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A Teaching on good Karma

Beloved Kuthumi
June 6, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you again. The purpose of my coming today is to acquaint you with one more viewpoint on the structure of the world. When contacting our reality your sensations do not always reflect the real state of affairs. You are used to grounding your perception of the world according to your sensory organs, and you completely trust your sensory organs. And, really, why in the world should you believe in something you do not see and why should you act in accordance with our recommendations when you do not even have an opportunity to meet with us directly without the help of this Messenger?

However, this is a question of your faith. You either believe that the world around you is not the entire Creation and that the entire Creation is actually much larger, or you do not believe it.

You cannot start knowing something that you do not believe in. You cannot sense the things that you know could not exist. However, as soon as you begin to believe in the real world of God that is invisible and not inconceivable for your sensory organs but is not less real because of that, you almost immediately start conceptualizing our world.

The Higher worlds contact you and you are constantly coming into contact with the Higher worlds. You just do not pay attention to our reality. But our communication with each of you is not only possible, it is in progress all the time. And the same way as you do not notice radio waves penetrating you constantly, the vibrations of our world come into contact with you all the time and you do not perceive them. But if you properly prepare your temple and — above all — believe in the realness of our world, you will be able to perceive our world inevitably.

Imagine that I have an opportunity to talk to you. I come to you and sit knee to knee with you. You do not see me. You do not see me for two reasons. The first reason is that you do not expect me to come, and within your consciousness you are not ready for my arrival. The second reason is that you do not perceive my presence with your physical sensory organs.

Which of the two reasons separating us is the most essential and difficult to surmount?

I will tell you that it is the first one. When your consciousness is ready to contact the Higher worlds and to communicate with the Ascended Hosts, you will start your communication irrespective of whether your sensory organs perceive it or not.

Your organism has untapped, dormant abilities, that enable you to hear without listening, to see without looking, to know and to get information almost immediately without the help of thoughts and words and without the help of your physical perceptive apparatus.

This seems to be fantastic to you. But if you turn to the history of the greatest inventions and discoveries, you will come across an amazing regularity. All these inventions and discoveries burst upon the mind of their inventors out of nowhere. A person would tune in to a certain wave of his thoughts connected with some branch of human activity, and suddenly receive enlightenment in the form of knowledge that appeared in his head out of nowhere.

Certainly, it is very difficult to give any idea of the basic nature of an invention in such a field of the modern knowledge as, for example, the Internet or the contemporary means of communication to a man who has no knowledge in the field of computer programing. But for a person who has knowledge it will not be difficult to receive the new information coming to his external consciousness and connected with the object of his activity.

A lot of things like that take place completely spontaneously. And a person who has found out about an invention usually does not even think about the mechanism of its crossing his mind.

The same may be said about you. Having an idea of the Ascended Hosts you can receive information from us that suddenly appears in your head and, even without knowing how it happens, you will be able to be guided by this information in your activity.

If you think carefully, each of you will certainly recollect a few examples of how miraculously you managed to find some lost things or to get an idea of how to behave in a difficult situation or to obtain an utterly miraculous solution to an intricate task in life that you were facing.

All these miracles are the interference of the higher plane into your life. And you find the realization of these lucky chances due to either your Higher Self or the interference of the Ascended Hosts.

The complexity is in the fact that the time passes differently in our worlds. That is why the moment of your request may not coincide with the moment of your receiving the thing requested. It is natural that your requests can be satisfied only if you possess enough good karma for the realization of your requests.

It seems senseless for a practical man to waste efforts on doing some good things absolutely disinterestedly without a backward glance and without looking forward to getting a reward for his good deed in the near future.

But the reason for your seesawing and unwillingness to perform good deeds selflessly is again your disbelief in the Divine Law.

You suppose that if you subscribe to a church, to an orphanage, or to some charity organization then you must immediately receive from God the growth of the money you spend for charity.

But, beloved, everything depends on the basis of your decision to subscribe. If you subscribe with a precondition to receive something in return or if you think that God will forget about the sin you committed, or you subscribe in order to show everybody your generosity, this sacrifice will not create good karma for you.

You must just perform good deeds without thinking about the consequences and the advantages that this sacrifice can bring you in the future.

In this case you really create good karma. And this good karma of yours can help you when you are in a difficult situation and call to God and ask Him for help.

God will lend you a hand. It is impossible for God not to help you. But for this help exactly that energy of your causal body will be used which makes your good karma.

If you do not have enough good karma at the moment of your request, you will not receive the help you need and ask for.

You receive exactly what you give to the world. And if you have not performed at least one good deed during all your life and during all your previous lives, then why do you think God will respond to your request when you are in need?

For that reason, if I were you in embodiment, I would funnel all my energies and put up all my cash assets into succoring those living beings that need my help. In this case your good deeds will accumulate in the form of energy in your causal body. It is like when you save money for a rainy day. The difference is only in that you save your money in the form of energy in another world. But there is no more reliable place in your world for keeping this energy and your savings.

This energy of yours can be always be requested by you through your appeal to God at a moment when you need Divine help.

Consequently, when you call to God and say, Help me, oh Lord! and if at that moment there is not enough energy in your depository in Heaven to help you, do not hold it as a grievance against God; hold it as a grievance against yourself because this is you who have not cared about yourself and have not stocked the necessary amount of good karma in order to create a reserve of your merits in Heaven.

Today I have given you a very important Teaching on good karma. I hope that you will be able to reduce this Teaching to practice. Just picture how it could be good for you if you took this Teaching as a guideline in your life and how it would be great if all people on Earth made a dash for creating good karma. Each of you would be able to receive all the necessary help from the people who would literally be running their feet around earth in search of those who are in need of their help. Besides, if you created the necessary amount of good karma, you could always appeal to God for help and receive help.

I wish you to succeed in your practice of creating good karma. May you create only good karma henceforward and for the rest of your life.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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