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I will be with each of you until all of you return Home

Sanat Kumara, May 20, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come through My Messenger again. I have come to exhort you, to teach you, and to help you comprehend the Divine reality — another world — that exists simultaneously with your world and differs from it only by its vibrations.

Every moment of your dwelling in your world, you can concurrently be in our world. There exists a part of your being which constantly stays in the Higher worlds. This part of your being has been keeping its link and interaction with the Higher reality during all the period of your embodiments in the physical octave.

The cosmic term approaches, and your Higher part envelops itself in lower bodies and descends into the matter.

In proportion, as the surrounding world becomes denser, the connection between your Higher and lower parts gradually severs and becomes at first hardly distinguishable, until it disappears completely. When the materiality of your world reaches its pinnacle, you lose the link with your Higher part.

Therefore, all the authentic spiritual practices that exist in our world are directed on the restoration of this inner link. When you recollect who you actually are and receive an opportunity to commune with your Higher part, you will become able to change your vibrations in accordance with your wish.

You continue to stay in the physical world, and at the same time your consciousness rises to such a level where at certain moments you become able to get information and knowledge from our world.

At all times, many outstanding figures have been able to raise the rate of their vibrations spontaneously and involuntarily and find themselves in the higher etheric octaves while keeping their consciousness vigil. It is from these octaves that they always extracted inspiration and examples for their works of art, creative works, scientific knowledge, and inventions.

Every discovery has always been made by the people having certain access to our reality.

Nowadays, the capability of the mutual penetration of the worlds and the ability of your consciousness to penetrate into our world will be raised many times.

You will receive your Holy Spirit’s gifts and will indeed obtain magic abilities. All this is waiting for you in the near future. The only thing holding you up is your attachment to the physical world and your imperfections.

You should obtain an ability to discern things in you that are not from God and to give them up gradually. Initially, you will be able to obtain a commune with us and with your Higher part only on the condition that you lead an absolutely isolated life and avoid any influence of mass culture and people liable to such influence. This resembles pathfinders climbing bare cliffs of the Divine consciousness. For these pathfinders, their efforts and toil are titanic in truth, requiring all their strength and abilities given by God.

Not many people succeed in ascending the summit of the Divine consciousness nowadays. This Path is so heavy that one can fail to hold on to the achieved height and can fall at any moment.

Those who follow the pathfinders will find themselves in a much easier situation. I foresee the appearance of the communities in various places on Earth already in the nearest future. Such communities will consist of the people who have obtained a certain level of the Christ consciousness.

These communities will become the prototypes and matrices of the future settlements and the future structure of the human society. While combining industrial duties and spiritual service, such communities will be completely independent and autonomous from the surrounding world.

I foresee the establishment of absolutely new principles of state, temporal power in the places where such communities of the Holy Spirit will form in due course. In the places with the maximum number of such communities, the conditions for the advent of the Golden Age will be created.

I hope that such communities will appear to start with in the territory of Russia, for this country by its historical traditions has always been predisposed to carrying on collective management. The complication was in the fact that certain forces have always profited cleverly from this national quality and have manipulated this penchant of the people for communal labor for their mercenary aims.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that there cannot be an ideal community until every member of the collective fellowship reaches a certain level of individual Christhood and stops using the achievements of the communal labor and creative work for his mercenary and egoistic aims.

Thus, We see that again the same question comes to the foreground before each of you, and this is the question of your personal aspiration to perfect yourselves in God, to give up your ego, and to take care about the purity of your four lower bodies.

I would like to attract your attention to one vital thing. In fact, there are two paths leading to perfecting oneself in God. The first path lies through solitude and prayer, and it is easier. The second path runs through your work on yourself, when you do not need to give up your usual mode of life.

Each of these paths has its advantages and drawbacks. If the only barrier hindering your start of the serious work on yourself is the environment that you are in at a given place on your Path, and you automatically reject any serious self-training because you consider these outer conditions not to be suitable for doing it, then I must remind you that the conditions you are in now correspond to the level of your consciousness and to the correlation between your negative and positive karma. Therefore, the starting conditions will be different for each of you. You will have to overcome all the inconveniences of your outer conditions and karmic circumstances. But you should realize that you deserve the circumstances of your current life because of your own choices in this and previous lives. Lamenting the bad conditions and the disharmonious environment is just a mere excuse for your ego not to do anything. But many people simply fall too low to blame God and the Masters directly for the circumstances of their external life.

Therefore, the first step on your Path is your humility before the circumstances in which you start your Path and your decision to follow the Path leading you back to God, irrespective of any external conditions of your life.

Believe me, if you manifest aspiration and resoluteness in following the Path, you will receive all the necessary ministration. In the course of time the circumstances of your life will change and soften the manifestations of any karmic limitations, even of the heaviest ones. And, in proportion to the changes in your consciousness, you will receive everything necessary for your spiritual unfolding and perfecting yourself in God.

All the barriers and limitations lie inside of you. All your limitations are just the clogs of the negative energy in your four lower bodies.

Imagine that your four lower bodies represent an attic where all your junk has been dumped during a few thousand years. Meanwhile, this attic has become so cluttered and dusty that now it is impossible even to enter it. The four lower bodies in the majority of people represent exactly such attics.

That is why you should make a decision one fine day to start clearing up the karmic encumbrance of your attic.

Of course, you will not be able to do it in just one day and probably not even in a few years. But the sooner you make your decision and start acting, the faster you will be done with the dirty and tiring job of clearing up your consciousness and subconsciousness where you have been shoving all your psychological problems with enviable persistence during the entire period of your embodiment on Earth.

It is natural that when your problems emerge one after another from your subconsciousness, you will have to make considerable efforts to overcome these problems and part with them forever. It is like taking old things out of your attic and feeling how they stir in you very painful reminiscences, which give you unbearable pain at times.

Nevertheless, you should be filled with steadfastness and throw away the unnecessary things, and with this become free from a part of the negative energy clogged in you.

In this connection, I would like to warn beforehand all those who look forward to enjoying a pleasant way of spending their time along the whole length of their Path leading Home: Do not expect an easy path; be ready for any unexpectedness. You never know which energy will emerge from your karmic loads. Sometimes your actions will have no logical explanation for them. You will come across people to whom you will feel tempestuous but groundless feelings. Strange things will happen to you, but you should be ready for everything.

You must constantly remember in your consciousness your decision to come back to God and to raise your consciousness to the level of comprehension of the Higher worlds. You should always remember that you are not alone. We vigilantly watch everybody who dares to climb the cliff of the Divine consciousness, and in the last resort we will always give you a hand in a crucial situation. If your motives are pure, you have nothing to be scared of.

The purity of your aspirations shrouds you in an invulnerable defense of the Light.

Each of us passed the same Path during our stay on Earth. The Path has been verified. Therefore, do get ready to set out and take a daring step on the Path.

I AM Sanat Kumara, and I will be with each of you until you all return Home.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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