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You live in a surprisingly blessed time; you have an opportunity for unprecedented inner growth

Mighty Cosmos
May 3, 2005

Mighty Cosmos

I AM Mighty Cosmos, having come to you today.

I have come to broaden slightly the limits of your vision of the world. I AM a Cosmic Being. And I AM dwelling in this universe. The entire universe is my home.

It is really a miracle that I can come to your earthly homes so easily and give you my Teaching. The Mercy of Heaven is infinite indeed.

You used to connect your consciousness with your world, and you think in the framework of your world. Therefore, if I tell you about the things you have no idea about, this information will pass by your consciousness without leaving a trace in it.

Cosmos is run through by energy, and Cosmos is run through by information. This information literally passes through you in a never-ending stream. There are no secrets in Cosmos. It is your vibrations — the level of your vibrations — that separates you from all the secrets of Cosmos.

Each of you, while raising your vibrations, gets access to more and more new levels of knowledge. In your consciousness you enduringly climb up to the eternal Truth. And this path to the Divine Truth demands the exertion of all your strengths. You are able to grow and rise higher and higher to the summit of the Divine consciousness only if you experience the states of constant exertion and constant self-overcoming.

And you pass from one world to another one, you travel throughout this universe, and you acquire an ability to travel to other universes.

It will probably be a surprise for you if I say that everything is inside you. The worlds join each other inside you. All your attainments accumulate inside you. You are absolutely unique. And you have really been created after the image and likeness of God. Properly speaking, you are Gods.

You were born Gods primordially, but you wished to create this illusory world in which you are dwelling now. However, you have finally played in your illusion for long enough. The time has come to return to your reality, to your native world.

You know that your structure is similar to that of a matryoshka doll. You have a physical body, but you also have other, higher bodies, forming your aura. You have the astral body, the mental body, the etheric body. You know that these higher bodies are interconnected by the system of chakras. You know the seven basic chakras located along the spine.

In fact, the level of your development is determined by the purity of your chakras. The more chakras are open, the greater is the quantity of the cosmic information to which you get access.

Today I want to talk about the secret-rays’ chakras. These chakras are located between your seven basic chakras. And these chakras are linked with your higher bodies, with your Christ Self, with your causal body, and with your I AM Presence.

There are many people on the planet whose chakras of the seven basic rays are open. Now new races appear whose chakras of the seven basic rays and even chakras of the secret rays are open right from the birth. It is characteristic of these people to have access to the information hidden for the majority of mankind. You remember, I told you that information has a free access — all the information. But you can get access to this information only after having raised the level of your vibrations.

In reality you are the most sensitive element. You do not need to have any perfect computers and data bases, any devices of communication. All you need is to raise the level of your vibrations and you will get access to the universal data bank. You simply know. Sometimes you cannot even understand from where you know this.

The secret is hidden in the chakras of your secret rays. It is through them that you get access to the cosmic data bank and to the knowledge kept in your causal body. Nevertheless, you will not be able to realize your abilities in full, even if your chakras of the secret rays are open, until the general situation in your world changes. Too many obstructions are being created by your technocratic civilization. Examples of such obstructions are the radio and radiation interference, but the biggest obstructions are created by people’s thoughts because the frequency of a thought is most approximated to the frequencies at which your chakras run.

The Divine world germinates into your physical world through your chakras. The worlds join each other inside you. That is why the most important thing is the level of the evolution of your consciousness, as it is directly linked with the purity of your chakras and with their disclosing. And it is through you secret-rays’ chakras that the birth of an eternal man takes place.

There is too much of the carnal, heavy, human, and egoistic in you now. You gradually give up these attributes of your game in the physical world. You will not need your physical body in the future. Then you will part with your astral, mental, and even etheric bodies. Like a butterfly appearing from a chrysalis, you will take wing and fly into the Cosmos. You will find a new existence in new bodies because your present bodies are needed only for living in the physical world. And when the cosmic term comes, you will part with these bodies and live in other bodies, your real ones.

The limits of space and time will no longer exist for you because both space and time are only decorations on whose background the evolution of your immortal part takes place.

The time will come when you will recollect the minutes of your existence in the physical bodies because from the height of your cosmic consciousness all your earthly lives will seem just like a few minutes spent in the lower world. You will recollect your earthly experience and will not be able to understand why you did not see your past and future and why you were so blind and narrow-minded.

However, the eternal evolution and perfecting take place only through the overcoming of self.

The universe will stop existing if it loses the ability to self-evolve and self-perfect.

One and the same principle applies to both the universe and the life of the people who do not want to evolve, hidden within the cracks of their narrow-mindedness like cockroaches, not wishing to go out to the Light.

Everything not wishing to obey the basic law of this universe — the law of self-evolving and self-perfecting — cannot exist beyond a definite limit.

Do love the exertion of all your strengths and abilities. Do love the aspiration and the stormy gush of obstructions you are overcoming.

Bless these obstructions, bless your enemies, bless all the circumstances and difficulties of your life, as they help you to grow and overcome yourselves.

Advanced individuals aim to be born in as difficult life conditions as possible. They know the taste of self-overcoming and enjoy obstructions.

You live in a surprisingly blessed time. You have an opportunity for unprecedented inner growth.

I even envy you in something. I will reveal a secret to you that every being, having reached the ascended state of consciousness, aspires to receive at least a minute opportunity to be among you in this difficult time so as to test himself or herself once more and have a chance to help the lifestreams that lost their will to live and to evolve.

The process of your evolution has entered the stage when your consciousness will adapt with difficulty to the changing conditions of the external life. And these high-speed changes will make you concentrate on the most important things from the point of view of evolution and give up all your old toys and unnecessary entertainments.

God has envisaged everything. And millions of Beings of Light watch you and protect you carefully to enable you to transit in your consciousness onto a new, qualitatively new level of your evolution in the highest safety.

I offer my help to you. Each of you who will appeal to me will be shown the main imperfection and trait that prevents his or her development and progress at this period of time. And when you know your main enemy inside of you, you will be able to ask any Master working with these traits to help you overcome that trait within you. But if I were you I would attempt to cope with your imperfections myself.

Thus, you say:

In the name of I AM THAT I AM, Mighty Cosmos, help me to see my main imperfection preventing my advance on the Path to God.

Repeat this call three times a day during nine days and I promise you that there will be an event in your life that will enable you to pay attention to your imperfection.

And I am sure you will certainly overcome it. You simply have no other way out.

I wish you success on your Path! I was glad to talk to the people of Earth.

I AM Mighty Cosmos.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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