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A Teaching on Love and life trials

Lord Maitreya
May 27, 2005

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Lord Maitreya, having come again through this Messenger!

The charm of our contact and the information that I am going to share will be of use to you.

It is so rarely that we have an opportunity to communicate with the non-ascended mankind. And you are given an opportunity to be in touch with the Ascended Hosts so rarely that there cannot be any superfluous information, and the time that you spend while reading this Dictation will be delightful.

I would like to speak to you about the most essential matter. I wish to have a word on this topic because there is nothing more important for you now.

If a miracle occurred and all the people began to experience the feeling of Love, I can assure you that an instantaneous miracle of transformation would happen. Love is the quality that your world is constantly lacking. However, in reality Love is the quality that is inherent in this world primordially. Your constant feeling of the shortage of Love is evidence that you are following a wrong Path.

If only you could continually experience this beautiful all-embracing feeling! In this case, your mind and your emotional body could be in an elevated state all the time, and you would be able to keep your vibrations continually on the highest level available for you.

What else do you need beloved?

When a man becomes filled with high vibrations, when he is full of the feeling of Divine Love, he feels a causeless state of happiness, and his life becomes full of the sense of peace, and harmony.

I do not mean the quality that is called love by the majority of humans on Earth, and that in fact, has nothing in common with the true Love, pure Love — Divine Love.

I can tell you with a feeling of full certainty and trustworthiness that the true feeling of Love is as big a rarity in your world as your meeting with the Ascended Hosts.

If you were able to raise your vibrations up to the feeling of Divine Love for at least a very short time, you would manage to commune with the Ascended Hosts almost instantaneously.

The Ascended Hosts are very responsive to the quality of Love. That is why we ask you to send us your Love. There is no greater happiness for us than to feel your Love.

And if you are vibrating at the frequency of Love, you can also feel our Love the same way.

In many Teachings, given through many Messengers, it was said that Love is a key. Do you understand now why Love is a key?

It is because this feeling is able to raise your vibrations instantaneously and to approximate them to the vibrations of the etheric octaves of Light. And you become able to come into contact with any Master towards whom you experience the feeling of Divine Love at a given moment.

This feeling of Love, true Love, Divine Love, when being experienced by you, is a signal of your readiness to communicate with our world. This very feeling of Love creates for you an absolutely impenetrable defense from the attacks of any negative forces and energies, and of any individuals who have submitted themselves to the actions of these forces.

That is why it is very easy to identify the direction of your movement. If you experience a feeling of causeless Love, joy, and peace, then you are moving in the right direction. You are ready to embrace the entire world and you are ready to give help to the whole world.

You are seized by causeless generosity, happiness, and a wish to give out more and more of your Light and your Love, to grant your Love to the world and to ask nothing in exchange.

And, on the contrary, if you have lost your way and are going in the wrong direction, you feel a deficiency of Love and, as a consequence of this, suspiciousness, fear, and condemnation. Any person filled with Love will differ so much from you by his vibrations that you will feel irritation towards him.

You see that the criterion of the faultlessness of the Path that you follow is very simple.

You either experience the feeling of Love or you do not have it.

And since only a very small percent of the people of Earth can feel this noble feeling, you can judge how many people are moving on the right Path.

If you have become used to feeling Love, you will regard the absence of Love as a serious deficiency. You feel it immediately, when you are lacking Love. I have to reveal a secret to you that when you pass through the trials on your Path, the feeling of Love is blocked up. In this case, your vibrations are lowered and you plunge into a state of irreparability, and become exposed to any negative feelings typical of your world that are still present in your aura in the shape of imperfect negative energies.

However, the act of passing through the tests on your Path is a vital and necessary element.

Your tests are exams for you. It is very easy to live your life and to make right decisions when your vibrations are harmonious and high. But, when getting into the same situations in a disharmonious state of consciousness, you find it difficult to make a right choice.

This is like an exam on multiplication tables. Remember how hard it was for you to give the answer to five multiplied by six, or eight multiplied by seven when you were standing in front of your class and everyone was looking at you, although when you were at home, in a quiet place, you could easily manage to answer this question.

The tests are necessary for you to enable you to make a right choice in any life situation. You must always choose the truest, the Divine Path. No matter how strong the illusion around you is, you should always remember that there is another, Higher Reality. And this Reality is your genuine Home. You are just strangers in this world.

And, when you pass through your tests successfully, the feeling of Love immediately returns to you. In this way, you can always understand whether you have passed your test and how successfully and quickly you have done it.

Many of you express a wish to serve the Ascended Hosts. Many of you are fairly sincere in your impulse. However, you forget that before you are allowed to drive a car, a train, or a plane, you must go through training and pass an exam to be given the right to drive. The same is offered to you before you are entrusted to an important service. You are offered to go through training and to pass a series of final exams.

However, after the tests and life trials begin, the majority of people forget about their wish to serve the Ascended Hosts and mankind of Earth. They fail their tests and do not pass their finals.

And afterwards, they are very much surprised that they expressed their willingness to serve but were refused.

How can we rely on you and entrust you with a responsible task if you are not able to remember, at least for a few months, your requests and wishes spoken aloud before the altar?

Many individuals are so frightened by the tests and the life trials connected with them, that they are ready to give up their requests, their oaths, and their promises given before the altar and in their letters to us.

And when, after a while, they again commit to memory their wish to serve, the opportunity turns out to be lost, and the cosmic cycles and the earthly terms no longer permit a new cycle of initiations to begin. It is very sad that a lot of our chelas lose opportunities one after another, and the whole life passes in vain from the viewpoint of the development of the soul.

Therefore, you should be vigilant. When your turn to pass tests and go through initiations comes, do not turn off the chosen Path. Bring to mind that feeling of Love that was leading you, and that was your guiding star, and in any life situation, try to find the decision that will help you regain your feeling of Love.

There are no easy tests and there are no painless trials and exams. But such is the Law of this Universe. You should pass through the necessary tests before you are entrusted to service. And remember - there are no tests that are impossible to pass through. You are not tested more than you can withstand, even if you are almost at the limits of your powers and abilities.

I AM Maitreya, with Love towards you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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