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I appoint you to be on duty on planet Earth

Beloved Surya
May 10, 2005

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya, having come to you from the Great Central Sun through this Messenger of God.

Since the time when we began the work on transmitting our Messages through this Messenger you have been able to know the latest news and the pieces of information of that category of data with which we considered it necessary to acquaint you.

We will continue our work in the future. Follow the Dictations. Try to comprehend not only the content lying on the surface but attempt to read between the lines.

Any authentic Message from Heaven is characterized, first of all, by its multi-level nature and by having the second, the third and the fourth meaning. Yes, beloved, despite their apparent simplicity of statement, these Messages contain information that will pass by your external consciousness and will make the deepest layers of your souls awaken. One of our main tasks is just to arouse your slumbering Divine abilities so as to enable you to step beyond your physical world and to know another world, the Divine world, which has always existed next to you but which you preferred not to notice or to pretend it does not exist.

It was easier for you to lapse into the illusion of your world, to play your parts and enjoy your toys.

You are able to perceive only what you want to perceive and what you can tolerate with your consciousness of your free will. The higher worlds are not appreciable for your physical senses. You cannot feel, see, or hear them. In order to begin your communication with the World of the Divine you should refine your physical senses to such an extent that they will become sensitive to the higher vibrations. It is as if the range of your sensitivity is enlarging and you start perceiving the higher world.

You start to perceive odors, faint aromas of some unknown source that you do not have around you. You see beautiful colors, iridescent and swirling in front of your inner sight you see sparkles and other luminous effects. You begin to hear the music of the spheres; you hear the sounds of our world.

The most important thing to which you should aspire with all your being is the sense of Divinity. This is an unsurpassed delight caused by the contiguity with our world. It is an absolutely reverential feeling that can be compared only with the feeling you have when seeing the object of your first love, your first beloved. And this feeling is so elevated that you are afraid to scare it away even with your breath or any awkward movement.

Your world is filled with very low vibrations. And it is very difficult to tune into the Divine harmony amidst the confusion of your world. That is why we really recommend that you to spend as much time as possible in nature and in silence. The rustlings of grasses, the twittering of birds, even the buzzing of insects are the sounds mostly close to our world.

Learn to listen to the voices of nature; learn to contemplate nature and to pass it through yourself. Learn to pass the pictures of nature that surround you through your consciousness.

When you happen to be in silence on the bank of the river or on the sea shore, in the forest or in the field, you are really in the Temple of God. And you should feel an utterly Divine quivering before the care of God about you. He has built the most perfect Temples for you.

Your stay in nature should be akin to visiting a temple. Thank God for every minute of silence when you are staying in His Temple and feeling a reverential quivering because the higher world cannot approach you when you are in towns and even in small settlements. Only in nature, where there are no traces of the so-called civilization, can you come into contact with the higher vibrations of our world.

For many people the vibrations of our world are unbearable. That is why, when they happen to be in nature, they again attempt to deafen themselves with rock music or cigarettes, with alcohol or the smell of fire-roasted meat. Isn’t this picture of a widespread pastime in nature known to you?

Beloved, the whole point is the dissimilarity of vibrations. Many people have tied themselves really tightly to the low vibrations of the physical and the astral planes, so that any time they happen to be in nature the silence becomes a real torture for them.

Therefore, if you aspire to communicate with God and if you strive to come in contact with our world, try to find a chance and time to go out into nature at least once a week and to meditate on the sun, on the rustling of the breeze, on the scent of the wild flowers.

And among this natural scenery and these sounds it will be much easier for you to perceive the vibrations of our world.

It is time to return to your natural way of life provided for you by God.

You can obliquely judge the level of your spiritual merits by the harmony that you feel while staying one-to-one with yourself and nature for hours. I dare to assure you that a person tied down to the astral and the physical planes can hardly endure even five minutes of sitting still and contemplating the pictures of nature.

Only the souls of people who are ready to communicate with the Divine world can find conciliation and feel bliss in such a personal contact with nature.

Your cities represent accumulations of such amounts of the dark forces that we marvel how you are able to weather these sewers of mass consciousness of this so-called modern civilization.

The sprouts of a new consciousness should pave their way in the silence of nature. In the course of time a new civilization will come to replace the existing one. It will differ from the existing civilization by its harmony of interrelations between man and nature.

And believe me, all the severe climatic conditions and all the extreme weather conditions are just the consequences of your imperfect consciousness.

Do alter your consciousness — I mean the consciousness of humanity as a whole — and the living conditions in your world will change too. And those nature spirits who are now perishing in thousands and literally go mad because of your civilization will soon establish the Divine order on Earth.

The Earth will turn into a planet with such a soft climate and with such perfect living conditions that you will not have to waste so much effort and energy to heat your dwellings.

Look around yourselves. It is you and only you who are responsible for the imperfection of your world. It is you and only you who may be blamed for all the hurricanes, natural calamities, tsunamis and extreme weather conditions. These are the fruits of your hands and your consciousness.

Do not expect the Ascended Hosts to descend and to establish order in your homes. No, beloved. It is your planet, your native home, and you must put it in order by yourselves.

The time has come to clear your consciousness of the debris that has accumulated there during millions of years of your staying in embodiment on planet Earth. Now you must clean your mind and swab your home, your planet Earth.

You are liable for cleaning your planet. I appoint you to be on duty on planet Earth.

I AM Surya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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