforts. You may be compared with a valve through which the Divine energy flows. You can direct this flow either onto the broadening of your consciousness or you can waste this Energy for the increasing of the illusion.

The entire manifested world is a scene necessary for your evolution and created by you when you direct the Divine energy onto the increasing of the illusion. As soon as you reach a certain grade of purity of your chakras and bodies, you overcome your unreal part in your consciousness. And the more you elevate your consciousness, the more you are able to acquire the qualities inherent in the Divine world.

Your world and our world are not inimical to one another. Your world and our world mutually complement each other. Therefore any disharmonious manifestations of your world should be transformed with time. And the transformation of your world can take place only in one way: through your consciousness, which controls the flow of the Divine energy coming to your being from the only Source, the single Source for the entire universe.

If you are concentrated on your illusory world, you will sooner or later face a simple truth that there is nothing in the physical world that can satisfy you. You can waste the whole life, just as you wasted thousands of lives in your previous embodiments in search of the point of life. And a moment would always come for any creature in the physical world when it realizes that the thing it aspires to is in fact beyond the boundaries of the physical world.

First you acquire the duality of perception of your world. You begin to distinguish the phenomena belonging to the physical world from the ones belonging to the higher worlds. Then you start seeing the reasons for the events in the physical world. You start seeing the consequences of the actions and you begin to realize that if your attitude to the world around you changes, it also leads to the alteration of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. And one fine day you realize that in addition to your physical senses you are acquiring the perception of the higher worlds. And as soon as you have acquired such perception you start getting more idea of the higher worlds. But the higher worlds compare so favorably with everything surrounding you in the physical plane that you start spending more and more time in communication with them.

The moment comes when you begin to live in the two worlds simultaneously. You become a point between two worlds. And you realize clearly that the worlds are merging within you. You understand that exactly in this way God can act through you. It is pleasant for you to experience your unity with God, with the entire universe. You feel that there are no borders between you and all the other living creatures. And you start feeling infinite compassion towards all the living creatures that are at that stage of evolution of their consciousness that does not allow them to experience this unity of Life.

Now, when being at this stage of your perception of the world, you start to understand us at last — the Beings that are behind the veil. We have understanding, but we have no opportunity to act in your world. You do not have understanding, but you have an opportunity to act in your world. So, the next stage that is approaching already will allow you to get our understanding by penetrating the veil and will enable us to act through you when you let us be present within your beings.

This is how the evolution of the world is being made. In this way the worlds penetrate each other.

The new stage that has already come will give you a chance to experience yourselves living in the two worlds simultaneously. At first only a few people will be capable of this. Later on more and more people will reach this state of consciousness. It is always difficult for the first one to climb the highest peak. It is always easier for those who follow him. And very soon the things that seemed to be fantastic will become completely ordinary.

Have a happy journey! And hoist the flags on your yards in order to be seen from afar and in order for everybody who wishes to join you and to stand under your banners to have a chance to do it at any moment.

God does not have any restrictions. All the restrictions exist only in your consciousness and in your perception of the world around you.

I AM Surya, having come to you from the Great Central Sun.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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