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The Path of initiations that I teach is the Path of full humility before the Will of God, complete dedication and sacrifice

Beloved Jesus
May 22, 2005

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus, your elder brother and mentor, having come through this Messenger.

I AM, having come for an eternal conversation, which will be relevant to you until you put on the wedding attire and ascend into the Light.

Until that time, you will be constantly busy separating in your consciousness what is eternal from what is perishable, what belongs to the Higher world from what belongs to the transient world.

Your reality shrouds you in a fog of illusion and distracts you from the work which you are called for. However, no matter how long you wander in the illusory world, sooner or later your wandering will come to an end. The mistake and delusion of many devoted seekers of the Truth is that they suppose that the Path Home must represent a state of continuous bliss and love. It is true, but it is true as much as something can be right and true in your world.

The states of bliss, joy, love, and peace are the signs that you are on the right Path and that you have chosen the right direction. However in your world, you will not be able to maintain a constantly balanced state of spirit. And my aim today is to give you an exhortation, and to warn you about the possible inferior states of consciousness that you may encounter on your Path. And these states will not necessarily indicate that you have strayed from the Path.

What is always required of you along the whole length of the Path is a constant analysis, and constant differentiation of your states.

Imagine that you are really moving along your Path, and you are at first going at a time when the sun is shining, it is calm and everything is fragrant and blooming. You may consider it as a right sign on your Path. And suddenly, out of nowhere, the wind and thunderclouds spring up and the thunder rumbles. However, all this does not necessarily indicate that you have strayed from the Path. You are still moving in the right direction, despite the fact that the external circumstances have changed and your mood has worsened along with the change in the weather.

In the same way, you can experience the most elevated states of consciousness in your life. You can be at the peak of bliss, and suddenly, for no reason, your state may worsen. For no reason at all you experience causeless longing, despondency, a sense of meaninglessness in your existence, and disbelief.

Beloved, such indications are not always the signs that you have strayed from the Path. It just comes time, and you begin to pass your tests and trials. You have heard of the school of mysteries of Lord Maitreya; you have heard of the schools of initiations that have existed at all times.

If the path to God represented a constant state of bliss and grace, then why would these schools of initiations be necessary?

And why are the initiations necessary at all?

There are two persons inside of you. One person is mortal and the other is immortal. These two persons have been so entangled during many millions of years of their existence on planet Earth that considerable efforts are required to separate these two from each other. One of them is to stay on Earth and to return into Earth from where he had been formed. The other is to continue to exist on another – Higher - plane of being.

When you begin the process of separating these two persons, one from another within yourself, the process of separation primarily in your consciousness, it is quite difficult to perform this separation. You have to literally cut to the quick. You used to identify yourself with the individual whom you see in the mirror. But in fact, all the stages of initiations that you pass through are aimed exactly at helping you to eliminate your identification with your image in the mirror. That is why they say: if you want to see your enemy, come up to the mirror and look at him.

Indeed, all that you have considered as your individuality during many lives, is not you actually, but represents that part of you which you must give up, that part which you must stop identifying yourself with.

And what is inside of you, that resists the process of assimilation with the new individuality will rise from the depth of your being, from your unconscious and your sub-consciousness, and it will protest. In your external consciousness, you may not fully understand the reason for your despondency, your despair, and your state of extreme depression and hopelessness.

It is difficult to analyze which energies, in accordance with the cosmic period that has come, have been activated in your four lower bodies. But these energies represent the unreal part of you. And the purpose of any test, beloved, is to remind you that you are only a disciple on the Path and you must pass the next exam. No matter how real your state may seem to you, you must always remember that this is just a test.

The more you, in your external consciousness resist parting with the energy that has activated in you, the longer and lengthier your test will be.

The most advanced disciples always remember that God has a right to test them and give the most seemingly unendurable states of consciousness. And at the minute of the upmost tension in all their strengths, when it seems that the sun will never shine again, they come up to the altar and say in their hearts: “Lord, I know that this state of mine is not real. I know Lord, that this is just a test. I am ready Lord, to endure all the trials that You send me. And I will try to do this. You have the right to give me any trials, Lord. And I am grateful for all the trials that You send me. Because I know that You love me and care about me. I am asking You Lord, to help me endure this trial and pass through it to the end.”

All tests are given for only one quality - to part with the unreal part of yourself, first of all in your consciousness.

Thanks to the infinite mercy of Heaven, you have an opportunity to go through your tests and trials and pass your exams without leaving your usual life. You continue to live your everyday life, but if at inner levels, you have expressed a wish to go through the initiations while staying in the usual life, then such an opportunity will be given to you, irrespective of whether you are aware of your request in your external consciousness or not. That is why I have come today, to explain to those who are experiencing causeless, gloomy states and various psychological problems, the reason for your states.

Yes, beloved, you have made a choice to be trained at the school of initiations without leaving your usual life. You have chosen an accelerated Path. Your soul has desired to pass through initiations in this life, so as not to wait for the next embodiment with suitable conditions of training at the school of mysteries, somewhere in silence, far from the highways of modern civilization.

This Path of initiations, the Rose Path, is the Path that all of you must go through. I do not know another path. The separation of the real part of you from the unreal part of you is always accompanied by very painful and unpleasant experiences. Both the duration and the severity of such states of yours will be determined by the degree of resistance of the unreal part of you. Everything will be determined beloved, by how strong your ego is.

You know that I managed to part with my unreal part in 40 days when I was in the desert. However you know that after that, there was my service, then transfiguration, then crucifixion, then resurrection, then ascension.

As long as you are on the physical plane of planet Earth, you will constantly undergo trials and tests. And if you part with the unreal part of yourself, you will not be able just to give up on the rest of mankind and hide in a warm place somewhere in Heaven.

Do not hope beloved that with your ascension, your evolution, your tension, your work, and your responsibility will end. Everything will be just beginning. And the higher your abilities, the greater the burden you will take upon yourself and the more vital service you will perform.

It is necessary to come to like the tension. It is necessary to come to like the service.

The highest manifestation of your Love will be compassion for all mankind and all living creatures, and you will be ready to sacrifice yourself for the salvation of mankind. You will be ready to sacrifice all your time, all your achievements, and all your bodies.

The Path of initiations that I teach is the Path of absolute humility before the Will of God, absolute dedication, and self-sacrifice.

There is no other Path beloved, and our task is to guide you on this Path, and to provide all the necessary help.

I AM Jesus, and I have been speaking from the highest point of Love towards each of you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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