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Your world is to be changed, and this change can only be implemented by way of transformation of your consciousness

Beloved Jesus
May 28, 2005

Beloved Jesus
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I AM Jesus, having come to you today.

In my talk today I would like to focus on the information without which your advancement on the Path will be less successful. Therefore, you should find the time and get acquainted with this information.

You know that I stepped on Earth about 2000 years ago. That event had become so significant in the eyes of many people that a lot of them came to believe in me as a Son of God and their Savior. Their faith was the basis of the religion that you know as Christianity now.

But I must say that never during the entire history of existence did Christianity reflect the essence of the Teaching that I taught while living on Earth.

The last thing I want to do is to sow in your minds and hearts the seeds of distrust in Christianity or in any other religion of the world. I just want to redirect your mind and attention from the external manifestation of my Teaching, as it is presented in all the outer Christian churches, towards its inner essence. This will help you to understand why I was crucified.

The inner essence of my Teaching was that this world is temporary and you must prepare yourselves for the transition into a new world — the Divine one — which is your true Home, whence you have come and to which you will come back.

Thus, you see that there is no religion in this world that reflects the essence of my Teaching.

The secret lies in the fact that any religion represents an interpretation of the Divine Truth in the minds of embodied people who try to formulate this Divine Truth in their own words. But as the consciousness of these people is far from perfection, the Truth that they present in the external religion is also far from the genuine Divine Truth.

That is why God has always sent Messengers and prophets to the world to remind you about the genuine Faith and about the true religion — based not on a cult or worshipping something outside you but on the adoration of the One within — inside your heart. It is a religion of the heart and it teaches you the universal Love towards the entire creation and the unity of all the particles of life.

Within this Faith or religion there is no place for a statement of superiority of one human over another. Within this Faith or religion everybody is in an absolutely equal state before the One God-Creator. Everybody is a servant in the Lord’s temple.

As far as the human consciousness is imperfect, this imperfection has become the reason for inequality between people. The inequality in property has led to the division of humans into the propertied and the poor classes while the social inequality has led to the division of people into different social layers and castes. In its turn this has created unequal access for different layers of population to education, information, and various material possessions.

Any inequality, characteristic of your world, is a consequence of your imperfect consciousness. In reality all of you are absolutely equal before your Father. The Heavenly Father loves and cares about each of you in the same way.

However, due to the individual peculiarities inherent in you primordially, you yourselves create such karmic conditions that give birth to limitations. And in the course of time you find yourselves to be in different levels of evolution of your consciousness.

Some individuals receive an opportunity of a greater progress on the Path according to the merits that they had in their previous embodiments. Other individuals fall behind in their development and it is very difficult for their consciousness to master even the simplest knowledge.

That is why, beloved, God gives His blessing to such a large number of various beliefs and religions, even regardless of the fact that many of them distort the Divine reality greatly. It is because for somebody such an approach is the best at the stage of evolution of his individual consciousness.

We are fully aware of the fact that the Dictations being given at present through this Messenger will be understood only by very few people. In many people, especially those who have firmly focused their consciousness on some religious doctrine, these Dictations will cause nothing but irritation and a wish to get even with the person through whom these Dictations are given.

And again you may find yourselves in the situation similar to that which humanity faced 2000 years ago when the enraged mob shouted, Crucify him!

Maybe this time the things will not come to a direct physical assault. But the negative forces that act in your world have taken care about making a whole arsenal of the ways for black magic and witchcraft to be accessible to those who so desire. Have a look at the shelves in your shops. Despite the abundance of books there, scarcely will you find a tenth of the books that are really necessary for your further spiritual unfolding. The remaining 90 percent of the books represent a spiritual surrogate, the reading of which is at best useless for you but at worst simply destroys your consciousness and your way of thinking and literally programs you to perform wrong actions.

This is why I always experience great joy while watching from the higher plane the next one to be found who got access to these Dictations, having discovered the websites they were located on in the chaos of the Internet. To me this person resembles a small light of reason, love, aspiration, and faith that suddenly flashes out in the darkness of your world.

I observe more and more such lights flashing out in the countries where people understand the Russian language in which these Dictations are given, and I regret that so far we have not managed to find reliable people through whom we could translate these Dictations into other world languages. That is why I ask those of you who might have a wish, an aspiration, and an opportunity to translate or to contribute to the translation of these Dictations into other world languages, please take the trouble to respond to my appeal and offer this important service to the world.

These Dictations are like a fresh breeze bursting into the stuffy atmosphere of the humans. For some people this fresh wind of change is useful, as they like to put themselves under its gusts in which they foresee fresh changes that are to come inevitably and that are already coming to the earth through the minds and hearts of those who read these Dictations. On the other hand, a lot of people will be so much irritated by this wind that they will want to stop up at any price this source of reformation and healing of the human consciousness. They will sense the danger coming from this source — the power that can destroy their usual way of life and make them adapt to a new world and to its transformed conditions of existence.

Just as it was 2000 years ago, they can make every effort to commit a physical assault on the source of Light or they can suppress it by their godless actions. However, recollect the Dictation given by Beloved Surya.[1] Everyone who undertakes any actions against our Messenger creates the direst type of karma of your world — the karma of godlessness.

Every person who visibly or within his consciousness flies in the face of God and His Law is like a cancer tumor that requires healing. But if this tumor is not curable, it requires an urgent surgery in order to save the Divine organism from it. This will be done and this is being done already for the benefit of the health of the entire organism of this universe, a part of which is this planet.

Your true enemies do not sit somewhere in the government and do not head any religion or faith. Your true enemies with whom you must lead a merciless fight are inside of you. And these are mainly your ignorance and your unwillingness to alter your consciousness.

You will look for thousands of reasons to justify all your actions, all your negative qualities, thoughts, and feelings instead of giving up everything imperfect and laying all your imperfections and attachments to this world on the altar of service to the true God who resides within you, within your heart.

I know that a day will come for each of you when the Light of reason will enlighten the darkness of your being and you will make your final choice. And in your consciousness you will no longer separate yourself from God, a particle of who you are.

You will find the sense of your life and existence in the full submissiveness to the Will of God and in your service for the implementation of this Will in the surrounding reality.

Your world is to be changed and this change can only be implemented by way of transformation of your consciousness. This is the simple Truth that I came to teach 2000 years ago. But the people preferred to crucify me rather than alter their consciousness.

Well, you are again facing the same dilemma and you have to make your choice yet again.

That is why I wish you to make a right choice this time — to submit to the Will of God finally and to become His genuine servants for centuries.

I AM Jesus.

[1] Dictation Never become adults in the questions of the Divine Truth cognition. Beloved Surya, March 9, 2005.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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