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Victory is in sight!

Mighty Victory
June 10, 2005

Mighty Victory

I AM Mighty Victory! I have come!

The necessity to overcome space and time is presently connected with the vital need to bear glad news to you! Your planet is entering a new stage of your evolution and this process is taking place right now.

Each of you will be able to feel considerable changes already within a few near hours. You must heed yourselves. You must sense yourselves and understand yourselves. You are not your reflection in the mirror; you are mighty spiritual beings. And the time has come for each of you to feel it, at least for those of you who are ready to follow the Path of evolution maintained by all the reasonable beings in this universe.

You are progressing to the stage where you will be able to establish your connection with your Higher part without applying energies as before. At all times there were people who stood independently and kept within themselves the secret of communication between the worlds even when the veil separating these worlds was the most impenetrable.

If you try to picture it, you can imagine this veil, first as an impenetrable wall as it was before and then gradually becoming like openwork through which you can see and receive a partial insight into our world.

And today I have come precisely to tell you about your opportunity. The veil between our worlds is ready to be torn right now. Your consciousness is the only barrier that prevents you from seeing our world and communicating with it.

The higher energies are literally penetrating through you and molding your consciousness, a new consciousness, and the consciousness of a human of the New Age.

The Ascended Hosts do their best to initiate you into our world. If, in order to gain an opportunity to communicate with us, you applied just a thousandth-share of the energies we are applying, you would be able to perform in your consciousness an instantaneous breakthrough to our worlds and into the endlessness.

A wonderful time is coming. Look out of the window. Is the world you used to see outside? Everybody is being given a chance. Everybody is making his own decision based on the law of free will.

I have come like the Bethlehem Star that marked the birth of Jesus Christ. I have come to announce the birth of Christ within you. And those of you who have gained victory over your carnal consciousness will receive an opportunity to obtain the Christ Mind.

Your consciousness will be able to obtain the understanding that was inaccessible for you before. At present, your progress is not taking place in the physical plane. Your progress is taking place within your consciousness. You are climbing the summit of the Divine consciousness with the help of your victories that you gain one after another over the unreal part of yourself, over your mortal carnal mind.

The Christ Mind is radiating from within you. It is being born inside of you and it is running to your world out of your hearts through the radiance of your eyes, through your service, and through the actions you perform for the sake of the entire life.

It is impossible, beloved, not to notice the changes that are in process within many of you who are ready for them, within those who have not only shown their readiness to follow the Path but who are constantly moving without stopping and without paying attention to small and large obstacles.

But while some people are quickly approaching the Divine summit in their consciousness, others prefer at the same time to fritter away precious time and to seek the entertainments and amusements that have already seduced many of the best souls onto an erroneous path. The illusion is still strong, but the time is shortened for the chosen. And if earlier you could just read and repeat these words, now you can see with your own eyes those changes that are to take place in the near future. It was said: Two men will be out in the field; one will be taken, and one will be left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken, and one will be left.[1] So it happens. Wake up and look around you!

If you know what to pay attention to, you will see as some are applying their energies and abilities and using their time in order to constantly progress forwards. At the same time others are trying to find a narrow crack where they can hide and sit quietly during this time of changes.

And this time can become either the time for some to gain a great victory or the time for others to suffer a defeat.

Each of you has a potential to be victorious. But if some aspire to their victory and apply all their strength to achieve it, others prefer to lie on the stove bench[2] all day, thinking that all the changes will pass them by and they will have to do nothing as before.

Beloved, never forget that you are in the belly of God. All of you constitute the united body of God. The time is coming when little depends on your wish. You are destined to win. You have no other choice but to win.

Therefore, get down off your stove, go out into the street and put yourself under the fresh wind of change. You are like a sailing ship standing in the harbor motionless because there is no wind. But the moment has come and the wind of opportunities has started blowing, and it is up to heave yourself away, to fill your sails and to direct yourself to the destination point of your journey around the world of illusions. And the destination point of your journey is to return to the real world whence you have come and where you are heading inevitably in accordance with the law of cosmic cycles.

So, catch the wind of the cosmic opportunity with the sails of your being, since the next cosmic opportunity for the chosen will take place only in the next cosmic cycle and you may doom yourselves to a fatiguing continuance in the burdensome worlds. Therefore, choose your Victory and choose moving towards your Victory. I have come to announce an approaching cosmic opportunity that has already come for those who are ready to accept it. Victory is in sight!

The victory for those who are ready and the victory for those who agree to accept their victory now.

During the night to come, a mighty impulse of aspiration will transmit you in your consciousness onto the next stage of your evolutionary development.

And you will see your goal clearly; you will see the outlines of the New World manifesting themselves first in your consciousness and then gradually being materialized through your consciousness in the physical plane of Earth.

I AM Victory!

[1] Matthew 24:40.

[2] For a long time, in big houses in the Russian countryside stove benches were used for sleeping (i.e. they were used as warm beds). Nowadays, this expression is used when talking about laziness. (Translator’s footnote.)

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