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A Teaching on karma

Beloved Kuthumi
May 31, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you through this Messenger again.

I AM, having come to give you another small Teaching, and to consolidate the knowledge that has already been given in previous Dictations. The Hosts of Light are invisibly present among you and try to make use of every chance to be present in your world as soon as a gap is created, a space of pure vibrations that allows us to do this.

Our worlds enrich each other reciprocally. Do not think of your world as the devil incarnate.

Yes, the situation in your world is rather deplorable today, but this will not last forever. Both the purification of your world and inevitably the subsequent rise of the vibrations of the physical plane, are necessary conditions for the further evolutionary progress of humanity.

Since your karma is very large and it consists of the karma of each individual and the entire planet, this hardened energy, solidified as karma, creates your dense world.

When karma is worked off through the elevation of consciousness of humanity, the rejection of wrong actions and maintaining the right Divine accord of thoughts and feelings, the physical plane gradually becomes less and less dense until it disappears altogether. Nevertheless, long before the physical plane of planet Earth disappears, life will move from this plane to the more subtle planes. These planes are very close to you at present, especially the astral and the mental planes. You can sit motionless at home or even at work, while at the same time your mental or emotional body can wander around the mental and the astral planes. These journeys can even reach your external consciousness and either be realized by your outer mind or not.

You leave your body and travel to the astral plane every night. Your external consciousness does not always realize where you traveled and whom you met at night. There are some individuals capable of remembering their dreams and even of making conscious journeys in their dreams in order to meet the people that they want to meet.

Such an activity, as well as any other activity typical of your world, may be used both for good and for evil aims. Everything depends on the aim of the person making astral journeys and on the motives a person is guided by — whether he wishes to influence the individuals whom he meets for his own mercenary aims or he does this for the benefit of the planet.

The journeys out of the body in your less dense bodies are natural. These journeys take place independently whether you realize it with your outer consciousness or not.

Nonetheless, I must warn you that if you use a conscious journey to the astral plane in order to influence some person or even to harm someone, then your actions entail the same karma as if you performed them in the physical plane with full consciousness in broad daylight.

If your external consciousness does not understand what you are doing in the astral plane, this will not free you from the karmic responsibility for your actions.

I will tell you more. Many individuals create much more karma in their dreams than during the waking state of consciousness. Similarly, when you are at home and make an unconscious journey to the astral or mental plane while your thoughts and feelings are aimed against any person, you create karma.

If you play mental images of some vindictive or sexual scenes through your consciousness, you create the same karma as if you really performed all these actions in the physical plane.

That is why we are never tired of saying to you again and again that you must constantly control your thoughts and feelings. During your night sleep you are drawn to those layers of the astral plane with the quality of vibrations that corresponds to your thoughts before going to sleep. If before going to bed you watched a horror film or spent time in drunken company, then you will be drawn to those layers of the astral plane where you will continue your evening entertainment. In this case you create the same karma as if you were doing all this on the physical plane.

That is why your mood during the day and especially before going to bed is very important.

The best thing is to pray or if you are not used to praying before sleep, then at least to listen to soft music or have a stroll in nature. It would also be useful to read a good fairy tale to your children before sleep.

And, of course, do not forget before going to bed to ask the angels to accompany you to the etheric octaves of Light where the sacred retreats of the Brotherhood are located.

You can even specify precisely which of the Masters you would like to meet during your night sleep and frame a question that you would like to get the answer to.

If you ask me a specific question before going to sleep, then the first thing you should do in the morning is to concentrate and remember the answer given by me during your sleep.

As a rule, I give answers to everyone who reaches me in my retreat and asks me questions during his night sleep. It depends only on you to recall this answer and to write it down immediately after awakening.

You see how differently you can spend time during your night sleep. And it is up to you to make a choice as to how to use your night sleep. You literally program yourselves before going to sleep for the actions that you perform during your night sleep.

Therefore, I repeat again and again: You must control your thoughts and feelings constantly, every minute. Always remember that if the situations that you bottle up in your mind are subject to karmic punishment, then you create karma by just thinking about them.

In this case, the technique for creating karma is the following: The Divine Energy, entering into your four lower bodies from the Divine world along the crystal string, is colored by your thoughts and feelings. If your thoughts are imperfect, then you qualify the Divine Energy falsely.

It is very important to control the state of your consciousness at every moment. Your consciousness is so mobile that we never cease to marvel at your ability to create so much karma even during prayer.

That is why you are told about the practice of meditation as one of the possible ways to calm your mind.

Only if you manage to calm all your fussy thoughts and feelings and reach complete peace of your mind, then you become able to ascend to the higher etheric octaves of Light and stay there for a long time. You become able to meet with the Masters, to talk with them, and to walk with them around the etheric octaves of Light.

For that reason, to be able to indirectly judge the level of your spiritual merits, set the alarm clock so that it can give you a signal every hour. When you hear the alarm, try to recall what you were thinking about at that moment.

If at that time you were thinking about some elevated and spiritual things, then you can mark it as figure 1 on a piece of paper or in your memory. If your thoughts were imperfect, mark it as 0.

It is enough to catch your thoughts ten times a day according to this technique. Sum up all of the figure 1s, append a 0 to them and you will see the approximate percentage of the karma worked off by you.

For example, if six out of ten your thoughts could be characterized as elevated, the percentage of the worked off karma is approximately 60 percent.

It is not strange if one day you record 10 percent as the amount of the worked off karma and the next day the result is 70 percent. In fact, your karma changes during the day. Karma is energy, and if you spend most of the day in nature and do not communicate with anybody, then the percentage of the worked-off karma will be the most approximate to your natural index, achieved by you at this stage of your development. If you come into contact with thousands of people during the day, then you exchange energy with them every time you touch their auras or during conversations and teamwork. Consequently, you exchange karma every time you come in contact with people during the day.

That is why all the venerable elders, prophets, and yogis preferred a secluded way of life and did not associate with people.

Thus, it is impossible for you not to carry the karma of your family, your city, and your planet while you live on Earth.

Mankind of Earth is very interrelated by its karma. It takes a high level of spiritual achievement to acquire the ability to become independent of the karma of the people around you.

Do not forget that the law of likeness acts in your world. You are drawn to the people and situations in order to work off your karma.

When a Buddha walks on the Earth, no karmic situation can affect him. He steps on Earth without being noticed by anybody, and no negative energies can cling to him. However, in order for a Buddha to come to your world, he must first take imperfection or karma upon himself. It is like a diver who takes a stone in his hands before making a dive.

For that reason, you are strongly advised not to judge anyone. You never can say whether it is a Buddha or the lowest sinner standing in front of you, because both of them can be burdened with similar karma at times. But if one of them takes upon himself the karma of humanity intentionally, feeling compassion for people and wishing to help them, the other burdens himself with this karma only because of his ignorance.

Today I have touched on some of the topics that were already known to you. Together we have examined many questions from a new angle. The questions of karma are very complex and I raise my hat to the members of the Karmic Board, because I realize how considerable the difficulties are that they encounter in their work.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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