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Your task is to separate yourselves from this world and let God reside in you

Lord Maitreya
May 6, 2005

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come to you through this Messenger.

I have come to talk about the events that will unfold on Earth in the near future. It is not a secret that many of you pass through the initiations under my direct guidance. You may either realize it through your external consciousness or not. But I am the future Buddha and I am preparing you for the approaching epoch. You are warriors of Maitreya. I prepare you at the inner levels, and you pass through my initiations.

What is the difference between my demands to my disciples and the demands of the other Masters?

You know that most of the Masters give you initiations on certain rays and they are responsible for Teaching you certain Divine qualities inherent in these rays.

My disciples have already finished the training on the seven basic rays and have passed most of the initiations on the secret rays.

I AM the Master who gives initiations on the secret rays.

I prepare my disciples for my presence in them. You have heard the prophecies and you know that the epoch of Maitreya is approaching. Everybody is waiting for the coming of Maitreya. And the time has come to give you the knowledge concerning my advent.

Together with my disciples I must prepare my future incarnation on Earth. I am not able to come to Earth, not having prepared my advent in advance.

I am paving the way for my coming through my disciples, through those who have prepared their temples for my presence in them. I can reside only in those of my disciples who have prepared their temples to such an extent that both their chakras of the seven basic rays and the chakras of the secret rays are open. I can stay in their temples. They are the people of the new race and they are coming to Earth already. These are my people, my disciples, who have been passing through initiations under my guidance during many thousands of years, my chosen and devoted ones.

I come through my disciples, through those who allow me to reside in their temples, and I pave the way to my incarnation on Earth.

I cannot come when you are not ready to accept me in your consciousness. Therefore, the only thing preventing my incarnation on Earth is the level of your consciousness.

That is why I gladly come to Earth through those who let me stay in their temples at least for a short time. I become familiar with the situation on Earth through their bodies.

Many years will pass before I am able to be fully incarnated on Earth and to appear before the people of Earth in all the glory of my might. The term of my incarnation and the term of my coming depend on each of you who are embodied now.

Until then I will come and stay among you in the bodies of my disciples.

There are cosmic terms, and the time of my advent is close already. It is close if judged by the cosmic measures, but it still far enough if judged by the earthly terms.

I will come when most of mankind living on Earth is able to accept my coming. But this will not happen until mankind consciously gives up its illusive part and gets rid of its ego, its animal, which dominates over it, that has taken hold of it and has been exploiting it for hundreds of thousands of years.

All of you must throw this beast off you. You must fight with the beast of your carnal mind and animal instincts. You must win. I will meet as triumphant warriors those of you who survive in the battle and who gain the victory over the illusive part of yourselves.

I promise to meet each of you, my triumphant warriors, and to congratulate you on the victory won.

But until then you have time.

I have come to remind my warriors who they are in reality. Now many of you are at places that are improper for warriors. I have come to remind that the vibrations of the world around you swamp you like a marsh.

The danger here is that at first you yield just a little to the vibrations of the world around you. The amount of your energy drops a little. And you do not even notice this, but you are already beginning to slide down in your consciousness. And gradually the quagmire of the world’s consciousness swamps you down deeper and deeper. And already you cannot make a distinction between the Light and the dark, between good and evil and see clearly what in this world is hostile to you. Everything that belongs to the world around you and is recognized as prestigious in your world and serves as the object of lust and desire for millions of people is just what you must give up.

If it is difficult for you to give up the illusion surrounding you while staying inside of it, act as venerable old men and yogis did at all times. Separate yourselves from your world as far as possible. Create communities and settlements cut off from the world around you. Let these communities be the tuning forks for your souls. A person, having tasted the Divine vibrations of full value, after staying in such a community of Spirit even for a very short time, will during one year be able to identify the hostile vibrations of the world around and get detached from them.

Your task is to separate yourselves from the vibrations of the world around as far as possible. And when you become strong enough and are able to withstand these negative vibrations of the world, you will be able to go into the world. And nothing outside you will manage to hurt you because God Himself is inside of you.

When you are able to keep you aura and chakras pure for a long time, you become a vessel in which God resides. When you do not have any inner defects, there is nothing in this world that can harm you. You are one with God. Who will dare to oppose you?

If you do not have anything from this world inside of you, no matter who will try to do harm to you and no matter how, he will be unable to do it.

It is because you are pure and God is with you.

And the blows aimed at you will be repulsed by your aura and will throw down your enemies. And all the actions against you in the physical plane will turn against your enemies. But you will not even notice your enemies because in fact you have no enemies. The individuals who experience hostile feelings towards you deserve only pity. They have developed such pride that makes them struggle against God.

Thus, your task is to separate yourselves from this world and let God reside in you.

And you do not have another task for this time, believe me.

I will come to your world only when the consciousness of the majority of mankind is ready for my advent and when mankind is waiting for me.

If I come before that time, none of you will recognize me because your eyes will be unable to see me, and your ears will be unable to hear me.

Therefore, prepare your temples for my presence, prepare your temples for the presence of the other Masters, and prepare your temples for the presence of God in you.

All is God. Everything that is not ready in its consciousness to submit to the law of this universe and to the Will of God, should know that there is not much time left for it to stay in this world. And this world will soon be transformed beyond recognition with the help of your efforts and thanks to your attainments.

I thank all the warriors of Lord Maitreya who are embodied now and who hear me at this moment.

I AM Maitreya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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