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Aspiration, constancy and devotion — these are the qualities necessary for our disciples

Beloved El Morya
May 14, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you through my Messenger again.

I AM. And I AM just as real, if not more real, than everything that surrounds you in your illusory world. We provide our disciples with the training that primarily concerns the expansion of your consciousness and the recognition of our world that is beyond the limits of perception of your sensory organs, but it does not become less real because of that.

I have come to put into plain words the understanding of communication between the worlds and to ascertain it in your consciousness.

We are constantly beside you in your earthly toil and concerns, but we cannot divert you from your concerns unless you yourselves want to apply to us.

Believe that our world is constantly next to you. It is only the level of your vibrations that separates us from each other. Raise your vibrations and aspire to communicate with us, and you will receive what you seek.

The difficulty is in your ability to recognize by your external consciousness both our presence and the opportunity to contact us.

You ask for signs, and we give signs. You ask for help, and we give help. You ask for communication with us, and we enter into the communication with you. But why, when asking for all that, do you immediately forget what you ask for? When we come to your call, your consciousness appears to be so deep in your illusory world that you are not able to hear us.

That is why I have come to remind you about the constant discipline of your consciousness and mind which you must submit to if you really want to be our disciples. We do not need followers who say that they want to be our disciples, ask us for help but whose consciousness happens to be so carried away by the illusion that surrounds them that they forget about all their applications, promises, oaths, and assurances after just a few hours.

We need disciples, but if you really want to receive training under the guidance of the Ascended Masters, please be kind enough to devote at least some feeble efforts to it.

Remember that you should not wish to be our disciples from time to time, when you occasionally think of us amidst your everyday bustle. No, you should constantly remember what you want to reach and what you aspire to. You should keep your consciousness directed to our world and aspired to our world, no matter what difficult life situations you get into.

Aspiration, constancy, and devotion — these are the qualities necessary for our disciples.

You may do your everyday routine and household chores, but you should always keep in mind the image of our world. You should keep the consonance with us all of the time.

This will enable you to develop perceptibility, sensibility to our needs and the requirements of the hour.

We keep a 24-hour watch on the planet and allow ourselves to have only a little rest plunging into nirvana for a short time.

What stops you from following our example? Keep and maintain your sensibility and focus during the day so that when a need for your help arises or when the time comes for you to have your lesson, you don’t miss that moment because of being distracted by useless chatter, unnecessary arguments, or watching one more serial.

When you want to become our disciples and to receive our guidance, instructions, and help, why do you think that you are freed from the responsibilities you must share with us?

We can come and give you a lesson, a task, or information at any time of the day or night. That is why your responsibility is to be sensitive at all times if you enter the ranks of our disciples.

When you study at a school or university, your duty is to attend lectures and listen to your teachers. The teachers may put you in detention or even suspend you from school for negligence. Why do you consider training under our guidance to be less responsible?

When you receive knowledge in your educational institutions, you need this knowledge mostly in your current life. We give you the knowledge that you will need during all of your lives. So why do you let yourselves miss our trainings and shirk your duties?

The peculiarity of our training is that in the process of giving it to you, we do not divert you from your life duties. You may be at work and go through our training. You may be at home taking care of your child and go through training under our guidance.

Therefore, you should constantly stay aware and wait for our tasks, our instructions, and for the information coming from us.

We do not communicate with our disciples in their language. We send our knowledge and our information in a form of energy: a slight breath of wind, a little flash of light, a small arising wish, or emerging energy enabling you to perform some task. It is very seldom that we say something to our disciples. Our words occur in your minds as naturally as if they were your own thoughts. Only after a while, you can realize that these thoughts came to you from us.

Therefore, you should constantly be sensitive and be ready to receive our information and our instructions.

Do not expect me or one of the Masters to come to you in all magnitude and to talk to you, to give you Teachings, and answer your questions. We do not have physical bodies; therefore, we hardly ever spend our power and energy in order to appear in front of our disciples in a densely astral form. If you want to be trained by us, you should refine your perceptibility to such an extent that will allow you to be sensitive to our words, our needs, and our requirements.

Develop your gift of making distinctions. Many astral dwellers can make fun of you and pretend to be the Masters. Many of them are far from being friendly, and many are simply very spiteful and vindictive.

Your own state of consciousness is the best criterion for you when you judge whom you are dealing with in the higher plane. You know that like draws to like. If you are not balanced and harmonious inside, if you harbor within you any negative feelings inherent in people, then you will hardly receive communication with the real Ascended Masters.

Therefore, pay attention to the level of your consciousness during the day. Your consciousness is very mobile. I may say that during the day you continually glide in your consciousness along some scale from its lowest to its highest level. Everything you encounter in life influences the level of your consciousness, including all the people whose auras come into contact with yours, films that you watch, and music that you listen to. Literally everything in your world affects you. Thus, your main task is to maintain the level of your consciousness at the highest level available to you for the most part of the day.

Find time to retire from everyone for at least a few minutes every day and analyze your state during the day — all of the thoughts, feelings, and images coming to you.

Constantly analyze your state and scrutinize your feelings over and over again.

We are beside you all of the time, and it is only the level of your vibrations and the level of your consciousness that prevents you from seeing and hearing us.

The first thing you should do is to learn to distinguish our presence and our vibrations.

Our best disciples never leave their watch. They constantly keep their consonance with us and are ready to receive the necessary instructions from us 24-hours a day.

Therefore, instead of feeling hurt by the Masters if they do not pay proper attention to you and do not give you the necessary help, scrutinize your inner state. Haven’t you missed our lesson and our help because you have been too busy complaining about your hard life and paying too much attention to the illusion around you?

I have given my exhortation today in the hope that you will understand our difficulties occurring in the case when you ask for our help and we give you that help, but you simply do not notice it because you are too busy with your earthly problems.

I AM El Morya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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