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A Teaching on the practice of meditation

May 18, 2005


I AM Amitabha Buddha,[1] having come to you through this Messenger.

Many people in the West have not heard of me. I am well-known in the east as one of the five Dhyani[2] Buddhas.

My vocation is to serve on one of the secret rays. You may appeal to me when you are overwhelmed by human passions. Any human fervor can be surmounted. You come into embodiment in order to conquer your passions and to get rid of them.

As a rule, all your fervors are closely connected with the abuse of your sexual energy. And all your distortions on my ray are bound up with either the dissatisfaction of your desires or with your excessive wishes.

My chakra is located between the base of the spine chakra and the seat of the soul chakra. This chakra is connected with your Christ Self.

I teach the practice of meditation — the very thing that can free you from the human wishes and fervors.

That is why I will consider the task of our conversation today to be fulfilled if you master a certain understanding of the significance of the practice of meditation and make a decision to use this practice in your life.

The task and the aim of any meditation are to achieve a state of being without thoughts, an absolute peace of your mind.

When you manage to set your mind at rest, you harmonize your inner feelings. You balance your inner nature and salve your wishes.

You will not manage to raise your consciousness up to the level that will let you transit into another, real world and stay in it while your consciousness is occupied with the objects of the physical world around you.

Every practice of meditation is aimed at the achievement of such a level of your consciousness that will enable you to leave the limits of your world.

When you acquire an ability to meditate, you get access to the energies and knowledge of the higher worlds.

Each of you may have unlike achievements in the field of meditation. You may reach different spheres and get different ideas about the higher worlds, but the key point of your practice will be the influence of the energies of the higher world on your consciousness. It happens imperceptibly for your external consciousness. You simply get an opportunity to be in the worlds with higher vibrations and you sate yourself with the energies of these worlds. Your consciousness gradually changes under the influence of the high vibrations of the higher worlds. You do not need to know the whole technique of this process.

The influence of the energies of the higher worlds on your consciousness can be compared with the effect your skin has from the sun. You simply place yourself under the soft sun-rays, and your skin becomes smooth and tanned.

In exactly the same way, your consciousness becomes smoothed out under the influence of the higher energies, loses its imperfections, and acquires the refinement necessary for the perception of the new information. Your consciousness expands, and the barriers that earlier tended to hinder your perception of the evident truths disappear.

The meditation practice certainly requires a considerable amount of time and an experienced teacher beside you.

Many teachers in the East who have mastered the meditation practice, recruit disciples and teach them with the help of the methods that they have mastered themselves.

Many years are required to master the practice of meditation. However, this is the shortest way that can bring you to the expansion of your consciousness, and I do not know another technique that could be so highly effective.

In the course of history it turned out that the western part of mankind did not get access to the meditation practice. In the West a special stress is laid on prayer.

But the best prayer practices just lead to the result that a human switches off his external consciousness, raises his vibrations, and comes into direct contact with the Higher spheres. This is accompanied by the direct exchange of energies with your Higher Self and with the Higher worlds.

However, a prayer, while bearing some load of meaning, often does not allow your mind to break away from the surrounding world.

There is a practice of multiple repetitions of short prayers. The automatic and unthinking repetition of the prayers has the same effect as the practice of reading mantras. Such a practice is very helpful in itself. But it can be considered only as a preparatory stage of the meditation.

Why do you need to have an experienced teacher or a guide during your meditation exercises?

You know that the invisible world has different frequencies of the vibrations. It is divided into layers like a puff pastry. The danger lies in the opportunity for you to come under the influence of not very high energies and to come into contact with unfriendly beings. These beings can teach you not the best things and impregnate you with not the best energies.

Everything depends on the level of consciousness that you have initially. If you enter the state of meditation in a very good and balanced state, full of the Divine and in the Divine tune up, you will most likely come under the influence of the high vibrations and pure energies.

If you start doing meditation while being full of egoistic wishes and propensities, you will most probably get just an intensification of your negative traits in the course of the meditation.

In the end everything is determined by your ability to conquer and suppress your ego before you start the meditation.

That is why any meditation practice, as everything in your world, can have a dual character, and the result obtained by you is determined entirely by your motives and inner aspirations. If you start doing meditation with an aim to master the techniques that will enable you to control people or to obtain abilities allowing you to occupy a privileged position in your world, then in the course of your meditation you will create karma, as you will use the Divine energy for glorification of your ego.

Every meditation should be started only in full humility before the Will of God and in a tremble before His Might.

Only when your motive is pure and your wishes are spotless can you raise your consciousness up to such high vibrations, where you will get access to the perfect Divine energies that will carve a new human from you, a human with the Divine essence.

In this case the longer you are in the meditation, the more your vibrations will approximate to the perfect Divine patterns.

Do not be afraid in that case to break away from your reality greatly because as soon as you start to come out of the state of meditation your consciousness will descend to your plane with the swiftness of a speedy elevator. After a short while, you will restore your ability to realize where you are.

It will be difficult for you initially to endure such a change of the vibrations. You will feel the state of diving to its full extent. First you throw off all your thoughts and feelings and plunge into the higher reality. Then you gradually return from this reality into your world, wrapping yourself in your earthly thoughts and feelings again.

Such a practice will allow you to become constantly conscious of being in the two worlds simultaneously. As with any other practice, the practice of meditation requires constancy and regularity of your exercises. It would be ideal if you devoted one and a half to two hours to this practice daily.

However, if your life conditions in the physical world do not allow you to do this for the present, you can start with weekly meditation exercises. But the regularity and the aspiration of your exercises are important for you.

I know that many of you spend about an hour or more a day in the reading of prayers. Maybe it would be better for you to devote a part of the time that you spend in the reading of prayers to the meditation practice, say 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Your Higher Self always knows which is most important and necessary for the evolution of your soul at a given moment. Therefore, lend an ear to your inner feelings. It will help you not to permit a situation when you will deprive yourself of the necessary prayer practice and thus will not be able to obtain a qualitative meditation due to your inner limitations.

Today I have touched upon very important questions related to the practice of meditation. I will be happy if my exhortations help some of you. In fact, there are a lot of people embodied in the West now, who already had many embodiments in the East in their past and mastered the practices of meditation to the full extent. In that case you should just slightly stir your consciousness so as to remember the skills that you already had in the past. Today I have mostly addressed these people.

I AM Amitabha.

[1] The name Amitabha means Infinite Light.

[2] Dhyana means meditation. (Translator’s footnote.)

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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