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There is a section of the Path that you will not be able to overcome alone without a guide

Beloved Kuthumi
June 7, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you again.

I have come to continue teaching you. As you know we try to do our best to make the knowledge you get from these Dictations easily mastered by you and not causing you irritation.

The process of teaching you is akin to the process of feeding little children. We select your food thoroughly and ensure that you do not overeat or remain hungry.

The main responsibility of a Teacher is to care about his disciples. However, at times our care about your souls is felt by you as a punishment or an attempt upon your independence.

In reality, when you set your mind on entering the Path, instead of receiving the expected comfort and the constant feeling of bliss and harmony, you start facing completely obscure things that require additional explanation on our part. As soon as we see that a disciple is ready and his determination to follow the Path reaches a certain level, we take intensive tutorship over this disciple. From this moment, a disciple can no longer say that he can enjoy his free will to the full. Here, beloved, a very nice point is buried. You possess a free will, but in due time a certain section on your Path starts when you have to sacrifice your free will in order to keep your progress on the Path. Imagine yourself climbing a mountain and having reached a very dangerous section of the Path. There are steep cliffs and abysses ahead. You can keep moving alone as before, but it is more reasonable for you to entrust yourself to an experienced instructor — a guide who will control your further advance. And you entrust yourself to the will of this instructor. You have to obey his instructions and recommendations. He watches your progress carefully and tells you where to put your foot and where it is better for you to change the direction of movement in order to more quickly reach your goal — the peak of the Divine consciousness.

Such an instructor, a guide, can be met by you in the physical plane. Yet we must warn you that in the physical plane it is very difficult for you to meet very pure guides, Teachers, with whom you can fully entrust yourself. Very few people can give you detailed guidance about your Path when you are reaching the peak. Here we have a complete analogy with the instructors who are capable of reaching the highest summit of the world — Chomolungma. Milliards of people live on planet Earth now, but only a few are able to climb the peak Chomolungma.

And it is very hard to make out your guides among these milliards of people. Many people will tell you that they are true instructors and will offer to take you through training with them for big money. And many of these self-proclaimed teachers will demand that you submit your free will to their will completely.

I repeat once again. In reality there is a section on the Path when you have to give up your free will partly or completely and to submit your will to the Teacher. A lot of impostors and false teachers take advantage of this truth so as to get at their disposal light-souls and use their light.

What is the way out? The way out as always is in your ability to differentiate, to make distinctions between the Light and the darkness. Generally speaking, the main quality you need on your Path is the quality of making distinctions. You need discipline, you need devotion, aspiration and constancy, but first you need to make distinctions because when you step on a dangerous section of the Path and see only bare cliffs ahead and around you, your life depends completely on the person to whom you entrust your free will.

Therefore, we warn you about this dangerous section of the Path in advance, though for many of you this thorny section is still too remote in time.

How can you make your distinction in fact? I suppose it is not superfluous to repeat that a true Teacher will never stay in the places where crowds of people gather. A true Teacher will never teach for money. A true Teacher will never indulge your pride and your ego. His task is precisely to cut down your pride and your ego.

Yet, you can always find a contradiction among the characteristics I have mentioned. You can say, for instance, that Jesus gave his Teaching to crowds. You may say that Jesus went begging and lived on the alms basket.

Here lies the difficulty of your residence in the physical world. There are rules, and there are exceptions to these rules. That is why the Path is so difficult, and that is why only a few can take the liberty to follow this Path so far.

We can offer you direct contact with the Ascended Hosts. We are giving these Dictations in order to simplify for you the establishing of this contact. However, you know that the level of your vibrations is determined by the level of your consciousness. But just as like draws to like, you can easily come into interaction with the forces of the astral that are not the lightest ones, if the level of your vibrations does not allow you to rise to the etheric octaves of Light.

In the end, all is determined only by you. There is no other being in the universe that can pass your Path instead of you. You can ask for help, you may rely on help, but you will go alone and make your choice by yourself. Our task is just to simplify and to secure your Path as best we can. Always remember that your main enemy and source of ill will is hidden inside of you, and this is your carnal mind — your ego.

Everything that enables you to get rid of your ego is beneficial to you. Everything that strengthens and intensifies your ego is not Divine. That is why the disciples who have already reached very high levels of merits prefer at times to divert from the further progress when they approach the section of the Path that demands from them full submission to the will of the Teacher. The thought that the Teacher can hurt the disciple can hardly awaken an echo in the consciousness of the disciple. The Teacher sees your imperfections and at times gives you a very painful test to help you get rid of your imperfection. But your ego takes this test for an insult or a threat.

If you come to a surgeon and he suggests performing a major operation on you, you can either agree with the upcoming operation or refuse it of your own free will. You may either entrust yourself to the power of the surgeon or give up the operation. You decide it yourself.

But once you lie on the operating table and entrust yourself to the surgeon completely, nothing depends on you any longer. You have made your choice.

The same thing happens when you entrust yourself to a Teacher and a true Teacher performs a very painful operation of the removal of your ego. But you go to this operation consciously because you understand that your further progress and your life itself are impossible if you do not get rid of your ego right away.

There is a section of the Path that you will not be able to overcome alone without a guide. As soon as you approach this section, a Teacher will appear. This is reflected in the adage: When a disciple is ready to learn, a Teacher will appear.

Your task is to make a distinction and not to rush down a slippery road instead of climbing up. What is more, it is not always possible for you to make out the direction of your movement on the Path.

You have been given all the recommendations. You have been warned about all the difficulties. And yet try to keep your Faith and your Love all along your Path. I also wish the Divine Wisdom to be always waiting upon you on your Path.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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