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A Teaching on the apostleship, the struggle, and the role of the Summit Lighthouse

Beloved Lanello
May 16, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, having come to you through this Messenger again.

I have come to give you a significant Teaching of the quintessence of apostleship. You know that my last incarnation was in America where I acted as a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. Later I shared this post with my spouse Elizabeth.

No matter what different people think of apostleship, I have to tell you with a sense of responsibility and with absolute certainty that this post is extremely crucial and demands complete self-denial, as well as full and unconditional devotion to the Brotherhood.

The severity of the punishment for evading the responsibilities of a Messenger cannot be compared with a typical karmic punishment for ordinary people who do not have the mantles of Messengers. The responsibility of a person who takes on the duty to serve the Brotherhood in this post is really awesome. The speech is about transmission of the information from the higher plane to mankind. The quality of this information is almost completely determined by the personal qualities of the Messenger. And the karma for non-observance of the code of behavior of a Messenger is much heavier than the karma of ordinary people for similar violations.

However, a Messenger, like any other embodied human, is subject to the influence of all forces inherent in the physical world. You know that exactly at the place where a great amount of Light is released the opposing forces become predominant over the forces of Light. They strive to use this Light and to bring its effect to naught. That is why a Messenger is always the person who meets all the blows and attacks of the dark forces first.

One of the serious dangers and one of the main difficulties lie here. When you clash with attacks and hostility every day it is very difficult not to succumb to temptation and not to be involved in an open skirmish with these hostile forces. But it is here that the major temptation lies in wait for you. As soon as you give in to the energies of conflict and enter a skirmish, your vibrations fall instantaneously and you already cannot guarantee a correct and irreproachable transmission of the Divine instructions and the Divine Truth into your physical octave. Thus, one of the primary tasks of a Messenger is to keep his consciousness on the level that never allows an open conflict to enter.

It can hardly be explained, beloved. On the one hand, you are in the center of hostile energies all the time. You literally feel physically the effect of these unfriendly forces and — by virtue of the gift of making distinctions inherent in you — you see how these forces act through people who are close to you and surround you. And at the same time you have to preserve absolute neutrality so as not to allow yourself to make a step towards a conflict. You are in the center of a clash and at the same time you are always keeping out of its way. Do not meddle with it. Do not give even an erg of your energy in support of this conflict. Remember that everything in this world lives and feeds on your energy that comes to you along the crystal string and that you direct in accordance with your free will. When you allow yourself to waste your energies in the battle around you, you instantaneously qualify your energy falsely. You put your energy into the conflict and, as a result, into the multiplication of negative qualities of this world and into the expansion of the illusion.

I have touched upon the element of conflict in detail because exactly this element became the main reason why the Summit Lighthouse lost balance.

You know that white magic differs from black magic only by one thing: the presence of just one evil thought. In our case it means that when you begin to cultivate in your heart righteous — as it seems to you at first — wrath and a just conflict with the dark forces, you enter a slippery path and begin to give your energy not for the purposes of the Good but for the purposes of the forces multiplying the illusion. It is a very nice point, and many light-bearers think so far that their mission is to be engaged in the righteous combat for the Light and to assert the principles of the Good, neutralizing the evil and its representatives and tying the seeds of the evil spirits.

As soon as you start putting the energy of the decrees into your conflict, you use the Divine energy falsely, and it means that you practice black magic.

In our case the nicety of the moment was in the necessity to give the energy of prayers to the Angels’ Hosts, to the Angels of Archangel Michael, being absolutely calm and balanced, in order to enable them to carry out their work on neutralizing the forces of darkness. In order to give the Angels the energy of prayers, we really had to go on the edge of a blade, keeping an absolutely balanced state of not entering any combat and maintaining the feeling of love and harmony in the heart.

As soon as you admit any negative thoughts when reading some judgment calls, you are automatically involved in a clash and create karma. In this case, instead of creating a good karma you give birth to a negative one that is deposited in your four lower bodies in the form of negative energies. And instead of advancing on the path of initiations, you delay your progress for many years or may be for many embodiments.

It so happened that already after my transition into the higher world, the community of the Summit Lighthouse did not manage to maintain the necessary steadiness and balance. Unfortunately, the events we witness now are the result of the incorrect use of the energy of prayers. The genie was released from the bottle, and in order to stop him it was necessary to withdraw the energy from the main part of the decrees and to partly suspend the action of the violet flame dispensation.

You are aware of the fact that beloved Saint-Germain has lost a part of his causal body. You can also watch the results of incorrect actions affecting the Messenger who is still in her embodiment and is now working out the heavy karma that has lain on her shoulders.[1]

It is natural that the created karma, which was increasing from year to year like a snowball, prevented us from a qualitative transmission of information from the etheric octaves. However sad and hard it was to do, the mantle of a Messenger was taken away from Elizabeth and the transmission of the Dictations had to be stopped.

However, the good karma created due to the unique dispersal of Dictations and Teachings must outbalance the negative effect of the activity of the Summit Lighthouse. And I think that the Karmic Board will treat the admitted errors and omissions favorably in the end.

In fact, the main point is not the presence of mistakes but the ability to learn a lesson and to gain invaluable experience from them. The Summit Lighthouse provided the people both from the United States and from the whole world with a tremendous and unrivalled opportunity to go through training and trials and to learn lessons from their own mistakes.

These trials helped to make a considerable leap in the evolution of the Divine consciousness in those people who did not allow the subjection of their consciousness to the new religious elite that formed with surprising speed in the framework of the new church and who preserved their consonance with the Divine Truth within their hearts. You come to the physical world to learn, to evolve and to expand your consciousness. Therefore, the principal purpose was achieved due to the organization created by me in 1958 under the leadership of El Morya and other Masters.

Those sacrifices that we had to make were justified because many individuals managed to reach outstanding achievements in the evolution of their consciousness. This evolution goes on, and you have an opportunity to continue your training through everything taking place around you, both with the people from the Summit Lighthouse and with those who have left this organization.

Whatever happens, beloved, God always makes such a combination of circumstances that enables your soul to receive the best lesson and the best opportunity for growth and evolution.

Therefore, let us not become sad. The past is only given to us so that we can learn lessons from it and move forward never stopping on the path other than for a short break to analyze the occurring events.

There is nothing sad in the current situation. Yes, things do not look their best in the physical plane, but the experience undergone by the light-bearers is really invaluable.

Therefore, please stop being dejected. Continue your path of never-ending perfection and untiring evolution in God.

I AM Lanello, with you on your Path.

[1] This speech is about the disease of Elizabeth Clare Prophet that was qualified by doctors as Alzheimer’s disease and which allows Elizabeth neither to move unassisted nor even to speak. (Translator’s footnote.)

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