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A Teaching on healing

Beloved Jesus
June 8, 2005

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus, having come again.

By the established tradition, I will give a Teaching. Today the subject of our training is healing. You know that at the time of my incarnation 2000 years ago I successfully healed people many times. The fame about the miracles of my healing ran ahead of me. Wherever I went there were always people who believed that I could heal them and there were people who did not believe in the miracle of healing.

Therefore, I always asked whether a person believed that he could be healed. I also asked whether a person wanted to be healed. At first sight these two starting points may seem to you to be insignificant and just clichés. However, it is exactly at these two midpoints that the key to healing is hidden.

Your consciousness must be ready to accept healing. If for some reasons your consciousness cannot believe that you can be healed, even God is not able to help you.

At the second midpoint you must want to be healed and you must ask for healing. If you do not ask for healing, even God is not able to help you because the inviolable law of free will governs in the universe.

There are a lot of reasons why you do not wish to be healed. One of the reasons is that your soul has willingly taken upon itself a disease as a burden in order to work off the karma of the world or your own heavy karma of the past. A lot of light-souls, while coming into embodiment, take upon themselves cruel diseases or congenital deformities so as to make a sacrifice for sins of the world through their suffering. With their external consciousness they do not realize the burden they have undertaken, but as a rule, such souls do not want to be healed and do not ask for it. And the only way of helping such souls is if their nearest and dearest beg for their healing because for them the suffering of a beloved one is an unendurable burden.

Thus, a person must believe in healing and ask for healing. Only if these two conditions are observed is it possible to start the healing. Every time before healing a person it is necessary to figure out the reasons for his disease. The Supreme Law can either allow you to heal a human or not to allow it.

Of course, in order to heal you should have the mantle of a healer that enables you to heal with the help of Divine mercy and Divine energy.

All the other sorts of healing are false practices when, with the help of ingenious manipulations, a healer transposes the negative energy that is the reason for the disease to another place or just temporarily stops the action of this energy.

The matters of healing are very delicate and serious ones. That is why I watch with concern the newly-sprung healers who experiment with the Divine energy at times without even having passed through the preliminary initiations that give them the right to work with the Divine energy that is the source of healing.

A lot of so-called healers do not have access to the source of the Divine energy at all, and all their manipulations, even if they bring temporary relief, in fact make the condition of a sick man graver.

Let me explain.

The reason for your diseases is the negative energy that accumulates in your aura as a result of wrong actions, thoughts, and feelings committed by you during this or previous lives. I am speaking now about the reasons for the diseases of the majority of humans, not about the cases when a person intentionally takes upon himself a disease as a burden.

This negative energy of yours that is the real reason for your disease and that has formed as a result of your wrong actions must be withdrawn out of your aura. After that you will be healed.

The Divine mercy necessary for your healing can be either shown to you or not. Everything depends on the heaviness of the karma that is the real reason for your disease.

For that reason, an empowering for the healing must be received from on high. As a rule, the people who claim to be healers do not have the proper level of initiations that allows them to know the Will of God in regard to each of the humans they try to heal. However, their wish to make money prompts them to replace the negative energy using certain manipulations that temporarily relieve the condition of a person. Some of the manipulations used in the process of such a healing create karma that will be too great a strain on such a healer. The shrewdest healers can even avoid the karma they create by such actions, but with this they make the karma of their patients much graver.

When the Supreme Law empowers a true healer to heal a human, the decision is based, as a rule, on the availability of good karma in this human, which can be used for his healing. Either this human himself or his soul must completely realize the wrongness of the actions that brought on the development of the disease, and he must firmly decide in his external consciousness never to repeat these actions in the future.

That is why after my healing I used to say, Go and sin no more.

A true healer figures out the reasons for a disease very well and sees whom he can and whom he cannot help. The Divine energy is used for healing. A true healer withdraws the patient’s negative energy and fills his aura with the pure Divine energy. This process may be conducted either mentally or by directly laying on of hands on the patient.

The essence of the healing is the exchange of the energies between the healer and the patient. The negative energy flows to the healer and the Divine energy flows to the patient. This process of energy exchange is regulated by the Supreme Law. In this case karma is not being created and real help is being given to the sick man. As a human who has the mantle of a healer must have passed through the major initiations before he was granted this mantle, the negative energy that he undertakes upon himself cannot harm him as a rule. The chakras of the healer transmute, transform, and burn dead all sorts of negative energy. Actually, the process of annihilation of the negative energy taken from the patient is analogous to the process that takes place when the spiritually advanced people transmute the world’s karma undertaken by them.

The higher the level of spiritual merits of the healer, the faster is the process of transformation of the negative energies in his aura.

It goes without saying that if a person, after having been healed, still keeps performing the actions that were the reason for his disease, the disease will return in this or that form.

Thus, the healing of a man can take place only with his own help and with the help of his consciousness. The higher the level of consciousness of a man, the easier it is to help him. The healing is closely connected with the level of consciousness of the person.

The level of consciousness does not mean the development of intellect, speech, and carnal mind. Many simple people who have not had a good education sometimes possess a much higher level of consciousness than the people who received a first-class education and occupy high positions.

Each of you might have faced a necessity of applying to healers and psychics. And you have even applied to these healers. Maybe you have even received some healing of your ailments. But still you should be rather careful when applying to different healers and psychics, as many of them do not possess the spiritual merits that can empower them to heal in the name of God and with the help of the Divine energy.

But if your level of spiritual merits greatly exceeds that of the healer, a diametrically opposite process will take place during the séance of so-called healing. It is not the healer who will take upon himself your negative energy, but it is you who will take into your aura the negative energy from the aura of such a healer. And you will be lucky if you take upon yourself only the negative energy of this healer, and not that of all his patients whom he has healed in recent times.

You may judge indirectly the trueness of a healer by two things. First, a true healer heals your soul but not your body — that is, he helps you to reveal the reasons that caused your ailment. He shows you your imperfections that actually were the reason for the disease. And the second is that the gift of healing is a God-given gift, so a true healer will never take money from you for the healing. He received his gift for nothing and he must grant it for nothing. But you should never forget that you must pay back for the healing you received in one or another way. And always remember that it is in fact God who heals. A human-healer only entrusts himself to the disposal of the Higher Forces in order to serve the life and to relieve the suffering of people.

Today we have had a very important talk about healing. I think that each of you will gain the necessary benefit for yourself from this talk.

I AM Jesus, the healer of your souls.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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