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We are patiently looking forward to your awakening and your readiness

Gautama Buddha
June 4, 2005

Gautama Buddha
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I AM Gautama Buddha, having come to you again.

The consciousness of every human individual is the most important thing. Your consciousness is the thing that will outlast you the way you are today. Your consciousness will exist in the Higher world. Hence, the only thing for the sake of which it is worth existing in your world is the evolution of your consciousness. But it is necessary to make a distinction between your intellect and your consciousness. You should differentiate your skills and abilities from your consciousness.

The lower part of your consciousness keeps the skills and the experience necessary for maintaining your existence in the physical world. The Higher part of your consciousness is necessary for you in order to support your existence in the Higher worlds.

Precisely this part of your consciousness needs to be evolved. You cannot, for instance, take an aircraft and fly off. In order to do so, you need to go through training and learn how to fly the aircraft. Only after doing this will you be able to start. In exactly the same way the part of your consciousness that is necessary for your stay in the Higher worlds needs to be trained and to gain experience.

The difficulty is that you have to develop the skills of existence in a world into which you cannot get an insight just with the help of your physical sensory organs. Your physical sensory organs have a very limited range of perception of reality. You can sense only things that vibrate at low frequencies of the material world. However, there is an enormous potential inside of you. And the range of vibrations perceived by your sensory organs may be widened even now. A lot of people can see things that are invisible for others. The boundary separating the Higher worlds from your physical world is becoming thinner little by little. Your perceptibility of the Higher worlds is quashed by the environment of your world. Your continuous stay amid masses of people and your habit of stunning yourselves with the sounds of turned on loudspeakers lower your vibrations and do not allow you to widen the field of your world perception.

A human body contains in its untapped potential all the necessary mechanisms and a perceptive apparatus enabling you to stay in the Higher worlds and apperceive them. The only thing preventing you from seeing and hearing the Ascended Hosts and from contacting the Masters right now is the medium of your life on Earth.

Hence, at present a considerable effort is needed in order to establish such a link. You should take upon yourselves a very strong restriction to come into contact with the Ascended Hosts. First of all it requires the limitation of your association with people and the expulsion of any influence of the sources of mass information.

The closer you are to nature, the easier it is for you to establish such a connection. The difference between our worlds is in the difference between the levels of vibrations. Therefore, by raising your vibrations you automatically, almost inevitably, acquire an ability to communicate with our world.

As a matter of fact, every person embodied now is potentially able to establish a link with the Ascended Hosts.

But in order for our communication to take place, you must sacrifice many things of your world.

You should watchfully approach the encirclement of your communication and all your contacts.

It is necessary for you to keep out everything that can influence you and that belongs to the mass culture of your world.

Everything is of importance, even the vibrations of the food you eat. Haven’t you thought about the fact that a person fills food with his energies when cooking it? And if a person cooking food is not notable for heavenly thoughts, then every time you eat a meal prepared by him you will saturate your organism with the base energies contained in this food. At the first stage you can bless your food before the beginning of every meal to purify it from negative energies. At later stages of your evolution you will have to fully give up food cooked by unknown people and probably to start cooking with your own hands. When you reach a certain level of purity enabling you to communicate with the Ascended Hosts, you may get poisoned with the food containing poor vibrations, even if this food is freshly made and cannot harm you in any way according to all its purely physical parameters.

Consequently, people who have seriously decided to choose the path of spiritual unfolding must thoroughly care about their surroundings in the physical world.

It would definitely be ideal for such spiritually advanced people to live in separate communities far from civilization. In the course of time such spiritual centers will be created and fully developed.

There are no instructions for each of you as how to build up your lives, except for the general ones we give you. But you must decide for yourself how to use our instructions in your concrete life. Always remember that you should never force yourself to do something. The true evolutionary development according to the Divine Laws does not require any enforcement or pressure either from the side of other people or from your side.

If you are not ready to rise to a higher stage, you should not make yourself follow the restrictions that you are not able to take owing to unpreparedness of your consciousness. You should know the aims of your aspirations but not force yourself.

If you have some inner imperfection preventing you from rising to the next step, the very fact that you recognize the presence of this imperfection within you guarantees that sooner or later you will get rid of it.

If a spot appears on your crockery, it can be difficult to remove it the first time you try. But if you apply force to get rid of this spot every day, sooner or later you will scour your crockery.

Exactly the same principle is valid in respect to the transformation of your consciousness. During your whole life you are constantly changing your consciousness. The main things are to know what you should aim at and to show your everyday aspiration.

Do understand that each of you is on a different stage of development. That is why things that come naturally to one person can be a deep mystery for another. Many lives can pass before man is able to rise to the next step of his consciousness.

The Earth provides all individuals with an opportunity to evolve irrespective of the fact that their levels of the evolution of consciousness are very different.

If a person is not ready to communicate with the Ascended Hosts because of the level of his consciousness, these Dictations will be absolutely obscure and boring for him. He will not be able to see any benefit for himself from the reading of these Dictations. Exactly in the same way, if a person is at a very high stage of spiritual evolution already, these Dictations will bring him nothing new.

But there are people who look forward to every new Dictation and feel the gush of the Divine energy flowing into their aura with each of them.

It is necessary to be very patient. It is necessary to be loving and compassionate toward the people who are not capable of perceiving with their consciousness the high vibrations contained in these Dictations.

The time will come when they will also be able to feel the soft and loving energy we are giving.

A genuine gardener never forces a rose to open its petals. The time will come when the rosebud will burst towards the genial sunshine and the new day.

Therefore, we are patiently looking forward to your awakening and your readiness. We are just sending tender rays of our Love and blessings to your world, to your being.

Your consciousness is like a rosebud ready to burst. And I am forced into silence in anticipation of the flower of your consciousness bursting in peace and of everything around being filled with the bouquet of your fragrance.

I AM Gautama Buddha.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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