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The time has come for you to turn to your Higher self in order to find the Divine Truth in all Its fullness

May 15, 2005


I AM THAT I AM. I AM speaking from within you.

All that we have been doing so far can be called groundwork aimed at developing your perception of the new information. Today I will make an attempt to bring to your external consciousness a part of this new information in a form that will be the simplest for your perception.

The only hindrance in the communication between the worlds is the difference in the vibrations of our worlds. When we raise your vibrations up to the level where you can perceive the information coming from the highest spheres of Light, the non-coincidence of your vibrations with the world around you affects everything that surrounds you and you personally.

Your world cannot bear even a brief raise of vibrations. All the forces that resist the forces of Light immediately throng to the place where a Dictation is being received. That is why it is extremely difficult to maintain stability and balance.

Thus, the informational component of the Dictations is not as important as the very fact of anchoring the focus of Light in the physical octave and the opportunity to use this focus continually during a long period of time. We are able to reveal the forces opposed to us and to take measures so as to deactivate them and change their polarization.

The major difficulty is connected with the density of the physical world, as it makes it impossible to influence your world directly with the help of the Beings of Light dwelling in our world.

Your world was formed as a reflection of the consciousness of human beings. The more detached from the Divine patterns the human consciousness turned out to be, the denser the matter became, and it resulted in the formation of a dense veil separating our worlds. It is just a veil of energy through which the communication between the worlds is extremely difficult.

No matter how strongly the Beings of Light strive to descend into your world, they are still unable to penetrate into it, because of its low vibrations. The same may be said about human beings. They are unable to penetrate through the veil while they are embodied, at least not having come through a certain training under the guidance of the Ascended Masters — the Beings behind the veil.

That is why the Heaven-world cannot influence the earthly world directly. In order to exercise control and to direct the evolution of your world in accordance with the Divine Law, we have to appeal for the help of mediators — the people who have come through certain training and are able to raise their consciousness up to the level of the Ascended Beings.

The process of mutual penetration of the worlds is similar to the process of diving. The highly evolved beings dive into your world and take embodiments. Together with the embodiment they take upon themselves a definite karma in the form of different imperfections. That is why it is said that there are no perfect beings in embodiment. The perfect beings simply cannot stay in your world.

In the course of their development and training, the collaborators of Light restore a part of their knowledge and abilities and dive now into our world with the help of meditative practices and changed states of consciousness.

It is a delusion to consider the collaborators of Light to be absolute perfection, such gods.

There is no place for perfection in your world, at least in the densely populated places.

Hence there is the difficulty of recognizing the collaborators of Light and distinguishing them from the people who choose service to the opposite forces that create the illusion.

When your consciousness reaches a certain level of its evolution, you can recognize which people conduct which forces. But for an ordinary person at this stage of evolution of mankind, it does not seem to be possible to determine with a representative of which forces he is dealing.

The situation becomes more complicated with the fact that every person coming into embodiment is exposed to the influence of two conflicting forces. As a matter of fact, the conflict between these two forces takes place within every man — I mean the struggle between the forces multiplying the illusion and the forces contracting it.

Therefore, at every moment of time, these or those forces can predominate within a man — for example: Yesterday you dealt with a man within whom the forces of Light predominated. That means you could take him for a person of Light. But the night has passed and in the course of some inner struggle the forces of darkness gained victory or a partial victory inside of him.

You deal with the same person with the same appearance, but his spirit is already absolutely different. This inner spirit of his will begins to manifest itself sooner or later. But not one month or maybe even not one year will pass before these changes inside this person become noticeable. This tendency explains the difficulty in communication with your world. In fact, your physical body is just a mechanism, a robot that is controlled by inner forces under the influence of which a person has chosen to fall.

That is why you are constantly told that you should orient yourself to the answers of your heart and your Higher Self. Your Higher Self always knows the answer to the questions: whom you deal with and which forces are behind the person standing in front of you.

Unfortunately, there is no other more reliable and unfailing method for you to orient yourself in your world.

Therefore, the whole true Teaching that we give is directed to the development of your connection with your Higher Self and is aimed at enabling you not to be blind kittens fussing about from one teacher to another one and coming from one faith or one religious movement into another. Our task is to help you orient yourself not only among the external teachings but also within every particular teaching — because inside of the true Teachings there are people who act on the side of the forces of darkness, and also in the Teachings that you may consider to be false, there can be absolute servants of Light.

There is nothing absolutely definite in your world, and there cannot be.

The purpose of the conversation today is not to give you a vision of a black-and-white picture of the world where two opposed forces conflict and the frontline between them is clearly drawn.

Your world really represents an arena of conflict between two aspects or two forces. But the nuances and niceties of their penetration into all spheres of human activity represent such a fanciful construction that it is impossible to unravel this hair-splitting quickly and without losses.

Therefore, the course of evolution of mankind must teach you to recognize all the niceties of the tapestry of life, to find the slightest nuances of light and shadow in the surrounding reality, and finally to help each of you determine unerringly your path and the direction of movement.

But before that time when you can do it, you will get into various karmic situations and fall under the influence of different forces.

In the course of overcoming your barriers and recognizing all the nuances of light and shadow in the surrounding world and mainly within yourself, you will obtain a pure Divine vision and gain an invaluable experience that will represent your treasure in heaven — the treasure that neither rust nor moth can threaten.

The period has come when you have to leave black-and-white thinking and find the grains of truth by yourselves. The current stage of your evolution is characterized exactly by the fact that you have many teachers and movements. In order to understand all this diversity, you need only one reliable guideline that you all have — your Higher Self.

Thus, those of you who choose the path of establishing a connection with your Higher Self will have the advantage at this stage of evolutionary development in comparison with the people who in the old way seek an external teacher or an external organization capable of giving them the Divine Truth in all its fullness.

However, the time has come for you to turn to yourselves and to your Higher Self in order to find the Divine Truth in all its fullness.

You can go round the globe in search of the answers to your questions. You can visit hundreds of teachers and thousands of organizations. But what you really need to do at the current stage is to turn to the only true Guru who dwells deep in your heart and who is waiting for you to give you his exhortations and his Teaching.


© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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