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I took upon myself the sins of the world, but the main thing I did was to show you the Path

Beloved Jesus
May 1, 2005

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus Christ, having come to you today through this Messenger Tatyana.

I have come! Today is the day when the orthodox Christians celebrate the light holiday of Easter in memory of my resurrection after the crucifixion on the cross.

You know that both the symbol of crucifixion and the symbol of resurrection do not belong only to the event that took place on the earth 2000 years ago.

These are the symbols concerning each of you living on Earth now. Each of you must pass through your own crucifixion and resurrection. Therefore, let today’s holiday serve as a reminder to you about your Path of initiations and the trials you are to overcome on this Path.

It does not mean, beloved, that you will necessarily be crucified as I was. And it does not mean, beloved, that you will be resurrected as I was. But these events will surely take place at the final stage of your initiations.

Your crucifixion will take place when you hang on the cross between life and death — between the life that is eternal and staying in your mortal world. You will realize the decay of the physical world around you and will feel a touch of the eternal world. And the feelings that you will experience during this initiation will be compared with the process of crucifixion that I happened to experience. Your physical body and all your higher bodies will suffer. You will feel not only your own pain but also the pain of every living creature suffering in your world. You will feel the imperfection of your world in its entirety.

You will encounter these imperfect states of consciousness around you. And you will make a choice and sacrifice yourself and everything you have, even your physical body, in order to help the suffering creatures around you who do not even know the reasons for their suffering.

Yes, beloved, those people who are ready for awakening and whose time has come experience such terrible pain and suffering now that they are ready to accept the help of everybody who will explain to them the reason for their pain.

And it will be good if there happens to be a person near them who has realized the state of being between the two worlds and made a choice in favor of the Divine world.

Beloved, many of you have gone through your crucifixion already and many are close to going through it. This is a state of your consciousness when you realize your destiny and when you sacrifice all your being for the good of all the living creatures. However, these living creatures, instead of thanking and lauding you, will try to humiliate and hurt you; they will persecute you and try to punish you.

And at the moment when it seems that you have no more strength to endure this superhuman exertion of all your forces, you will realize that these people do not know what they are doing. And you will forgive them all, and moreover, you will wish to take upon yourselves their sins that dim their eyes and prevent them from seeing the Truth.

It is then that you will go through your crucifixion on the cross of matter.

And after this you will be ready for your resurrection — the state of your full harmony with the Will of God and full liberation from human thoughts and feelings.

It is truly a resurrection because your Spirit will receive an opportunity to act through you. And you will become invulnerable to all the arrows aimed at you. Now there is nothing in your physical world that can do any harm to you.

You revive your spiritual energies and hold these energies in your physical plane. Nothing from the abomination of desolation around you can affect you any longer. On the contrary, beloved, and merely with your presence you can stop any manifestations of imperfection in your world.

You receive an additional opportunity to provide your possible service and help to the people around you because this help is now the help of the Heavens themselves. It is because there is already nothing in you that can distinguish your consciousness from the Divine one.

Do not believe those who will tell you that there was only one Son of God and only He alone could take upon himself all the sins of the world.

Yes, I took upon myself the sins of the world, but the main thing I did was show you the Path that you should follow and are following now already.

I gave you the Path, the Rose Path, covered with roses and thorns. And there is no other path to follow through which you may reach the Kingdom of your Father in Heaven.

Beloved, I am overwhelmed with the feeling of Love towards you. I see your service and I see how hard your life is at this time. Events develop so quickly that your consciousness can hardly find time to adapt to the fast change of the scenery.

Those who have stepped on the Path of service and follow it with confidence will receive the confirmation of the faultlessness of the chosen Path. You will receive this confirmation in the form of moments of soft joy and indescribable bliss descending upon you. Beloved, remember these moments; absorb these states of bliss with all the cells and atoms of your being. Catch these moments of bliss. They will give you strength and energy, and an opportunity to pass all your tests and trials on the Path.

Let Love be your constant companion during all the minutes of your life. If you do not experience the feeling of Love, then ask me, appeal to me, and I will do my best to return your Love to you.

Love is a sign on your Path, showing you that your Path is right.

You should not associate this feeling with any certain person, and you must not demand the reciprocation of Love in exchange. Though sometimes it is your Love towards a certain person that saves you during the most difficult periods of your trials.

When you love, you do not need anything more. You are ready just to experience this state and enjoy it. All your problems, all your imperfections and the imperfections of the world around you are dissolved by this unique solvent, primordially inherent in this universe.

The flame of the true Divine Love is able to make its home only in the hearts of those people who have not lost their link with the Divine world. It is the very feeling that is capable of raising your vibrations and bringing them into harmony with the constantly rising vibrations of your physical plane.

Those people who are not able to assimilate the energies of Love will feel more and more cut off from your world. Sooner or later they will decide either to resign themselves to the energy of Love or to leave this world forever, as they will not be able to stay in it any longer due to the big divergence in vibrations.

Beloved, I have been glad to use this opportunity to meet you today, as I know that on this day most of the people reading these lines celebrate the event of my resurrection. Let me join your commemoration and celebrate the triumph of resurrections of those of you who reached in your consciousness the state of resurrection of the Divine vibrations and who are fully in keeping with me and the other Ascended Masters.

This is a great victory, beloved, because you have reached the state enabling us to dwell in your temples!

You will not believe me if I say that there is a much smaller part of me in Heaven than the part that is dwelling now on Earth in your temples — in the temples of those who invited me to enter them and whose vibrations let me do it.

I will also tell you confidentially that the majority of the Ascended Masters who have kept their links with non-ascended mankind are also staying among you, in your bodies and in the bodies of your brothers and sisters.

The worlds are approaching each other. The time has come when our worlds are getting closer and closer to each other by their vibrations. And more and more of you, beloved, will come in touch with us and realize it with your external consciousness.

I have been delighted with our meeting today. I impart all the Love of my heart to you and accept the Love of your hearts.

I AM Jesus, your brother.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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