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Our task is to saturate Earth with new vibrations, a new consciousness, and a new attitude towards the world

Gautama Buddha
May 23, 2005

Gautama Buddha
About Gautama Buddha

I AM Gautama Buddha, having come again.

Since the time of my last meeting with you, a series of events has taken place on the subtle plane of planet Earth. I would like to briefly acquaint you with what has occurred. The accumulated negative energies, which must inevitably cause another cataclysm, have been successfully localized in the places of formation of these negative energies.

Therefore, what we are not able to neutralize and defuse will affect, first of all, those people who have generated the monsters of their thoughts and feelings.

As it was in the time of Noah, warnings and hints are given through different people. But people prefer to plug their ears and hear nothing; to close their eyes and see nothing.

Some people show miracles of complete carelessness and irresponsibility, other people show miracles of heroism and selflessness in order to prevent the inevitable.

Everyone acts the way he prefers to act. And everyone acts depending on whose advice he prefers to be guided by in his life.

Events are approaching that will again point to the discrepancy between the vibrations of the majority of the population of the Earth and the vibrations of the New Era that have come and continue to come to Earth.

And thus, moving by successive approximations, what must be implemented on planet Earth will be realized. Beloved chelas, you should never go against the Will of God, you should never act contrary to the plans which are provided by the Supreme Law for planet Earth.

In this way, true aspirations and Divine qualities are cultivated in everyone. And each gains the opportunity to manifest their inner essence.

Why is the Teaching given that you should take care only about yourself, about your thoughts and your feelings? Why can't you lead other individuals and make them act the way you think is right?

Because everything that happens, and everything that will happen on the planet and with each individual is determined by the presence of certain energies in their auras, in their force fields.

If you store a lot of negative energy and have accumulated it over many incarnations on Earth, then no matter how hard you try to avoid what should happen to you according to your karma, you will not succeed. On the other hand, if you have taken care of your thoughts and feelings in advance, if you have gotten rid of most of your karmic baggage, then no matter how hard someone tries to harm you, he will not succeed.

Your enemies will make efforts to harm you, but if there is nothing in your aura to catch hold of, then none of their actions will harm you, but will be of benefit to you.

This is the secret of how people survive in those conditions in which it is impossible to survive. And this explains why what happens to people happens to them, and does not affect anyone around them.

Therefore, it is absolutely pointless to waste efforts, proving to yourself and the people around you, that you are good and fully devoted to God. All your actions, thoughts and feelings are kept in your aura and in the so-called chronicles of Akasha. Therefore, playing any games with the Cosmic Law that exists in this Universe is simply meaningless. That is why it is said that you should take care only about your thoughts and feelings, about how you act and what you do.

You cannot help a person if he does not want to accept your help. You cannot force anyone to share your views. But you always have the opportunity to share the treasures of your knowledge with those who are ready to listen to you. And the secret here is that a person who is ready to accept your care and your knowledge, has a consciousness and vibrations that allow him to do this. And he obtained this consciousness and these vibrations in more than one embodiment.

Therefore, do not waste your efforts imposing your views on those who do not want to hear you. It is better to find people in your environment who are tired of the despair reigning in this world, from the musty atmosphere that surrounds them. For these people, the knowledge that you offer them will play the role of a miraculous balm, relieving their existence and soothing their wounds, which they received from contact with not the best sides of your world.

You always have the opportunity to find at least one person from your environment who needs your help and the knowledge that you can offer him. Unfortunately, the level of consciousness of mankind is such that only a small part of mankind is able to assimilate the knowledge, the energies, and the information contained in these Dictations that we are giving now through our Messenger.

We are fully aware that we may be able to awaken the consciousness of several thousand or tens of thousands of people around the world.

But believe me, beloved chelas, at first this is quite enough.

And that information, and those vibrations, and that knowledge that can be absorbed by the few who have prepared their temples in advance to accept this information, will be stored in their energy field, in their aura.

The people of the Earth are very interconnected on the subtle plane. There is a concept of the collective unconscious of mankind. When the knowledge that we manage to put into the head of one or two people is spread regardless of the consciousness of most people. And if they hear somewhere about knowledge that is completely new for the Earth, many people will have the feeling that they have already heard about it or know it from somewhere, but they are unlikely to be able to tell you the source from which they got their knowledge.

The subtle vibrations of our world are able to reach many individuals, even if it does not find resonance in their external consciousness at first. Remember that the structure of a person is like a matryoshka,[1] and the most subtle part of a person is always very responsive to what is happening in the informational field of the Earth.

Your physical body and your external senses represent dinosaurs that cannot adapt to the rapidly changing reality, the rapidly changing vibrations of this world. And just as dinosaurs became extinct at one time, so over time, you will be forced to part with your physical bodies.

That is why we give you the teachings on meditation. That is why we direct your consciousness to the subtle worlds. Gradually, the center of gravity of your consciousness will move to your more subtle bodies. And you will obtain greater mobility and lightness. In fact, your physical bodies are your primary concern during your stay in embodiment. And most of the time that you stay on Earth, you have to take care of your bodies: wash them, feed them, dress them and heal them.

You can imagine how rapidly the evolution of mankind will develop when it is freed from its bodies and, at the same time, is freed from the need to spend so much time caring for the body.

You will be very much surprised if I say that in fact you would have freed yourselves from your physical bodies long ago and continued your evolution on a more subtle plane, but you are held and forced to come into embodiment again and again by your attachments to your physical bodies and your attachments to everything that exists on the physical plane.

And the only thing that hinders you in your development is the level of your consciousness and the degree of your attachment to your external personality, your ego, the part of yourself that exists on the physical plane and the more subtle planes connected with the physical plane – the mental and astral.

Any cataclysms and any catastrophes could be prevented if humanity could part with the lower part of itself. All inharmonious manifestations in this world are caused by the inharmonious and imperfect consciousness of earthlings. And truly, everything that happens and everything that can happen on planet Earth depends on each of you. You simply read these Dictations, you simply assimilate the information contained in these Dictations, and the influence that you will have on the events taking place on Earth will be like springs. You will mitigate any disaster, any cataclysm.

Our task is to saturate Earth with new vibrations, a new consciousness and a new attitude towards the world through the consciousness of those people who are able to accommodate the knowledge that we give.

You will see very soon how everything around you begins to change. And this will truly look like a miracle, but this miracle, beloved, will happen only with your help.

I AM Gautama Buddha.

[1] Matryoshka – is a Russian wooden doll with smaller dolls nested within the bigger ones (Translator’s footnote).

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