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Each of your acts of service to all the living creatures reduces the probability of the next threatening cataclysm

Lord of the World Gautama Buddha
May 2, 2005

Lord of the World Gautama Buddha
About Lord of the World Gautama Buddha

I AM the Lord of the World Gautama Buddha, having come to you through this Messenger.

I have come to inform you about certain events that have taken place and are about to take place on planet Earth.

You know that at this period of time I hold the post of the Lord of the World, and this post is intended for the keeping of the balance on planet Earth.

Very recently, at the end of the year 2003, Earth encountered a difficult situation. A series of colossal cataclysms were to take place due to the impossibility of balancing the negative energies of mankind.

Suspecting nothing, mankind went on enjoying the holiday of life. People were not much interested in the prophecies and predictions given by us.

The breach of the energetic balance was of such character that it could lead even to the complete ruin of civilization on Earth.

But why did nothing happen? You may talk about a miracle; you may say that the prophecies did not come true. However, there are no miracles in the way you understand them. Every miracle has to be paid for.

If the dense circle of the surrounding planet energy does not give way to transmutation and if there is not enough power from the energy of Light that can balance the preponderance of the negativity on the planet, an attempt should be made to restore the necessary stability.

You know that we predicted beforehand the forthcoming events connected with the series of global catastrophes. And we were preparing for those events. The gift of the violet flame granted to mankind at the end of the previous century was one of the balancing factors.

And if the violet flame had been used in accordance with our plans, the danger of the cataclysms could have been averted completely.

But you know that it did not happen. And in the year 2003 the world was on the edge of destruction. Now I can tell you this.

But what happened in reality? Why was there no cataclysm, or at least not one that threatened the existing civilization?

As the Lord of the World, whose main duties include maintaining the balance of this planet, I sacrificed all my bodies and all my impetus of achievements. I laid on the Altar everything that forms my individuality.

But since the impetus of Light that I had was immense, this impetus was enough to avert the cataclysm.

You may ask me why it was necessary to make such a sacrifice. You know that the human soul is immortal and mankind could continue its existence in the higher plane of this planet.

Beloved, the majority of mankind is not ready to exist in the higher plane. That is why, being dispossessed of its physical platform, it could have been put back in its evolution from the provided Divine plan for millions of years.

Therefore, my sacrifice was absolutely justified and it was made. You have a chance to live.

However, God’s mercy has no bounds, and due to the decision of the Karmic Board of the Great Central Sun all my bodies were restored in accordance with the matrix of my lifestream. The energy of the causal body of beloved Sanat Kumara was taken for the restoration of my bodies.

I rose like a Phoenix. And I got an opportunity to serve all the living creatures on planet Earth again.

All the miracles happening in this universe can only be possible through the self-sacrifice and service of the whole Hierarchy of the Beings of Light. And every Being standing on a higher stage of the evolution of consciousness is ready to sacrifice itself for the love and compassion towards the living creatures standing on the lower steps of their evolution.

I have told you this story to make you think over your actions. Each of you may contribute your might to the forming of the dense energetic shell of negative energy. And each of you can contribute to the dissolving of this shell that surrounds planet Earth. Everything depends on you, beloved. You see that Heavens do their best. But have you ever thought that there may be limits to the Divine mercy?

I have come to tell you that the impetus of Light I sacrificed to stabilize the situation on Earth has exhausted its energetic potential.

From this moment the accumulation of the energies that will dominate in the aura of Earth in the near future will depend on each of you.

To prevent a big tension in the future that may lead to a global cataclysm, we decided to agree to smaller cataclysms such as the earthquake in the south of Asia and the tsunami caused by this earthquake at the end of December last year.

That is why every time natural cataclysms, natural calamities, technogenic catastrophes, wars, terrorist acts, social explosions, or extreme weather conditions occur during this and the following years, let it be a reminder for you about the difficult situation on planet Earth and about the responsibility you bear for the future of this planet.

I am aware of the fact that very many people on planet Earth are unable to understand the link between their actions, thoughts, and feelings and the cataclysms happening on Earth. However, the law governing in this universe extends for this planet as well.

Those of you who have a more advanced consciousness must serve the individuals who have not yet reached the level of comprehension of the close interconnection between everything existing on this planet.

That is why in these Dictations we remind you again and again about your responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and deeds, for all the actions you perform in your life, for the spending of every erg of the Divine energy.

And, as always, the major part of the work and responsibility for the stabilization of the situation on Earth is laid upon those who possess a higher level of consciousness.

I have come to you in this month of Vesak when not only Buddhists but people in many countries of the world celebrate my birthday, my Enlightenment, and my merging with the Eternal Light.

Now you can add to these events the day of my new birth when I received a chance to continue my service to mankind, thanks to the mercy shown to me and the sponsorship and help given to me by Sanat Kumara, my eternal Guru and my closest Master.

I hope that the spirit of mutual help, support, and service will always prevail in your communities.

Each of your acts of service to a neighbor and service to all living creatures raises the vibrations of planet Earth and reduces the probability of the next threatening cataclysm.

Judge your spiritual progress not by the quantity of hours you have spent in prayers and meditations. Judge your spiritual progress by the help you give to all living creatures, including people, animals and plants. Judge your spiritual progress by those thoughts and feelings that dominate in your consciousness.

These will be the fruit by which Jesus called you to judge.

I take my leave of you.

I AM staying in peace. Gautama.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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