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I will remind you how to meet me and how to get to my School of Mysteries

Lord Maitreya
June 2, 2005

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come to you again through this Messenger.

I AM, having come of vital necessity to give you an exhortation, the instructions, and the understanding. Your consciousness needs a constant polishing. You need a daily watering of your consciousness with our Energy and Wisdom. During thousands and millions of years, you have been receiving Wisdom from the Divine Source. There are periods in your lives when you deprive yourselves of access to the Wisdom of Heaven. In this case, it is very sad to watch you wandering around the jungle of delusions without finding peace and an asylum. A lot of my disciples, even having tasted the fruit of the Teaching and Wisdom, left my classes for some reasons and gave up attending my classes.

I am very sorry. I am really very sorry. But I also sincerely hope that some time will pass and my disciples will return to me. I love all my disciples. There is nothing in your world that can be compared in its might and power with the might of my Love.

Many people do not understand that those tests and trials that I send to my disciples and that seem to them severe and unendurably hard, I give them with a feeling of infinite Love toward the souls of these individuals. I give tests on those qualities that require your thorough work — the qualities that you should work on first, and to which you should pay special attention.

Unfortunately, it so happens that these qualities — when I remind you of them — turn out to be the very qualities that represent your biggest imperfections to which you are tied up in most of all.

That is why my tests are so painful for you, and you leave the Path of Initiations and go away to wander around the jungle of ignorance and suffering.

Many people return to me many times during one life, and then from life to life, and then leave my classes again.

I must have infinite patience to work with many obstinate disciples, and only the Love that I feel toward the souls of these individuals allows me to accept them for my School again and again, and to teach them, and to give them knowledge, and to provide training.

I have come to give this exhortation in order to help you to acquire a quality that is vital for you, and that you need most of all. Your mind is too mobile, and you cannot concentrate on one object for a long time. You find a new teaching or a new book. At first, you are carried away and show interest, but some time passes and your aspiration ends. The spark of your aspiration goes out without having flared. Why does it happen?

You require the discipline of a disciple. If you do not conquer your restless mind every day, your carnal mind will seize you completely, and you will stop being the master of your own fate. Every day, your bustling mind will seek out for you more and more new teachings, knowledge, information, and entertainments. You will snatch at one thing, then at a second, then at a third one. It is painful to watch many of you running all your life from one teaching to another, snatching books one after another, showing interest in one teacher and then expressing it to another one. You are tossed about in your life as if by gusts of the wind. And the reason for this is that your mind lacks discipline.

In practically every teaching, to which you are blown by the wind, you can find at least one grain of Truth. But you do not even have enough aspiration to make the slightest efforts in order to find these grains of Truth. And in the end, you are attached to the teacher and to the teaching that do not require any efforts from you. You find peace in being sure that you have finally found what you were looking for. You take refuge in cracks like cockroaches and do not wish to come out to the Light. And again, your mind is to be blamed because, in this case, it shows its qualities of laziness, and unwillingness to change.

All of my disciples who have left me and my classes are now drifting among different teachings and sects, or have taken refuge in cracks of some religious group or sect, and they do not wish to show any initiative to move ahead any longer. In the first case, they try to find peace for their souls, and this forces them to run around the world in search of a spiritual panacea. In the second case, they convince themselves of having found such a panacea for all their troubles and of having found the true teaching, and that now their task is to sit and wait for enlightenment.

There is only one Path that leads you back Home to your real world, to your true reality. And this Path represents a Path of deliverance from your ego. There is no other path and no other opportunity to return Home.

Yet God has foreseen and arranged everything in such a way that no matter which path you choose, you will still reach your purpose. No matter how long you wander around the thickets of the jungles of delusions, you will all the same find a way out and return Home. Only the souls that stubbornly do not want to follow the Divine Law are the exception. But I am not speaking about them now. In this conversation, I am trying to get in touch with the consciousness of my disciples who attended my classes and went through training under my guidance, but then preferred to dodge the difficulties and trials and to look for an easier path.

However, irrespective of where you go and what you encounter in your life, all your circumstances will conspire in such a way that you will have to part with your ego. Your existence in your world will automatically draw to you such situations that will make you give up those qualities of yours that I showed you during your tests and trials, that you did not wish to part with at once, preferring instead to run away from the initiations and to seek an easier path. Beloved chelas, you have nowhere to run. It is impossible for you to run away from the energy that is inside of you until you wish to part with this energy of your own free will, notwithstanding the fact of how painful and cruel it seems to you, and how strong is your unwillingness to do this.

The Path of Initiations in my School is shorter, but more painful. And it is only your ego and your feeling of pity for yourself that make you run away from my initiations and avoid me. But I am always ready to accept you back to my School of Mysteries. And if during your wandering around the jungle of ignorance, you have forgotten how to meet me and how to get to my School, I will remind you.

Taking into consideration the demands of time, you are not required to go to any country at the world’s end to enter my School of Mysteries. I will come to your call myself, no matter at which point of the globe you are.

All you need to do is only to prepare yourselves for my presence. I cannot approach you as long as you are surrounded by your human thoughts and feelings. It is necessary for me that you should completely give up your thoughts and feelings, at least for a short time. For me, it is important that you should raise your vibrations up to the highest level available to you.

I cannot be at the places where there are lots of people; I cannot stay at the places where any modern loud-speaking devices are turned on. I cannot be with you if you are busy doing something that can distract your attention. You must be absolutely focused on your heart. And you must stay in absolute silence and harmony. Being in such a state, you can make your call and invite me to enter your temple in the name of I AM THAT I AM. And I will come to you, into your heart, and give you that exhortation that you need most of all; I will give you the knowledge and the training that are necessary for you. My disciples know my vibrations. My disciples are ready to wait for my coming for many months and years before I consider their state and aspiration suitable for the resuming of my teaching.

I come to this world through my disciples. That is why I call those of my disciples who are still wandering around the jungle of delusions, to stop and to think whether the moment has come to return to my School of Mysteries and to sit at the desk again.

I AM Lord Maitreya, the coming Buddha.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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