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Sanat Kumara, May 17, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come to you through My Messenger.

I have come to give you a small Teaching on your relationship with God, the Masters, and your Higher Self. While being in the thick of things, in the bustle of the day, you sometimes find it problematic to live in harmony with the Divine and to see — behind this bustle and the scene of the surrounding world — those eternal and immortal things which have always existed but were hidden from your eyes.

That is why it is very important for you to dispose yourself to the Divine. Try to learn to watch the events occurring around you as if through a screen, as though you are at the theatre and the people around you are actors. If you think over the sense of your life, you will see that in fact you have come to this world to play a certain role. Your roles may change during your life. You can even play different roles during one day. But the feeling of being in a play should never leave you, because God has created this world as a gigantic stage where you come to play your parts and go through the training at the same time.

If you are able to keep in mind a long drawn-out image of such a stage where you play your parts, you will soon be able to understand that a Producer of all this grandiose show exists and this Producer does not set Himself to make you play according to some script written in advance. No, in the framework of His general idea you have an opportunity to show your own creative work. You may adopt new roles or change the roles you were playing earlier.

But the time will come when you are sick and tired of your own improvisation, and you turn to the Producer directly and enter into a creative relationship with Him. You will try to understand His idea, and the deeper you grasp the plan of the Creator, the more you act according to His plan.

Then you will already be bored with playing the roles you used to play with such pleasure because the revealed picture of the plan for this universe will fascinate you and capture all your attention. The more you become imbued with this plan, the more significant roles you will play.

Try not to leave the frames of the play in your life. Do not take in everything around you too seriously. Always remember that the illusion around you is passing and has been created to exist only until the moment when your consciousness is able to look behind it and to see the real Divine world and the real life beyond it.

Your inner state determines the life situations that you get into. As long as you take the surrounding illusion for reality, you will not be able to part with this illusion. Remember that all things in this world are drawn to each other by their vibrations. In fact, it is your consciousness that magnetizes the situations that you get into in life. However, it will be very difficult for you to become free from the illusion in your consciousness; at the least, it will demand a certain time. The point is that the energetic records of the situations in which you have not acted in accordance with the Will of God are contained in your lower bodies. These records have been accumulating there during not just one of your embodiments. Therefore, until the moment when these records are transformed in agreement with the Divine standards and the plan of the Creator for your lifestream, you will get into life situations that will give you the best opportunity to work out your negative records or karma.

A simple knowledge of the laws of karma and the Divine Laws for this universe considerably shortens your path on Earth. However, the majority of mankind prefers to study a lot of other information and purely human laws. In other words, mankind has become so keen on its play that it does not yet understand that it is merely a play. We come again and again to remind you about the real world, about your mission and your path. But a rare person is able to divert his attention from the illusion and to focus upon our words and our Teaching.

However, we are in no hurry. Mankind still has its reserves of time for evolution. Sooner or later everybody will finish the earthly school — at least those of you who will be capable of undergoing the further training.

If it were not for the change of the cosmic cycles and the necessity to follow them, we would not tire you with the reading of our Messages and divert you from your illusion.

Imagine the actors who have begun to feel their feet to such an extent that they continue to act after the performance has already finished. Mankind resembles such actors these days.

In order to learn something, you should constantly preserve a childish state of consciousness, a state of being part of a play. But you should not let the illusion capture your consciousness fully even when you are in the thick of things.

Here are the recommendations that I would like to give you.

In agreement with the law of the cosmic cycles, your consciousness is to undergo considerable changes in the near future. And you certainly feel these changes already. It is impossible not to notice them. The vibrations of Earth are rising. Those of you whose consciousness is not ready to transit onto a new stage of evolutionary development feel not quite themselves. They try to lower their vibrations artificially, using for this purpose the very means that used to bring the feeling of pleasure to them before. During the period of its existence, mankind has created a whole arsenal of means of blocking its higher abilities completely: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, and games of chance.

But the further use of these means will no longer satisfy you.

The life-giving, Divine, high vibrations, which are gradually coming to Earth, will affect mankind more and more strongly, and the lowering of the vibrations will unsettle you more and more from the general vibration in the environment. You will have to give up everything not corresponding to the Divine plan. Of course, the process of the raising of the vibrations has a gradual character. Mankind will not be able to give up its old habits instantaneously. But everybody who feels an inner inducement and a wish to break away from his former habits and old flames will get our help and support.

You will be surprised by the simplicity with which you will manage to part with your old habits.

Write a letter to me or to any of the Masters to whom you feel a special affinity. List all the habits and the objects of affection you wish to get rid of.

Ask the angels of protection to deliver this letter to the addressee and burn this letter.

From this moment you will have to demonstrate your intention to get rid of your bad habits and affections every day.

You may make a copy of your letter to the Masters and read your entreaty every day before your praying ritual.

A few months will pass, and you will be rid of your habits and affections.

Your earnest wish is the only thing necessary for that, beloved. If you are burdened with too many habits, then you may appeal with your entreaty to break first one, then another, until you part with of all of them.

Do not forget that, apart from the bad habits, there are firm states of your consciousness that prevent you from assimilating the Divine vibrations. These can be depression, self-pity, condemnation, envy, and the like. In exactly the same way, you may wish to get rid of these inner energies and barriers preventing your evolution.

Everything can be changed, beloved. And Heaven is ready to render you all the help.

But you should make the first step and show your wish to get rid of your imperfections.

Thus, first you understand that some negative quality or a bad habit is present in you.

Then you show your wish to get rid of this imperfection standing in the way of your evolution. Further on, you confirm your intention to part with this imperfection during as long of a period of time as is necessary for the transmutation of the energies in your aura that contribute to the manifestation of this imperfection.

I want to wish you success in your work on yourself and on your imperfections.

But please do not look for many imperfections within yourself; you will only cultivate your imperfections by doing this.

If you constantly focus your attention upon beautiful patterns, nature, music, art, and keep aloof from the imperfect, the substitution of the negative energies will take place naturally without any considerable efforts from you.

I AM Sanat Kumara.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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