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A wise man seeks God within his heart

Beloved Melchizedek
May 4, 2005

I AM Melchizedek. I have come to you through this Messenger of God.

I seldom come into contact with people of Earth, and our communication today is an exception.

Probably you have heard about the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. But can many of you guess what the speech is about?

My Order does not belong to a certain confession of faith. The rank of a Melchizedek’s priest is given to an individual on the basis of his spiritual attainments, not on the basis of the external position occupied by this person in the external church. You will be surprised that none of the highest spiritual leaders of the religious confessions on Earth has a rank in the priesthood of Melchizedek.

I lay hands on my priests at the inner levels, and the main quality that I take into consideration is a full and unconditional devotion to God.

For the individuals who have earned the right to have hands laid on them and attain the rank of Melchizedek’s priest it is obligatory to pass the tests on the seven basic rays and on the five secret rays. Therefore, the members of my priesthood have all their 12 chakras located along the spine open. However, the most important demand is to pass a test on the 13th ray or on the sixth secret ray.

Yes, beloved, I am the hierarch of the sixth secret ray or the 13th ray. The chakra of my ray is located between your third-eye chakra and the crown chakra.

You will be surprised, but it is impossible to open this chakra for the people who have limited themselves within the framework of the traditional religious confessions. The reason is that none of the existing religious confessions in the world meets the demands of genuine service to God.

There are too many dogmas and limitations separating the followers of these confessions from the genuine service and the genuine respect for God.

As a rule, my priests are hermits, yogis, venerable old men, who can belong to any traditional belief formally but must follow my commandments, my exhortations, and my code of behavior.

But my code of behavior is very strict. It is the full devotion to the Will of God and keeping the energies of the Divine Mother in purity.

My ray is the ray of the Divine service and the Divine purity.

However, I do not intend to set you against any official religion or confession. Religions do exist and it is useless to conflict with them or to be opposed to them.

All the institutes existing in your civilization, including the institute of the church, are adapted to your average consciousness and reflect its level.

But if a person has rigid limitations within his consciousness connected with his understanding of the Faith, God, and the moral norms of behavior in the community, then only he can change his consciousness, overcome these limitations and leave their bounds. And the first step for him will be to understand the limitations inherent in his consciousness and to desire to overcome them.

This, beloved, has always been the reason for all the religious wars, when the limitations of the people’s consciousness, established deliberately at times, were used by the ruling religious bosses to manipulate people and use them for their mercenary aims.

I am sorry to see that absolutely far-fetched limitations have been serving as the reason for the religious intolerance and confrontation so far. Beloved, God has no limitations, and most of the existing religious views will drop away in the course of time. It is just a temporary apparel of the Divine Truth worn by it at a given period of the historical development.

For the people whose level of evolution of consciousness is sufficient, there are no contradictions between any religions and any systems of outlook except the main contradiction that is impossible to tolerate.

I have approached, beloved, a very nice and delicate point. I have told you already that the priesthood of the order of Melchizedek is absolutely devoted to the Will of God. But it has always been a question of how to understand this Will of God.

As a matter of fact, beloved, you cannot be sure that your understanding and your vision of the Will of God correspond to the Truth until you pass the proper initiations.

There are a lot of people using the ignorance of crowds, including their ignorance in the questions of understanding God, for their mercenary aims.

The border between the people adhering to the true and the false understanding of the Faith lies not between any concrete religions and beliefs. This border, beloved, lies in the hearts of people. There are very many sincere devotees. However, there are even more false servants who have nothing from God within them but speak about God and service most of all.

You hear their right words, you even see their right actions, but these people will not follow the true Will of God and will not be the true devotees.

Is there any criterion in your world, beloved, for you to be guided by, so as to separate the genuine devotees of God from the false ones in your consciousness?

This question is acquiring the paramount meaning nowadays. But the answer to this question was given by beloved Jesus 2000 years ago. You must judge by the fruit — not by the actions, words, and deeds — just by the fruit because you can hear the right words and see the right actions but the fruit — the result of these actions — will be rotten.

Therefore, you cannot judge during a small period of time, though the time has speeded up now and the fruit are ripening much faster in connection with the accelerated return of the karma in its fullness on planet Earth.

Everything that is in correspondence with the Will of God and the Divine service will live for centuries and will outlast the servants who are the bearers of this or that Teaching or Belief. Everything that does not correspond to the Divine service will reveal its rotten fruit very soon.

Those of you who are impatient and wish to receive an immediate answer concerning the correspondence of this or that new-fangled religious movement or sect to the Will of God can receive an oblique presentation, having studied the basic theses of the propagated Teaching.

I will name some examples of such oblique signs for you now.

You know that the epochs have changed, and the cosmic cycles have turned round. The cycle of the contracting of the illusion has started and this cycle will be enormous in its duration. Therefore, everything that is directed on the contracting of the illusion will indirectly witness to its correspondence to the Will of God.

I will illustrate this with an example. Inside of you there is something eternal, and there is something liable to decay.

And if you see yourself caring excessively about external prosperity or external well-being, focus on those theses of the Teaching you are trying to evaluate that are connected with the affirmation of any priorities belonging to this world. This may be an excessive following of the rituals and the church dogmas, too much care about the health of the bodily temple, or an aspiration to have a comfortable existence in the physical plane.

Your ego and any of your attachments to this physical world must be overcome. Look for what is told in the Teaching, investigated by you, about the overcoming of your ego and about the giving up of the false part of you.

Now you can apply the same criterion of the new epoch that I have given you to any thesis of any religion.

Try to form your impressions, not through your external consciousness but from the viewpoint of the greatest approach of your consciousness to the Divine Truth. And you should always know that there is nothing outside you that can harm you and your soul.

It is only your own defects and imperfections that draw you to this or that religion or belief. Therefore, before entering any religious organization, talk to yourself honestly and unbiasedly. What moves you, what makes you enter this teaching or sect?

Is it a desire to improve your health?

To improve your financial state?

An aspiration to realize yourself in this world?

A wish to help your neighbor?

The closer your motive is to the Divine, the more probable it is that the Teaching which you are choosing for yourself to follow will highly correspond to the Divine Truth and the True Faith.

Do not forget that everything in this world draws to the like by vibrations. And you are drawn to exactly that belief and that religious movement that can give you the best teaching and the best exhortation at the given moment and at the given stage of the evolution of your soul.

None of the religions and the religious movements that you consider to be false would be able to exist if they were not backed up by the energy of people feeding these religions both with the spiritual energy and the material energy in the form of their money and offerings.

A wise man seeks God in the only place where He dwells — inside of his heart. A less wise person seeks wisdom outside himself, in the external religions and beliefs. And he gets his lessons on the Path.

The priests with the rank given by Melchizedek serve to the One and Indivisible God dwelling in the heart of every living creature.

I have given you a very important exhortation today. And I think it will be helpful for you as a guideline in the sea of new religions, messengers, and sects.

I AM Melchizedek.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia