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Russia is spring-cleaning now

Beloved El Morya
June 9, 2005

Beloved El Morya
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I AM El Morya, having come again.

To tell you that it is vital to give these Dictations and it is important that you read them is telling you nothing. Each time, we make every effort to overcome the resistance of the matter and the resistance of the circumstances related to the transmission of our Messages to the physical octave. The difficulty is in bringing the transmission of the Messages into harmony with the tasks of the present day as much as possible. The top of the agenda of the day is to transform the consciousness of earthlings, to raise the level of their consciousness, and to expand its capacity. Your consciousness is the only barrier getting in the way of your communication with us, and your consciousness is the main barrier preventing the situation on planet Earth from changing. That is why I keep coming to you and saying over and over again: Strain every nerve. Get rid of everything unnecessary that is stagnating in your consciousness and which should not take place in the New World.

The development of Russia seems to have come to a dead end. It seems that nothing is changing and everything is bad. But do not judge by the external manifestations, because inside of every human, inside of every light-bearer who is in embodiment and lives in the territory of Russia, great progress in the transformation of their consciousness is taking place now. Arduous work is being done on the re-evaluation of the experiences of the last hundred years. There is a proverb: A negative result is still a result. This proverb excellently matches the events that Russia lived through during the last century. It is impossible, beloved, to build up a new society compliant with the standards of the New World if you do not base it on the Faith in God, the true Faith but not the faith that was forcibly swept away in the course of the Revolution in 1917. The Russian people have always intuitively understood that no official religion with its hierarchy and its wish to obtrude its dogmas can cope with the spiritual needs of the generous Russian spirit. It should be understood that the capacity of the consciousness of a Russian man has expanded considerably during the last decades. Sometimes external explosions and social disruptions have to take place in order to help to get rid of the hindering dogma and to conquer it within consciousness. This process is akin to a process of spring-cleaning in your house. At first sight it may seem to you that you are surrounded by complete disorder and chaos. All the things that used to be in their proper places have been displaced and it is impossible to find them. Other things have become dilapidated and must be replaced, so you throw them away. Of course you are sorry to part with your favorite things that were serving you hand and foot during many years and that literally became part and parcel of you. But the time comes for you to rummage through your wardrobe and take out the old things and junk them. You dust and polish the things that can still serve you and put them in their proper places again.

Russia is having a bout of cleaning now. A grandiose rethinking of the values is taking place. Moreover, all the people of Russia are taking part in this spring-cleaning. That is why the country looks so rough — hence the frowning faces. The bout of cleaning is going full blast. And it seems that there is no end to this tiring work. Many people are trying to return to the articles of belief of their great-grandfathers. They return to the newly restored temples, listen to their heart and reason, smell the aromas of the church odors. And it bodes well that the future of Russia is connected precisely with God and the true Faith in God. Yet, a soul cannot find sanctuary in the old faith. Literally crowds of people are busy seeking new movements and new religions. And the forces of darkness happily throw the surrogates of the faith to you, beautiful things that are, however, absolutely useless for the evolution of the soul. The people of the great country are choosing which to decide in favor of, which to prefer, and which to give up. But maybe it is useful to preserve something, to rub away the layer of dust from it and to shelve it? Just the same thing relates to the social life. After many years of domination of the false community, some people try to return to this community but to rebuild it on new principles. Others called to mind even older times and are trying to entrench themselves among the new elite, wishing to introduce into the country the same inequality that was characteristic of the last years of the Tsar’s regime. It seems again that something is going wrong. There is a proverbial wisdom saying that one cannot step into the same water twice. But it is too painful to part with the old things, to throw them away. Yet the sooner the collective consciousness of people gets rid of the old unneeded dogmas — both in the clerical and in the secular life — the sooner and more successfully will the new take an independent stand in the consciousness of people.

We are happy to watch the sprouts of the new and progressive in the hearts and minds of many people. Our disciples know neither sleep nor rest. Our true disciples are working around the clock. Our guards are keeping watch day and night. The natal stronghold must be protected from what is uncongenial to the New World, from any ideas that come from the civilized world of Europe and America. Yet, I must say that there is nothing behind the entire so called western civilization that might be needed in the future society. No matter how strange it may seem to you, I will tell you that both Europe and America have irrecoverably fallen far behind the people of Russia when judged by the level of their spiritual development and the level of their consciousness. You do not see it now, when you are amid the chaos of your current spring-cleaning. Believe me; literally in a few years, the changes in the consciousness that are in progress now by leaps and bounds and the path and pace of which are just without parallel, will be manifested in the surrounding life. Everything around you is the reflection of your consciousness. The picture that you watch around you now is the reflection of the consciousness that the Russian society had during the period of the false community — so-called socialism.

The matter is the most inert part of the universe. It takes years for the changes in the consciousness to be manifested in the physical world. Before now, it took much more time to reflect the transformation of consciousness than it does at present. But the time has changed. Any changes in the consciousness of people lead to almost instantaneous changes in the physical plane. Their momentariness is measured in the cosmic scale, indeed. Nevertheless, the process of acceleration, the process of the raising of the vibrations of the world is in progress constantly and inevitably. That is why the time allowed for the transformation of consciousness to be manifested in the physical plane is shortened every year. Therefore, do aspire to transform your consciousness. Bring discipline to your consciousness. You have your past before you as an example — your faith that was repudiated — and you see the shots taken at its restoration. But this faith cannot satisfy people any longer because their consciousness has expanded, and it cannot be squeezed within the old framework. The former false community exists no more, since the true community can be based only on the true Faith. The old system, when a few possessed everything and masses of people were close to starving, cannot be reestablished because it does not answer the purposes of the present time. The combination of the true community is based on the true Faith; the social structure of the society takes care and renders help to all its members, especially paying attention to the children and the disabled. Each member of the society has the opportunity to develop freely, to receive free education and the best medical assistance. All of these things, which existed in the false community, should be re-railed nowadays according to the true Faith, and they will mold the image of the future structure of the New Age that we keep in our hearts.

The social inequality and the inequalities in wealth will be overcome after the renovation of the system of education. This new system will give the future generation the knowledge about the Divine Laws governing in this universe and about the main laws: the law of karma, or retribution, and the law of reincarnation or evolution of the souls. All of the fundamentals of the true Faith must be brought back to the society. Every person must gain understanding of the change of the cycles and of the necessity to get rid of his ego and to perfect himself in God.

We are giving the guidelines. We are giving the basics. We are giving the instructions. For those who can hear. For those who can acknowledge. For those who are ready.

I AM El Morya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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