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For those of you who are ready to follow the Will of God I will be a much more caring nurse than you would ever be able to find in the physical plane

Beloved El Morya
May 5, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you through My Messenger again.

The tension of the recent days will not delay affecting the situation in the world. The currents of the space are tense. Do you feel this tension? You cannot help feeling it.

The reality around you, everything that seemed to you familiar before, seems unfamiliar and strange now. The change of the earthly vibrations is perceived by you as a lack of correspondence, as a disparity between you with your feelings and everything around you.

It seems as if everything is the same, but it is somehow amiss, not quite right. And there is no explanation of what is going on in the physical plane and in your consciousness. Your scientists try to explain the events on Earth with the help of their devices, which now give such unusual readings as have never occurred during the entire course of existence of the modern science.

Yes, beloved, when mankind clashes with the implementing of God’s Plans, it has no choice but to submit to the Will of God. The cycle of plunging into the matter has been going on too long and you have gotten used to the fact that the matter obediently realizes your thoughts and wishes, and it obediently reflects them like a mirror. But now something has changed.

There are periods when mankind is allowed to experiment, but then the time comes and the situation changes. Neither you nor all your scientists are able to explain what is happening on the planet. There is something that in no way submits to the will of the people. If God has planned the change of cycles for planet Earth, then this will be implemented independently of your wish.

The time has come to submit to the Will of God. There is the Law of this universe and this Law will be observed whether you wish it or not.

That is why I insistently recommend that you determine in your heart what in your life goes on in accordance with the Will of God for the given stage of the earthly evolution and what in your life is in conflict with the Will of God.

I realize that in your consciousness it is hard for you to differentiate your own wishes and aspirations from the Will of God for your lifestream. However, the urgent demand of the moment lies exactly in the differentiation and the outlining of the boundaries of what submits to your ego and what submits to the Divine Law inside of you. And the sooner you are able to understand this, the faster you will get rid of all that is not from God in you.

These processes of differentiation and recognizing are so subtle and so unyielding to the earthly logic that you will have to face serious life trials in the near future that will finally make you think about the separation of the real from the unreal within you.

Beloved, all the external manifestations of disharmony — any weather anomalies and catastrophes — all happen thanks to the incongruity of your consciousness with the Will of God. There is a vector in accordance with which planet Earth was prescribed to evolve. And there are vectors of your aspirations. If the vectors of your aspirations do not coincide with the basic course of evolution prescribed for this planet, the vectors of your personal aspirations will be abruptly changed by the external forces.

If you meet with extremely great counteraction in the outer world around you, think about whether all your actions are performed in accordance with the Will of God.

However, there is a diametrically opposed tendency nowadays and it is strong enough. It is when your aspirations are completely in keeping with the Will of God and the vector of your aspirations is rightly directed, but you are surrounded by forces that do not wish to change, and you understand subconsciously, and sometimes quite consciously, that you represent a source of danger for them. You bring into this world the Divine energy of change, the fresh wind of change.

Therefore, you will face resistance from the side of the forces that do not want any changes.

That is why I bring you back to the thought that it is necessary for you to make differentiations in your life constantly. Every minute and every second of your life on Earth you make a choice, changing not only your future but also the future of the whole planet.

When I offered you my sponsorship, I did it with the purpose of enabling everything that acts correspondingly with the direction of the vector of the Divine evolution. I will take all the measures available to me to protect you from the excessive resistance of the forces counteracting the general course of evolution.

But if you asked for my sponsorship, wishing to derive personal benefit and to find personal success and prosperity, I would also take you under my control, but my help in this case would just contribute to your facing such inner and outer circumstances in your life that would make you think about whether you really acted in harmony with the Will of God.

Perform only constant hard work and development but no rest, beloved.

You have come to this world to act, and you will act whether you want to or not.

It is impossible to deceive God, beloved; it is impossible to deceive me. I read your hearts, and I see your real motives and true aspirations.

If you clash with insurmountable barriers in life, then you need to differentiate whether these barriers are the consequence of the wrong direction of movement chosen by you and the wrong vector of your aspirations, or whether these barriers are the result of the resistance of the dark forces hindering you exactly because your aspirations are entirely congruent to the Will of God.

If the barriers in your life are caused by the resistance of the dark forces, then make an appeal and ask for my help and the insurmountable barrier will be dissolved by the legions of the Light. This will happen as quickly as will be allowed by the outer circumstances and so naturally that you will forget in a while that this insurmountable barrier faced you not long ago.

Those of you wishing to derive a personal benefit from my sponsorship will have to think over their motives and reevaluate their consumer approach to the help of Heaven very soon.

Therefore, do not try, beloved, to make God play the game according to your rules.

The rules of the game were established once and forever at the moment of creation of the material universe. In accordance with these rules, a cosmic moment has come now when you must give up any personal aspirations and everything inside of you that is not in harmony with the Will of God.

It is not an instantaneous process, of course, and this process will take much longer than the length of one of your earthly lives. But do always remember that the days of the chosen are shortened. If you wish to end the cycle of existence of your ego, and to finally part with it in this life, you will be rendered all the possible help of Heaven. But do not forget that in this case you choose the accelerated return of your karma, which can lead to serious complications in your life.

That is why this speeded Path is impossible for most of you because your karma is so hard that it is physically impossible to organize the return of it during one lifetime because of the natural laws governing in the material world. I do not even say that your physical body simply will not bear such a forced return of the karma.

Today I have explained to you the criteria that I follow when giving you my help. And I have explained to you in detail what my help to you is in reality. I help your soul and the immortal part of you. I simply do not take into account your physical body and everything connected with a quiet and prosperous dwelling of your body in the physical world.

Your physical body must be in a working state but only when you fulfil the Will of God and do not use your physical temple for receiving pleasures in this world.

Therefore, if someone meets no obstructions in his life and uses life only for pleasure, I would think about whether this person is alive and whether his inner person has left him to let him live out his days quietly. Does this person have a future? Maybe he is a dead man, living out his days in luxury thanks to the mercy of Heaven. After all, everybody receives according to their just rewards and aspirations.

My talk could have seemed stern and impartial to you today. Well, my task is not to give compliments and fuss over those of you who do not wish to follow the Will of God and the Law of this universe. For those of you who are ready to follow the Will of God, I will be a much more caring nurse than you would ever be able to find in the physical plane.

I AM El Morya Khan.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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