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You can receive at your disposal the mightiest tool of God

Beloved El Morya
April 29, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you!

I have come to give you a small Teaching connected with the opportunity you acquire when all of your four lower bodies and your chakras become pure.

You know that the four lower bodies of most people living on Earth now are in an extremely impure state. And as far as you know that your chakras link your lower bodies among themselves and with the Divine world, it means that your chakras are also a very sorry sight.

Therefore, today I intend to give you a certain Teaching connected with the opportunities that you acquire when your chakras are pure. There are abstract talks about the purification of your four lower bodies and about the purity of your chakras, but this will sound more practical for you.

Thus, your chakras. You know that you have seven major chakras located along the spinal column, and you also have the secret rays’ chakras, located along the spine as well, and you have many more chakras focused in many parts of your body. You know that there are a total of 144 chakras.

Twelve chakras transmit the perfect God-qualities to your world through the 12 Cosmic Rays, and each of these qualities bears in itself 12 more shades or half-tones. When your chakras open like fascinating flowers, you become conductors of the perfect God-qualities into your physical reality.

God foresaw in advance all of the possible abuses that mankind could carry out by wasting the Divine energy. Therefore, when you misuse the Divine energy from the point of view of the Divine Law governing in this universe, this affects the capacity of your chakras. The Divine energy flowing into your bodies along the crystal cord is limited naturally. This resembles a tap through which the Divine energy streams into the physical world and which is initially slightly turned off and finally turned off completely. And your possibilities of abusing the Divine energy are cut down.

That is why the state of consciousness inherent in mankind at the present stage of its evolution cannot have at its disposal the unlimited Divine might. It is because the first thing your consciousness would do, having received access to the unlimited source of the Divine energy, would be to misuse this energy for satisfying the needs of its ego. But you know that the needs of your ego are impossible to satisfy. They are limitless. Therefore, the access to the Divine energy is reliably closed for most of mankind. In order to receive access to the Divine energy you have to choose the Path of Initiations. This Path lasts for not only one life. In exceptional cases, and only for our selected chelas, we allow this Path to be passed during one life.

You are given tests or trials for each of the God-qualities. And you must pass each of these tests 12 times. You have to pass 144 tests in total for the successful finishing of the initiations on the 12 chakras, which is necessary for them to be open. If it were not for the returning tests which you have to pass due to your negligence, you could have achieved success during just a few years.

What does the opening of your chakras give you? Why do you need to aspire to it?

A person having at his disposal such a mighty tool as open chakras can provide the world with invaluable service. The major part of this service is in the purification of the surrounding world from any negative vibration and negative energies.

The might of your chakras is able to neutralize an utterly unimaginable quantity of the falsely qualified energy that your world is literally saturated with. When you, beloved, utter your decrees or prayers, you attract additional Light into your world. This Light goes into your world through your chakras. Now imagine how much more Light you would be able to conduct into your world if your chakras were fully open. But at the moment when all your chakras are open you will have become a perfect Buddha — that is, you reach the level of consciousness of Buddha in your own consciousness. Then, you cannot admit even into your thoughts anything that can do the slightest harm to the world or the living creatures around you.

You are constantly in the praying state of consciousness. But you do not even have to utter the words of your prayer in order to stay in the praying state of consciousness all the time.

At times, your chakras even work independently of your consciousness like a vacuum cleaner, drawing into them all of the rubbish from the world around you and filling this world with an irreproachably pure Divine energy.

Therefore, when your chakras are open, you can appeal to your I AM Presence by asking it to direct the energy of your chakras for resolving this or that situation in your world. If your asking is in correspondence with the Law of God, then your I AM Presence will run the work of your chakras itself, and the energy will be directed to the concrete situation that you ask about in your appeal.

You can use the energy of your throat chakra to protect yourself and also to protect all those whom you have the right to protect in accordance with God’s Law.

You can transmute the karma with help of your chakras, not only your own karma, because by that moment you will not have your personal karma but the karma of the planet and of the country. You may give your direct help to the people who need it and who ask you for help.

This means actually fantastic opportunities and invaluable help to mankind that you can give if you pass the necessary initiations for the opening of your chakras.

In order to understand better the might that comes to your disposal in this case, I will give you the following example. Ten minutes of pulsation of your central chakra transmuting the karma will substitute for the uttering of the violet flame decrees during 400 hours. This is really the mightiest tool, beloved, and this tool is hidden inside of you.

Today’s talk was aimed at revealing to you the perspectives and opportunities of the next step.

Beloved, many of you are ready for this step and many are halfway to the full opening of your chakras.

You should know what to aspire to and what is your next step. You will receive at your disposal the might which is under the absolute control of your I AM Presence. If you attempt to use this might not in accordance with the Will of God, your chakras simply will not pulsate. But, if you still find a way to get around the Cosmic Law and to use the Divine energy for your own purposes, your chakras will close and you will be refused access to the Divine energy in the visible future.

God is ready to give you the most perfect tool, so necessary for you at this difficult time for planet Earth. Take it. Use it. It depends only on you, beloved, whether you will or will not receive this perfect tool at your disposal.

I tell you: The time has come; you can receive this mightiest tool of God at your disposal.

You only need to make a choice, to aspire to the Path of Initiations, and to pass with honor each of the initiations that God will let you pass.

I AM El Morya, and I will meet you on the Path of Initiations.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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