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Change your consciousness, change your thinking, change your way of life

Beloved Lanello
May 24, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, having come to you through this Messenger again. Today I have to give you a small Teaching that, I hope, will be of use to you at this stage of your knowledge of the Divine reality.

You know that your cognition of the Divine reality is a gradual process. It is impossible for you to master the entire fullness of the Divine Truth at once. In such a case it may resemble a clay vessel with a small volume in which you try to thrust something with a much bigger volume than this vessel can contain. The vessel can crack. That’s why when you realize any idea, Teaching, or knowledge with your external consciousness, you cannot absorb the whole volume of this knowledge at once.

Your consciousness has to go through a process of a gradual changing and transformation. In this case the process of knowing the Divine Truth will be more or less painless for you.

Many things inherent in the Divine reality can cause a negative response and non-acceptance in your human consciousness. The point is that the human consciousness exists within certain frames of time and space and is limited by these frames. When you can overcome the frames of time and space in your consciousness, the range of your perception of the Divine reality expands. Before that time you receive only crumbs of knowledge, but even these crumbs, if they disagree with the knowledge that you have received from other sources earlier, can cause hostility and even aggression towards them.

Unfortunately, the range of perception of reality by your consciousness is rather limited. This would not be such a big obstacle and we could have given new knowledge gradually, expanding the bounds of your world, if humans did not accept many things as a dogma by their consciousness and did not consider any deviation from this dogma to be blasphemy and apostasy. The whole point is in the twilight of your consciousness. When your consciousness is plunged into ignorance, you are inclined to condemn everything that does not correspond to the ideas and understanding received by you before. The only remedy for ignorance is the Light of knowledge. The overcoming of the inner barriers, inner blockages and inner obstacles has always been the first and foremost task for the spiritual seekers.

If you take an unbiased look at the history of mankind and especially at the history of religion, you can see that most conflicts, including the conflicts on religious ground, were caused by the fact that people were not disposed to accept the viewpoints of others and were not inclined to find shared approaches to the same conceptions.

Everyone recognized only his own point of view and did not want to reckon with the point of view of others.

Therefore, the foremost task of your time is to find shared meeting grounds between any religious movements and any new teachings.

The task is to rise above the limitations inherent in any religious system. The starting point in the creation of bridges and passages between the different viewpoints is the recognition of the simple fact that at the present stage of evolution, humanity is not able to describe the entire fullness of the Divine Truth with 100 percent authenticity. For a start, you can agree that there is no malicious intent in that one human understands the Divine Truth in this way and another one understands it differently. Every individual is unique after all and has his own point of view about everything.

It is very important to recognize the fact that other people also have a right to interpret the Divine Truth in their own way. At the present stage the quality of religious tolerance is very vital. It is the lack of religious tolerance that is the reason for such an appalling phenomenon as terrorism. It is precisely dogmatism and intolerance towards the viewpoints of others that lead to the kindling of religious extremism and antagonism.

Think about whether it is so important to insist on whose religion is more correct if none of the existing religious systems reflects the entirety of the Divine Truth even to a small degree.

The Divine Truth exists independently of the human consciousness. All of you are just children in the question of cognition of the Divine Truth. As soon as you start insisting that your idea of the Divine structure is the most right and perfect, you completely cut off all your chances to know the Divine Truth. Do you think that maybe such intolerance towards the position of other people is a manifestation of pride and the qualities that are typical of your ego and your unreal part?

Therefore, all the religious disputes, wars and conflicts, all the manifestations of religious fanaticism, extremism, and intolerance have in their root just the egoistic aspirations of particular individuals standing at the head of religious sects, groups, and even quite traditional and relatively old religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and others.

Believe me that the Divine Truth most often has nothing in common with those ideas, dogmas, and conceptions that are characteristic of the majority — if not of the entirety — of the religions of the world.

That’s why one of the major tasks of The Summit Lighthouse organization that I founded in the last century with the help of the Masters was exactly to expand the consciousness of people to the understanding of the common essence that lies beyond any religion and any church dogma. The task was to give you an idea that the core thing is your personal relationship with God, your own evolution in God, your understanding of the Divine Truth. It is your creative work, your development, your spiritual work. None of the religious systems can substitute for your own unique mystical experience, your contact with your Higher Self, and your commune with the Ascended Hosts.

However, just after the foundation of a new organization, there immediately congregated forces from all the sides that saw their foremost task in the proclamation of a newborn belief that was absolutely authentic, infallible, and given for the next 2000 years.

Beloved, even the Masters who were the sponsors of The Summit Lighthouse had not expected such a monstrous and swift distortion of the principles laid down by me as the basis of this organization. And certainly, neither they nor I wish to have anything in common with this organization and its leaders in the future.

The Divine Truth comes to Earth without asking permission from any religious heads and leaders. The Divine Truth germinates in the hearts of people, and it is of no importance which post you occupy and what your social status is.

It is much easier for us to find a way to the hearts of the most ordinary people, not burdened with any religious dogmas and regulations, rather than to make the religious leaders, wrapped in too much dogmatic luggage, hear us through the church regalia and church clothes.

The Path to God is always inside of you, inside your hearts. You can hear the voice of God only in the peace of your heart. Thus, your major task is to listen to your heart. Do learn to listen to yourself, to your Higher Self. Gradually refuse everything burdening you and preventing you from the establishment of this link.

You yourself make a choice between all the things of this world and your chance to hear a soft inner voice inside of you.

Be sincere with yourself. Ask yourself honestly whether you are ready to give up your attachment to everything that surrounds you in your world — to your family, job, property, habits, including watching TV and listening to the radio, to smoking, idle talk with friends and acquaintances. Are you really ready to give up your attachment to all this and to receive in exchange only one single thing — the link with the real part of yourself? Do not be cunning with yourself.

If in the external world there is something more important for you than the connection with your Higher Self, your time has not come yet. But, perhaps it is worth pressing a little the part of you that does not want to go out to the Light and delays your growth and spiritual unfolding.

If you do not start giving up your unreal part on your own initiative, you will be forced to part with your ego by the external conditions all the same. And the more you resist, the more dramatic the events of your life may be so that you could choose the path of spiritual development at last.

I have given you a lot of important information today. I hope that you will not only contemplate it but will begin at last to be guided in your life by the principles of the true faith, not by the religious dogmas and regulations. Please, make distinctions within your heart and do not allow yourself to be fooled by the people who say that they care about the salvation of your soul. You and only you are the one who is able to save your soul. You will not be able to buy the salvation of your soul for any money and in any shop in the world.

Change your consciousness, change your thinking, change your way of life. Gradually free yourself of everything that does not contribute to your spiritual unfolding.

I AM Lanello, and I have been glad to meet you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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