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Change your consciousness, change your thinking, change your way of life

Beloved Lanello
May 24, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, having come to you again through this Messenger. Today I have to give you a certain Teaching that, I hope, will be useful to you at this very stage of your knowing of the Divine reality.

You know that your cognition of the Divine reality is a gradual process. You cannot realize the entire fullness of the Divine Truth at once. It would be the same as if you tried to push into a clay vessel with a small capacity, a volume larger than it can hold. The vessel may crack. Therefore, when you realize a certain concept, teaching, or knowledge with your external consciousness, you cannot contain the entire volume of this knowledge at once.

Your consciousness must undergo a process of a gradual change and transformation. In this case, the process of knowing the Divine Truth will be more or less painless for you.

Many things, that are inherent in the Divine reality, when received by your human consciousness, may cause rejection and opposition. The point is that the human consciousness exists within a certain temporal and spatial framework and is limited by this framework. When you are able to overcome time and space boundaries in your consciousness, the range of your perception of the Divine reality expands. However, until then, you receive crumbs of knowledge, and even these crumbs, if they do not coincide with the knowledge previously obtained from other sources, can cause rejection and even aggression.

Unfortunately, the range of perception of reality by your consciousness is very limited. But this would not be such a serious obstacle and we could gradually give and give new knowledge, expanding the boundaries of your perception of the world. However, mankind is inclined to accept many things as dogma in their consciousness and consider any deviation from this dogma as sacrilege and apostasy. The whole point is in the twilight of your consciousness. When your consciousness is immersed in ignorance, then you are inclined to condemn everything that does not correspond to the ideas and understanding previously received by you. The only remedy for ignorance is the Light of knowledge. And the overcoming of your inner barriers, inner blockages, and inner obstacles has always been the first and foremost task for spiritual seekers.

If you take an unbiased look at the history of mankind, and especially at the history of religion, then you can understand that most conflicts, including conflicts on religious grounds, were caused by the fact that people were not inclined to accept the viewpoints of other people and were not inclined to make efforts to find common approaches on a particular issue.

Each recognized only his own point of view and did not consider the point of view of the other.

Therefore, the primary task of your time is to find common ground between any religious movements, any new teachings.

The task is to rise above the limitations inherent in any religious system. And the main and starting point in creating bridges and crossings between different points of view will be the recognition of the simple fact that humanity at the given stage of development is not able to describe with 100% accuracy the fullness of the Divine Truth. You can agree, for a start, that there is no malicious intent that someone understands the Divine Truth in this way, while another one understands the Divine Truth in a different way. After all, each individual is unique, and he will conceive everything from his own perspective.

And it will be very important to recognize the fact that other people have the right to refract the Divine Truth in their own way. At this stage, the quality of tolerance and religious toleration will be very important. It is the lack of tolerance and religious toleration that causes such a terrible phenomenon as terrorism. It is precisely dogmatism and intolerance towards the points of view of others that leads to the incitement of religious extremism and hostility.

Think, is it so important to insist on whose religion is more correct, if any existing religious system does not reflect the fullness of the Divine Truth even by a few percent?

The Divine Truth exists independently of people's consciousness. And we are all children in the matter of knowing the Divine Truth. As soon as you begin to insist that your understanding of the Divine structure is the most correct and perfect, then you completely block yourself from the opportunity of knowing the Divine Truth. Think about whether such intolerance towards the point of view of other people is a manifestation of pride and those qualities that are inherent in the ego, or the unreal part of you.

Therefore, all the religious disputes, wars, conflicts, any manifestations of religious fanaticism, extremism, and intolerance are based only on the egoistic aspirations of particular individuals who are at the head of religious sects, groups, and even quite traditional and relatively old religions such as Christianity, Islam, and others.

Believe me that the Divine Truth, most often, has nothing in common with the ideas, dogmas and attitudes that are characteristic of most, if not all, of the religions of the world.

Therefore, one of the main tasks that the Summit Lighthouse organization, which I created with the help of the Masters in the last century, was intended to solve was precisely the expansion of people's consciousness to an understanding of the general essence that stands behind any religion and church dogma; and to give you an idea that the most important thing is your personal relationship with God, your own development in God, your understanding of the Divine Truth. This is your creativity, your development, your spiritual work. And no religious system can substitute for your direct mystical experience, your communication with the Higher part of yourself, and your communication with the Ascended Hosts.

However, as soon as a new organization was created, forces immediately came from all sides, which saw as their main task the proclamation of a new, just-emerging faith, absolutely true and infallible, given for the next 2000 years.

Beloved, even the Masters sponsoring this organization did not expect such a monstrous and quick distortion of the principles that I laid as the foundation of the Summit Lighthouse organization. And, of course, neither they, nor I want to have anything to do with this organization and its leaders in the future.

The Divine Truth comes to Earth without asking permission from any religious leaders and heads. The Divine Truth germinates in the hearts of people, and your position, your social standing, and your social status do not matter much.

It is much easier for us to find a way to the hearts of the most ordinary people, who have not burdened themselves with any religious dogmas and rules, than trying to be heard through the church regalia and church clothes, which religious leaders cover themselves with like dogmatic baggage.

The path to God always lies only within you, in your hearts. And you can hear the voice of God in the silence of your heart. Therefore, your main task will be to listen to your heart. Learn to listen to yourself, the Higher part of yourself. And gradually give up everything that burdens you and prevents the establishment of this connection.

You yourself make a choice between all the things of this world and your opportunity to hear the quiet inner voice within you.

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself sincerely, are you ready to give up attachment to everything that surrounds you in your world: to your family, work, property, your habits, including watching television and listening to radio programs, smoking, empty talks with friends and acquaintances? Are you ready to give up attachment to all this and receive in exchange only one thing – the connection with the real part of yourself? Do not deceive yourself.

If there is something outside of you that is more important for you than the connection with the Higher part of yourself, then your time has not yet come. But, maybe you still ought to move a little the part of yourself that does not want to come out into the Light, and that hinders your development and spiritual growth?

If you yourself, on your own initiative, do not start getting rid of this unreal part of yourself, then you will still be forced by external conditions to part with your ego. And the more you resist, the more dramatic the events of your life may be, so that you finally enter on the path of spiritual development.

I have given you a lot of important information today. And I hope that you will not only reflect on it, but also begin to, finally, be guided by the principles of the true faith, and not by religious dogmas and rules in your life. Please make a distinction in your heart and do not let yourself be fooled by those people who say that they care about the salvation of your soul. You yourself are the only person who is able to save your soul. And the salvation of your soul you will not buy for any money in any store in the world.

Change your consciousness, change your thinking, change your way of life, gradually freeing yourself from everything that does not contribute to your spiritual progress.

I AM Lanello, and I have been glad to meet you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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