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You must learn not to hold a grudge against your enemies

Beloved Jesus
June 5, 2005

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus, having come to you today.

Were you waiting for me? Do you want us to continue our Teaching and homilies?

There are a lot of temptations in your world, and amid the abundance of them it is very difficult for you to make a distinction between the true vibrations peculiar to our world and the lower vibrations inherent in the astral and mental planes. You should draw a sharp distinction because if you do not have in your consciousness a clear view of the direction to follow, you will delay your progress on the Path.

That is why the question arising before every person who reads the Dictations is the question of the authenticity of these Messages. I am fully aware of the difficulty you face. How can you in fact draw such a distinction?

You should pay attention to the informational component of the Messages. Does the informational part contain anything that goes against your inner guidelines? As long as the carnal mind of many of you is very strong, the easiest thing for you is, first of all, to analyze exactly the informational component. If you do not find any imperfections or chasms with your inner principles, then you may set about analyzing the next component of these Dictations.

Is there anything in these Dictations that is able to dishearten your free will? Is there anything in the Teaching we give through this Messenger that forces you to act in a certain way? Is there anything that makes you act out of tune with your interests? Please, just do not mix up your interests in the disciples standing on the Path with the interests of your ego. The interests of your ego are diametrically opposite to the interests of your Higher part. Consequently, it is exactly your inner contradiction that becomes the most persistent barrier to the perception of these Dictations. You begin to doubt and try to find a confirmation of the authenticity or the falseness of the source of these Dictations among your acquaintances and relations. But doing this you forget that everything depends on what is dominant in yourselves. If your ego and carnal mind dominate in you, you will sooner seek and find a confirmation to your opinion that the source of these Dictations is non-divine and that it is not worth heeding the information contained in them.

Your carnal mind is very inventive and nimble when it comes to the lessening of its dominant position within your being. It will make great efforts to find proofs confirming that these Dictations should not be read at all, since for your carnal mind the information and especially the energies contained in the Dictations are literally deathlike.

Only in the case when you are close to victory over your ego will you seek and find the confirmation of the authenticity of these Dictations. Eventually, the function of these Dictations, if they are read systematically, is to separate everything that is real from that which is false inside of you.

And when you get to the bottom of the question of the authenticity or the falseness of these Messages, you will actually either come into conflict with your ego or, on the contrary, indulge it.

However, you know that the main distinctive cue of every authentic Teaching is that it exactly reaches the aim of separating the real from the false within you and separating the grains from the weeds in your soul.

Thus, even if these Dictations are irritating and doubtful for you, there is no doubt that reading them will be of benefit for your soul. It is another matter that your unreal part tries and will continue to try to convince you to enter the fray with the source of these Dictations, and you will feel righteous anger within you and will do your best to cast aspersions on both the Messenger and her connection with our world. In this case you receive a certain sign, manifested in the physical plane in the form of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, that shows you better than any of our words and talks that there is something wrong with you and you need urgent help.

Any hostility and strong emotions that arise in you while reading these Dictations are signs for you — that you need urgent work upon yourself.

Thus, you have analyzed the informational component of the Dictations and understood with your external consciousness that they contain nothing unacceptable for you. But at the same time you keep feeling a negative reaction while reading them. This is evidence of the fact that a conflict has started within you — the separating of the real from the false within you. That means that the aim of the Dictations has been reached.

All you need is just to find courage and strength and try to rise above this situation so as to analyze it objectively, having elevated your consciousness and deafened your ego at least for a short time.

Those individuals who, after having analyzed the informational component of the Dictations and watched their reaction to reading them, did not find anything negative or causing a negative reaction, are fairly ready for the further progress on the path of discipleship. They are already either our disciples or quite ready to enter the rows of chelas of the Ascended Masters.

Thus, we have an opportunity to find our disciples, to establish connections with them with the help of these Dictations, and to work with our disciples who are in embodiment now.

One slightest hint given by us in the Dictations for perceptive and sensitive hearts is able to alter their angle of vision and to uncover before their prying glance and sincere spirit the things that were previously hidden behind the veil.

Therefore, nowadays, exactly as it was 2000 years ago, we are throwing the nets far and wide, and we have a chance to catch the souls who are ready to follow our Path.

Our disciples are able to make a distinction between the vibrations of the astral plane and the vibrations of the Highest Octaves. Our disciples can distinguish the requirement of the discipline necessary for them from the submission to the will of false teachers and false messengers.

Our disciples can make a distinction whether they receive energy while reading the Dictations or lose their energy.

I should tell you that when you feel negative emotions while reading these Dictations, you willingly give your energy to the forces of darkness.

That is why you are required to analyze attentively everything that takes place both within and outside you from the initial time of reading these Dictations.

You receive training, you receive knowledge through these Dictations, and you transform your consciousness just by reading them regularly and following the instructions given in them. Apart from all this, while reading these Dictations you receive an enormous amount of Light, and this Light, when you absorb it, is able to set against you the forces of darkness that exist in your environment. Every source of Light in your dense world irritates and provokes the dark forces to take active actions against such a source of Light.

And when the dark forces start attacking you from everywhere, do call to mind the Teaching I gave you 2000 years ago and just use the mightiest weapon of all times and peoples: Whosoever shall smite thee on the left cheek, turn to him the other also.

You should love your enemies. You should bless your enemies. Your enemies give you a chance to get out of your karmic debts. Your enemies give you a chance to learn your lesson and to pass your test. I understand that in many situations it will be difficult for you to accept with humility and gratitude all the reproaches, attacks and threats aimed at you. But you must learn to take everything that falls to your lot with humility and submissiveness. You and only you decide how you can protect yourself with the help of your authorities and the structures called to settle disputes in conflict situations. But you must learn not to grudge your enemies. People who attack you, offend you, insult you, humiliate you are unhappy in their essence.

A man whose heart is an abode of God will never allow himself to do harm to another man.

Thus, all you can do when your enemies attack you is to forgive them and to pray for them, for they know not what they do. Their consciousness is clouded and sometimes completely seized by the dark forces, so that they are really not aware of their actions.

Only a person clouded with ignorance can give the dark forces a chance to perform wicked actions through him and to harm the blessed innocent ones.

It sometimes happens that God chooses you to draw the fire upon yourself and become a target for the dark forces that act through other people and use them for their malicious attacks. God chooses you to give you a test and simultaneously He contributes to the manifestation of the forces that in such a situation take off their hypocritical varnish and masks of piety and reveal their bestial grin.

Entrust yourself to the care of God. God cares for all His sheep. Be ready to sacrifice your body but to save your soul. The Truth is always in the places where the most elevated feelings reside among the wickedness of this world. Remember that you are responsible only for yourself and for your own reactions. No matter how unjust the treatment of other people can seem to you, forgive them.

Love your enemies because only your love and intercession can at times save the lives of these souls, possessed by ignorance and not knowing what they are doing.

Sometimes your prayer for your enemies allows the prevention of Divine justice and gives these souls one more chance to continue Life.

I was glad to give you this lesson once again. And I am ready to bend low before the souls of many of you because your suffering, troubles, and adversities sometimes surpass by far my Passion that I suffered on the Cross.

I AM Jesus.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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