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Our task is to impregnate Earth with the new vibrations, the new consciousness, and the new attitude to the world

Gautama Buddha
May 23, 2005

Gautama Buddha
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I AM Gautama Buddha, having come again.

Since the time of my last meeting with you, a series of events in the higher plane of planet Earth has taken place. I would like to acquaint you with them succinctly. We have succeeded in locating the accumulated negative energies that could inevitably cause a new cataclysm in the places of their production.

Therefore, the energies that we have failed to neutralize and deactivate will affect especially the people who have generated these monsters of their thoughts and feelings.

The preventions are being given and the promptings are being sent through different people as it was in the days of Noah. But people prefer to pay no heed and to close their eyes to them, to hear and see nothing.

Some people show wonders of complete irresponsibility and a lack of system, others show wonders of heroism and self-sacrifice, trying to prevent the unavoidable.

Everyone acts the way he prefers to act. And everyone acts depending on whose advice he prefers to follow in his life.

The approaching events will yet again reveal the lack of correspondence between the vibrations of the majority of mankind and the New Age’s vibrations that have already reached and are reaching Earth now.

In this way, by following the path of successive approximations, the conceived plan will be realized on planet Earth. My beloved chelas, you should never go against the Will of God, never act in defiance of the plans envisaged by the Supreme Law for planet Earth.

In this way the true aspirations and God-qualities are being cultivated within everyone. Everyone obtains an opportunity to manifest his or her inner essence.

Why are you given a Teaching that says that you should take care only of yourself, your thoughts and feelings? Why cannot you lead other individuals and make them act in the way you think to be right?

This is because everything that happens and is to happen on the planet and with every individual is determined by the presence of these or those energies within people’s auras and force fields.

If you have accumulated a great amount of negative energy during many embodiments on Earth and continue keeping this energy, you will not manage to escape the events connected with your karma, irrespective of whatever endeavors you make. On the other hand, if you have taken care of your thoughts and feelings in advance, if you have gotten rid of a major portion of your karmic loads, nobody will be able to harm you in spite of all his attempts.

Your enemies will make every endeavor to harm you. But if there is nothing to catch hold of in your aura, none of their actions will harm you but on the contrary, all their actions will be of benefit to you.

This is the hidden mechanism of surviving in the conditions that are impossible for existence. This explains why some things happen to some people but at the same time do not affect others around them.

Therefore, it is absolutely pointless to waste efforts proving to yourself and to the people around you that you are good and fully devoted to God. All your actions, thoughts, and feelings are kept in your aura and in the so-called Akasha chronicles. Therefore, it is absolutely ridiculous to play any games with the Cosmic Law governing in this universe. That is why it is said that you should take care only of your thoughts and feelings, of your own actions and of what you do.

You cannot help a person if he does not want to accept your help. You cannot force anybody to share your views. But you always have a chance to share the treasures of your knowledge with those who are ready to listen to you. The secret here lies not just in the fact that a person who is ready to accept your care and knowledge has the consciousness and vibrations enabling him to do so, he has obtained this consciousness and these vibrations during not just one of his embodiments.

Therefore, spare no efforts to thrust your views on those who do not want to listen to you. It would be better for you to find people from your environment who are sick and tired of the irreparability of this world and of the stagnant atmosphere they live in. The knowledge you will offer to those people will be a miraculous balm, relieving their existence and salving the wounds they have received when coming into contact with the sides of your world that are not the best.

You always have a chance to find at least one person from your environment who needs your help and the knowledge you can offer. Unfortunately, the level of consciousness of mankind is so low that only the minority of humanity is able to master the knowledge, the energies and the information contained in the Dictations that we are giving now through our Messenger.

We are fully aware of our probable opportunity to awaken the consciousness of only a few thousand or a few tens of thousands of people all over the world.

But believe me, my beloved chelas, it is quite enough for a start.

And that information, and those vibrations, and that knowledge which can be absorbed by those few who have prepared their temples for receiving that information in advance, will be stored in the energy fields of those, in their auras.

The people of Earth are tightly interconnected in the higher plane. There is a conception of the collective unconscious of mankind — when the knowledge that we succeed in putting into the head of one or two men is spread unbeknown to the consciousness of the majority of people. And if they hear somewhere about some knowledge that is completely new for Earth, many of them will have a feeling that they have already heard or known about it, but scarcely will they manage to designate the source from which they have picked up this knowledge.

The high vibrations of our world are capable of reaching many individuals even if there is no feedback in their external consciousness at first. Remember that the construction of a human is like a matryoshka[1] and that the Higher Self of a human is always very responsive to everything that takes place in the informational field of Earth.

Your physical body and your senses resemble dinosaurs that in no way can adapt to the briefly changing reality and to the quickly changing vibrations of this world. Just as dinosaurs became extinct in the old days, you will have to part with your physical bodies in the course of time.

That is why we give you the Teachings on meditation. That is why we direct your consciousness towards the higher worlds. The gravamen of your consciousness will gradually move to your higher bodies. You will obtain a fuller mobility and lightness. In fact, your physical bodies are the objects of your major concern when in embodiment. You have to care about your bodies, to wash, feed, dress, and cure them most of the time you are living on Earth.

Can you imagine how precipitously the evolution of humans will develop when they free themselves from their bodies and simultaneously are released from the necessity to spend so much time in caring for these bodies?

You will be very much surprised if I say that in fact you could have freed yourselves from your physical bodies long ago and you could have continued your evolution in the higher plane, but you are tied down by your attachment to your physical bodies and forced to come into embodiment over and over by your attachment to everything existing in the physical world.

The only thing impeding your evolution is the level of your consciousness and the extent of your attachment to your external personality, to your ego — the part of you that exists in the physical plane and in the higher planes connected with the physical one — the mental and the astral planes.

Any cataclysms and any calamities could have been prevented if mankind could part with its lower self. All the disharmonious manifestations in this world are caused by the disharmonious and imperfect consciousness of the earthlings. And indeed, everything that takes place and that might take place on planet Earth depends on each of you. You simply read these Dictations, you simply master the information contained in them. But your influence on the future events on Earth will be like that of a vehicle’s spring. You will be able to mitigate every calamity, every cataclysm.

Our task is to impregnate Earth with the new vibrations, the new consciousness and the new attitude to the world through the consciousness of the people who are able to take the knowledge that we give.

Very soon you will see as everything starts changing around you. This will truly resemble a miracle, but this miracle, beloved, will happen only with your help.

I AM Gautama Buddha.

[1] A matryoshka doll or a Russian nested doll, also called a stacking doll or Babushka doll, is a set

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