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A Teaching on the energy of the Divine Mother

Beloved Paul the Venetian
May 12, 2005

Beloved Paul the Venetian

I AM Paul the Venetian, having come to you.

I AM the Chohan[1] of the Third Ray, the Ray of Love. You can hardly find so many distortions on the other rays as we meet on the Ray of Love on Earth. And it is quite explainable. If all the rest of the God-qualities were distorted by the dual state of the world but only the quality of Divine Love were preserved in its primordial shape, the whole world would have another appearance. Love, the quality of Love, true Love, and Divine Love are catastrophically lacking in your world now.

I have come to affirm Love. I have come to impart Love to you.

The worlds are created by Love, and the worlds collapse due to the lack of the quality of Love. It is time you should think about Love and its manifestations in your life in real earnest.

In reality the heart chakra that passes the energies of Love into your physical world is completely blocked in the majority of people. Therefore, you are short of Love and you try to compensate for its shortage by strange practices stimulating a pure physiological instinct. Trust me that the majority of distortions of the Divine energy in your world are connected exactly with the misuse of the energy of the Divine Mother or, in other words, your sexual energy.

God endowed you with the Sacred Fire, the Flame of the Sacred Fire that makes you similar to Gods. And believe me, this flame and this energy were given to you not for your pleasure. The more thoughtlessly you use your Sacred Fire, the more karma you create. Your mass media and your stereotypes of behavior in your society, even your way of behaving and dressing stimulate the misuse of your sexual energy.

In the course of time you will be able to understand the authentic intention of the Sacred Fire granted to you by God.

Now you ought to understand that every time you use this gift not in accordance with the Divine intention you create karma. You create karma as you waste the Divine energy for receiving shallow and purely animal pleasures. However, animals act much more reasonably than you in this respect. Their use of sexual energy happens at least in the framework of yearly cycles at an appropriate season of the year.

During an act of sexual intercourse a gigantic amount of the Divine energy is released. This release of the Divine energy can be compared with a flash of a hyper nova star. And you know that your energy flows exactly in the same direction as your attention. And if at the moment of release of the Divine energy you think of receiving pleasure for yourself and your partner, you use your sexual energy wrongly. Many of you will find my words impossible to absorb into your consciousness. I am absolutely aware that my words will sound strange to many of you. But I must inform you about the very elementary bases of the Divine ethics that are known even to animals but have been forgotten by mankind for some reasons.

Everything in this world belongs to God. And you are particles of God. Therefore, everything you do, all your actions must conform to the Divine Law and take place within the framework of this Law. If you do something against the Will of God, you violate the Law of this universe and create karma. Thus, no matter how strange my instructions and recommendations seem to you, please simply listen to them from the beginning.

Before an act of sexual intercourse, please, bring your actions into line with the Will of God. You must be in lawful wedlock with your sexual partner. You must never have homosexual intercourse or sexual intercourse with accidental partners.

Why is it so necessary to be in lawful wedlock with a constant partner?

The point is that during the performing of your matrimonial duty a direct exchange of energy takes place between your partner and you. Communicating with people, you constantly exchange energies, but your energy exchange during sexual intercourse is multiplied greatly. In fact, you exchange all your energies — both good and bad ones. You take upon yourselves the karma of each other and you share your merits with your sexual partners. And if you are in lawful wedlock, then during your mutual life you have an opportunity to work out not only your own karma but also the karma of your spouse, if the latter outbalances yours.

Now imagine that you are engaged in sexual intercourse with many partners. And imagine that the percent of the karma they have worked out is much less than yours. And their karmic loads can be much heavier than yours. They might have come to this world to work out their karma of a murder, of a betrayal, or of some other dire kinds of karma. And when you absolutely thoughtlessly have sexual intercourse with them, you take upon yourself a part of their karma. And if at the same time you are in lawful wedlock, you take this karma upon your family. And how can you be shocked when all your life problems crop up after that?

Sexual energy has the same nature as the energy used for creation in your world. And when you waste your sexual potential for pleasure, you deprive yourself of creative energy and limit your evolution. In reality, such an abuse of the sexual energy results in the absolute incapability of the majority of people for the higher creative activity because they are too devastated when they approach maturity. They are simply incapable of becoming co-creators with God and of performing any creative work in your world.

The purpose of my Dictation today is to raise a very important question before you. I am doing it as openly and as frankly as possible because I repeat again, that it is exactly through the abuse of the energy of the Divine Mother that the greatest part of energy is distorted by mankind.

Every act of intercourse within wedlock should be performed in the name of God. Pray to God and dedicate the Sacred Fire released during your sexual intercourse to God. Remember that your energy flows exactly in the same direction as your attention. And if you dedicate the release of your Sacred Fire to God, you will direct all the freed energy into the higher spheres of Light. And this energy will return to you afterwards as blessings for you and your children.

Try to use the Energy of the Divine Mother only for the aim of conceiving children. If at first it is difficult for you to be confined to such limitations, try to cut down the number of your acts of intercourse to once or twice a week. Do not forget to direct all the released energy to God at least in an unspoken wish. Ask God to use this energy for blessing you, your children, and your whole family.

Always remember that all your actions in the physical plane can be used both for the good and for the evil. Every minute and every second of your life in the physical world you receive the Divine energy and you either direct it for the creation of the illusion — when it forms a sediment in this world and multiplies the illusion — or you send it towards the Divine world, creating good karma and multiplying your treasures and merits in Heaven.

The use of your sexual energy should be the cornerstone of your life.

I would like you to thoroughly familiarize yourselves with my lecture today and to try to apply all my recommendations in your life.

I AM Paul the Venetian.

[1] Chohan is a term meaning lord or master. It is a title of respect and honor, and a specific Chohan presides over each of the seven rays. These seven Chohans, or Lords of the Rays, have specialized in applying the qualities of their ray throughout their many incarnations on Earth, and they can instruct us in how to gain self-mastery on that ray. (Translator’s footnote.)

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