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A Teaching on the karma of poverty and wealth

Lord Surya
May 26, 2005

Lord Surya

I AM Surya, having come again from the Great Central Sun to meet you through this Messenger.

I have come to inform you about an important Teaching on karma and its transmutation.

If you look at Earth from the viewpoint of the Great Beings of Light dwelling in the eternity, you will see that the entire planet and everything that surrounds you, as well as your four lower bodies, represent nothing else but karma. The Divine energy spent by the embodied humans who are subject to the living in the lower dense planes of this universe during the current cosmic cycle, while passing through the consciousness of these embodied individuals and being refracted by it, becomes denser and creates the material world around you.

This world gradually manifests itself from the non-manifested state and creates a gigantic stage for you. You come to this stage from embodiment to embodiment to play your parts.

Therefore, in this respect one may say that the entire world around you represents karma or the hardened energy of your wrong actions, thoughts, and feelings.

However, even from the experience that you have had in your current life you can understand that it will be scarcely possible to learn something if you actually do not do anything in your life. While being in the embodiment, you learn consistently and you constantly gain life experience. It is impossible for you not to do that, as you are in the material world exactly in order to go through training and to gain the necessary experience.

When your consciousness reaches the required level, it will help you to control the state of the world around you. You will be able to transform the surrounding world by filtering the Divine energy through your being. As long as your consciousness has a high enough level, your vibrations will be sufficiently high as well. By laying your vibrations on the surrounding world you will be able to transform the physical world and to approximate it to the Divine pattern more and more.

A gigantic lila[1] is buried here in this game of the Lord. Being present in each of you, the Lord first creates an illusion and then contracts it. It can be compared to a child who erects a sand castle, then destroys it and builds another, a more perfect one. With each attempt his creation becomes more perfect and more approximate to the perfection, and every time it surpasses the former creation by its perfection.

You are like gods, and similar to gods you have an opportunity to create and to make perfect images in your life.

Some individuals prefer to follow their own path. They organize their life and the surrounding reality according to the standards that are far from perfection. God allows you to experiment. Sooner or later you will be able to make certain of what in your creation is beautiful and harmonious and keeps within perfect standards, and what is despicable and ugly and must be transformed.

Therefore, if you prefer to be guided in your life by low standards and non-divine guidelines, you are allowed to do that.

You are in your world only to learn to make a distinction between the Divine patterns and their ugly imitations. You should learn to make a distinction in any sphere of your life. Under the conditions of the dual world everything seems to be dual, so what seems to be good at first sight may appear to be evil, but what seems to be evil may render invaluable help for the evolution of your soul.

That is why it is recommended never to judge with your carnal mind. The worst beggar (according to the standards of your consciousness) may appear to be a spiritually rich man, possessing truly invaluable treasures of his causal body. This individual has come into embodiment intentionally so as to get an experience of a beggarly existence because his former royal embodiments in the past have not allowed him to gain such experience. To accept a beggarly existence and to surrender to it inside your consciousness is a very high spiritual achievement. Having come into embodiment, many highly evolved souls realized the worth of such experience and decided to give up their property and social status and to become beggars of their own free will. You may know many examples from the written history. I will mention only Francis of Assisi and Gautama Buddha.

If you happened to meet Gautama, sitting in the wood during his period of trials, you would probably think him to be some insignificant beggar, unworthy of your attention. And you would make a mistake and miss a chance to have a personal contact with the greatest and ancient spirit.

That is why the gift of making distinctions is so necessary for you.

There is another example. You know that some people have great riches. But do you know that for many of these people their riches are their greatest trial? Do you know how hard it is for them to bear the burden of their riches?

I can assure you that among both very rich and very poor people there are highly evolved souls and there are souls who for a long period of time have been turning aside the Divine Path predestined for each soul.

The contrasts of your world and the abyss separating the rich and the poor are evidence of the unbalanced karma of your world. At the same time this creates very good conditions for the evolution of your souls.

Yes, beloved, your karma — though this statement may seem strange to you — creates very good conditions for the development of your souls.

Your karma is a kind of a coach for you, who constantly puts new pressures on you and does not permit you to relax. Thus, you are constantly in good shape and you are ready to overcome yourself relentlessly and to develop the Divine qualities in yourself.

Both great riches and severe poverty are the consequence of a big karma. But there are cases when a person makes this karma himself, and there are cases when an individual takes this karma upon himself voluntarily in order to work it off in this embodiment and in that way to make the karma of humanity less burdensome.

It is necessary to make distinctions.

The most reasonable attitude to richness and poverty should be an equally even and cool attitude both to richness and destitution.

The basic thing is the state of your mind. If you accept both poverty and richness similarly, this is evidence of your nonattachment to the external manifestations. You must develop in yourself a quality of a neutral attitude to the people around you.

Neither wealth nor misery is evidence of the evolution of the soul. It is your attitude to the richness and misery that is evidence of the level of your spiritual achievements.

When the majority of humans in their consciousness treat correctly the matter of wealth and misery, this will indicate that mankind has worked off this kind of world karma. And there will be neither poor nor rich on Earth any longer.

Therefore, truth to tell, the wealth of some people and the poverty of others are just one of the consequences of your imperfect consciousness. Having overcome this imperfection within your consciousness, you will no longer encounter either inordinate poverty or excessive richness in your life.

Thus, your fight both with the rich and the poor makes no sense.

It is your fight with your imperfect consciousness that denies poverty and aspires to richness that makes sense.

There will be neither poor nor rich people when the consciousness of the majority of humans develops a correct attitude to richness and poverty.

The root of your poverty and of your wealth is the karma of your excessive attachment to the things of this world. You can either voluntarily take this karma upon yourself to work it off or you can make this karma by your incorrect use of the Divine energy in your previous embodiments.

Everything around you is the consequence of your karma and the karma of humanity — any quality, any manifestation of this world, any feeling, and any thought. But all of this creates the background and the stage that allow your soul to pass through the most qualitative training and to evolve.

Your life may seem absolutely irreparable to you. But it can probably be a great consolation for you if I say that many Beings of Light envy you, for you have such good conditions for the evolution of your souls. Many of them would gladly change their abode for yours if it were allowed by the Divine Law.

Thus, your task is to develop a broader view on the evolution of your souls and, on the whole, on the evolution of the entire mankind and the entire universe.

I will be glad if my talk today contributes to the alteration of your consciousness in the right direction.

I AM Surya, and I am sending you my regards from the Great Central Sun.

[1] Lila or leela is a concept within Hinduism literally meaning pastime, sport, or play. It is common to both monistic and dualistic philosophical schools, but has an obviously different significance in each. Within monism, lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the Divine absolute (Brahman). In the dualistic schools, lila refers to the activities of God and his devotees,

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