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I am patiently waiting for each of you to be ready to join the Hierarchy of Light and to be its vanguard exactly where you are right now

Sanat Kumara, May 7, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come to you through My Messenger again.

I have come to talk of the ways of development of our movement and of the ways of development of the external part of the organization that is known to you as the Hierarchy of Light or the Great White Brotherhood.

You are aware of the good orderliness of our actions, and you know about the hierarchic character of our structure.

When our chelas turn the conversation toward the democratic principles that should be established in our external organizations, we cannot help smiling.

Oh no; there is a strict subordination of the lowest to the highest. And this principle of subordination is never discussed. You may build up and develop any organization based on democratic principles. But your organization will have nothing to do with our Hierarchy.

Our organizations have always been based on the principle of complete subordination of all their members to the supreme Law of this universe. The Law of this universe implies subordination of those standing at the lower stage of evolution to those at the higher ones.

It may seem to you that this assertion of my exhortation contradicts the earlier Teaching given on the service of the highest to the lowest in this universe.

Beloved, this is an imaginary contradiction.

First, you give up your ego of your own free will, take upon yourselves certain duties concerning your service, and only then are you given the necessary help. This help concerns your service but not your expectations of what you are to get for your service. If your mind is distracted by thoughts of acquiring material values or power privileges during your service, you’d better hold a distance from our external organizations.

It is not worth playing with us within your rules. In the course of time all such players understand all the burden of the karma that they create by playing at being messengers and playing at giving service to the Hierarchy and to God.

Those who are sincere and disinterested in their service are helped and supported by us in all of their undertakings and aspirations that correspond to the Will of God.

A person aspiring to receive personal privileges will be placed within severe conditions where he will have to make a final choice whom to serve, whether he intends to serve God or to continue service to his ego.

What you are watching now in the organizations that have proclaimed themselves as our external organizations is the process of separating the grain from the weeds, both inside the organizations and in the hearts of the individuals representing them.

If you wish to make God play within your rules, well, you will be granted a complete illusion that you have managed to do it. You will obtain a full external effect proving to yourself and to the people around you that you have gained many attainments on the path. But there is a great difference between the external attainments and the inner ones. No matter which ranks you appropriate, in what clothes you dress, with what knick-knacks you decorate yourselves, or your places of worshipping the golden calf, this will in no way be reflected in the level of your merits. Meanwhile, true Christ, barefoot and dressed in simple rags, will have his merits hidden from the eyes of an ignoramus but visible to those whose eyes are open and whose ears are ready to hear the Truth.

Try never to seek external and effective confirmations of the rightness of our Teachings. I will tell you more. The level of human consciousness today is such that, in your opinion, the places of concentration of big masses of believers and great riches represent the irrefutable evidence of the rightness of the given religion or belief and of the support given to it by God himself, yet in reality the Divine Truth is least manifested there and the Divine aspect is least present.

Christ discloses himself in a quiet conversation, among few and sincere disciples.

Crowds of people gather either to gaze at the messiah or to crucify him, and for the majority of people it does not matter much whether they gaze at the real messiah, Christ, or at a famous pop star.

It is very sad to watch human individuals subjected to mass consciousness. The consciousness of the majority of people is so remote from the Divine that it is better for you to remain aloof from human mobs.

In my heart I give birth to a plan for the New Age. I see beautiful flowers blossoming in the hearts of our chelas who have reached the level of consciousness of Christ. I see these flowers opening here and there on the planet.

Every such Christ-like being can and must become an initial crystal bud surrounded by more and more new coworkers. And as a result a beautiful crystal will manifest itself in the physical plane, which will become the community of the Holy Spirit, formed by our devotees who have no other aim but to serve God and the Brotherhood.

You may build up your communities on external democratic principles, but let Christ always hold the supremacy in your communities and in your administration.

A new stage of cooperation has come, and Christ-like beings must unite in the physical plane, initially within small organizations and groups that will serve as the buds, matrices, and prototypes of the future structure of the society.

You cannot change the consciousness of all the governments of the world and of all the people on Earth. But you can change your own consciousness to such an extent that it will enable you to unite with similar Christ-like ones in the communities of the Holy Spirit.

I tell you that this task is coming to the fore now. Do sow within your heart a plan of an organization, formed not by millions, not by thousands but by a few Christ-like beings who have submitted all their life to the implementation of the Will of God and to the implementation of the plans of the Hierarchy for the physical octave.

Every such Christ-like being will have an inner contact with the Brotherhood. In your external activities you will be able to be guided by those principles and exhortations that you will be given during meditations and inner communion with us.

Believe me, it is only your ego and the insufficient purity of your four lower bodies, aura, and chakras that prevent you from implementing our plans for the present moment.

You can change your environment in accordance with the Divine pattern. But for this you must change yourselves and tune into the Brotherhood.

Inside of yourself you should have a tuning fork, a true sound, harmonious with your Higher Self and with God within you. Due to this true note you will be able to find coworkers in the physical plane, to comprehend the Divine plan for the current moment, and to start acting, giving the world around you the right example for imitating and following the correct course.

You must start. Do not wait for a command from outside. All the instructions and commands for what you should do and in which way to perform it will come to you from within — from your heart.

You just start acting and believe that all the Ascended Hosts will help you to realize your plans.

We are beginning a new stage of our movement, and it starts exactly where you are now and at that very moment when you pronounce in your hearts:

I am ready, Lord. Take me, Lord, take my knowledge, and take my abilities. Make use of me, Lord, to implement Your plans. Here I AM, Lord. I surrender to Your Will and Your Law. There is no longer anything in me that is not from God. There is nothing separating us. We are united.

You will make mistakes and fall down, but you must go on moving. And the success of your advancement to the Truth will correspond to the purity and sincerity of your motive.

You are lonely only until you feel your unity with God within you, and through this unity you become united with everybody whose vibrations are in keeping with yours.

Yes, beloved, you are few in number, but there are enough of you embodied now to start acting and to create the communities of the Holy Spirit right in the places where you are at this moment.

I am sending out this impulse of integration to you from my heart.

I am patiently waiting for each of you to be ready to join the Hierarchy of Light and to become its vanguard exactly where you are right now.

I AM Sanat Kumara.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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