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You must act, act and act

Beloved El Morya
May 21, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come through my Messenger.

Today special circumstances have forced me to give you a short epistle-exhortation. Accept it with all your attention and gravity.

The brevity of my words will make them more intelligible.

The haste creates the necessary tenseness.

The space is stressed. The currents are amplified.

The news from our world is well-timed.

Be on the qui vive. Prepare to act.

The general lull on Earth is deceitful. Changes are approaching, and events are coming which will be remembered by their seemingly dramatic character and perpetuity.

However, let’s get rid of the needless and obsolete. Let’s take care of the new and progressive.

Those who are with us in their aspirations and service should not worry about anything. Those impudent in relation to the Divine plan and thinking of themselves as gods will be put in their place.

There is no intention to intimidate you with this Message. Everyone will receive according to his desserts, and everyone knows in their heart to what extent they act in accordance with the Higher Law.

There is boldness from the Light, when the servants direct all their strength and energy towards the Common Wealth and the Good.

There is dark impudence when an individual challenges the forces of Light and takes the absence of a prompt punishment to be the inability of the Light forces to react to his impudence.

Irrespective of the fact, whether these hostile carpers act within the framework of any religion or whether they prefer to do evil in the shadow of the powers that be, their time is up and soon they will have to be called to account.

Angels strictly record all the abusive words and all the brazen actions. There is always an opportunity to choose another path. There is always a chance to repent and to accept the retribution with humility.

Every time we say it and every time people do not believe that it relates to them. The human memory is short. And when the time comes to be called to account, they wonder: Do we really owe so much?

Therefore, think before you create debts. The time flows constantly and implacably. The gush of the Divine energy is interminable. And there is no chance to stop time.

Therefore, think over the direction of your attention at every minute of your life. Your energy flows where your attention is directed. But if you stop for a moment and objectively scrutinize your thoughts during the day, you will be filled with horror. Ninety percent of your attention is drawn to the things that do not deserve even a glance.

The control over thoughts and feelings comes to the fore nowadays.

There is no prospect to postpone the retribution. The period for the return of the karma of your actions has been shortened. You will hardly have time to perform an act of evil before the retribution follows. And there will be no need to ask anybody: What for, oh Lord?

The severe conditions of the world force us to take tough and urgent response measures.

The period of infancy has come to an end. And you will no longer have a caring mommy to take the burden of your troubles upon her.

The period of maturity has come, and you will have to be responsible for every action, every thought, and for all that you admit in your consciousness that does not correspond to the Will of God.

It is necessary to free the space and the building site before laying the foundation for something new. This is a matter of our concern now and we are making every effort to obtain this. We have purified the higher planes; now it is the turn of the lower ones.

A capital clearing up has been started on Earth. Take care; do not let the Divine broom catch you on its way!

I am warning you because much depends on you these days. Not only are your merits of importance now but also the correlation of the mutual efforts of the two sides. There is no time left to wait for the karma to be transmuted. The peculiarity of the current period is in the rapid return of whatever you have made. You will hardly have time to start praying before a situation demanding your reaction crops up.

Remember, even if you react wrongly in an unexpected situation, you still pass through tests and work off your karma. You work off your karma and pass through tests exactly when you draw useful lessons from the situations that you get into in your life.

I watch all the people under my wardship who have asked for my sponsorship and protection. But this does not mean that I will protect them from problems and plights. Those whom God most loves, He most tests because only after the conquering of the tribulations you do grow, you multiply your abilities, and expand your consciousness.

It is vital to give you the understanding of the barriers that you encounter and to remind you in good time about the importance of overcoming inflexibility, aspiration, and bravery.

There are no grumblers and idlers among my disciples.

I say, Urgency! Hit the road! And all my disciples are ready.

You can do up your dress on the move, and you can understand how to act better without halting.

Therefore, keep sensibility. I expect you to be prompt at my first call.

Do not expect me to come and to shout into your ears. Just look at my portrait and you will be aware of the urgent things to do.

There is no time left to waste on idle talk. The current situation requires actions.

That’s why you should act, act and act. Try to use every minute of your life on Earth.

Think this over. You have been waiting for an opportunity to start acting for thousands of years. The time is ripe for actions. It is high time to act.

For that reason, do not whine that you have not had enough time to get ready, that your boots are full of holes, and you have not packed all your things into a knapsack.

Leave all your things. You will need nothing but your wish to serve and the fire of your hearts.

Do not care about your tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Do not think of your yesterday and the day before yesterday.

This can disturb you on your path. Think of the things happening now and make every effort to serve best.

Do not force me to send a herald to you to remind you about your mission. All the knowledge and the entire plan are always with you in your hearts.

I say, Quickly. I say, Urgently. And you should carry out what you must. Today exactly the moment has come, for the sake of which you have come into embodiment. Everything has to be changed. A capital clearing up has been started on Earth. Climb up to the attics of your consciousness. Descend into the cellars of your dark wishes. Take out your dirty laundry.

Everything is to be washed, cleaned, and dried.

There will be none of your old clothing left unclean and unwashed.

Do not be afraid to give up the old rags of your egoistic thoughts and feelings.

All this will burn in the flame of your service and in the fire of your hearts.

There is no place for imperfection in the new world.

I say, the dawn is nearing, and it is time to get up and start acting.

The new time is coming! Do meet it!

I AM El Morya, and I have addressed my devoted disciples

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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