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I will enter your temples and act through you

Beloved El Morya
April 28, 2005

Beloved El Morya
About Beloved El Morya

I AM El Morya, having come to you again through my Messenger.

I have come to you to affirm new knowledge and understanding of the events taking place in the higher plane of planet Earth now.

You know that the cycles are changing now. Many words were told about that, both in the Dictations given through this Messenger and in the Dictations given by us through other Messengers.

What characterizes the present stage of the transformations happening on Earth now and connected with the changing of the cycles?

You will be surprised if I tell you that the transformations in the higher plane have been practically completed. All the layers of the higher plane, with the exception of the lowest astral layers, have been purified by us from those negative energies that managed to penetrate to the layers that were not inherent in their essence.

It was grandiose work, beloved, and it has been completed by us effectively.

Now the phase has come when we start, properly speaking, purifying the layers close to the physical plane and purifying the very physical plane as well.

What is the difficulty? The forces that managed to penetrate illicitly to the layers with high vibrations are now pressed down to Earth by us. And they look for any pretext to strengthen their positions in the physical plane and in the densest layers of the astral plane.

These forces do not have their own source of the Divine energy, and they feed on your energy that you grant at their full disposal so thoughtlessly at times.

Therefore, the question of the checking of the spending of the Divine energy appears in the foreground now. The motive of almost all of these Dictations, if you reread them attentively, is just the control over the expenditure of the Divine energy that you, beloved, must perform by yourselves.

Each of you is a source of the Divine energy for your physical world. You yourselves choose — as the creatures endowed with the free will — where to spend the energy granted to you by God.

It is impossible for you not to spend this energy. Every minute and every second of your living on Earth, the Divine energy comes into your aura as a continuous flow from the Divine world. And it depends only on you, how you will use your Divine energy.

The forces of darkness do not have access to the Divine energy, but they are very experienced in the tricks of misappropriation of your Divine energy. They take the energy you grant them so thoughtlessly through any non-divine actions that you let yourselves perform in your world.

The entire modern industry devotes 90 percent of its activity to satisfying the energetic needs of the forces of darkness. Have you ever thought about it, beloved? It seems harmless to you to go to a concert of rock music, to see horror films, soap operas, and films contributing to the violence propaganda.

It seems inoffensive if you, following fashion, buy things that are absolutely unnecessary for you. Each thing that you buy contains certain vibrations inside of it. There are things bringing the Light, and there are things taking your Light from you. Do you think about this when you spend your money — an equivalent of your Divine energy — on the purchasing of non-divine things?

Do you ask for advice of your Christ Self when making your purchases?

Every moment of your life you make a choice, and this choice directs your Divine energy either onto the multiplication of the illusion of this world or onto its contraction.

You tint your Divine energy with beautiful feelings full of joy and love, and you raise the vibrations of this world. But when you are full of negative thoughts and feelings, you fill this world with heavy energy, viscous treacle of your negativity.

Only you can establish control over every erg of the Divine energy spent by you. We cannot do it for you. We desire each of you to turn into an electrode of Light, filling the world around you with the vibrations of harmony, beauty, love, and joy. And we undertake a responsibility to help each of you who will truly want to help us in our work on the purification of your octave from the forces of darkness. But we cannot force you to make your choice, beloved.

We offer you a very simple decision, not requiring of you any additional time that is usually necessary for prayer-reading, though the prayers are now necessary as never before, being an extra source of Light for the physical octave. But if you constantly keep control over yourself and over the spending of your Divine energy, it will not require any extra expenditure from you. On the contrary, it will help you save your financial resources. If you think over the question of where you spend your money, it will be clear that 90 percent of the things and food that you purchase are absolutely unnecessary for the maintenance of your physical body. On the contrary, they help to ruin your body, and you become dependent on the whole industry which involves you first into the process of the destruction of your physical body and your psyche, and then courteously offers you an immense set of expensive methods by which you can restore your health.

Keep control over yourself during the day. Watch your thoughts and your feelings. Your thoughts give the direction for the flow of your energy. Analyze what you think about. If you think about the unjust government, then you send your energy to the members of your government. If you think about your boss mistreating you at work, then you send him your energy. If you think about the plot of the soap opera you watched before, then you send your energy on the multiplication of the whole egregore of artificial thoughts and feelings in the astral plane.

You are responsible for every erg of energy wasted by you thoughtlessly. Every time you waste your energy not in accordance with the Divine principles, you create karma. And if you are aware of the karmic law but still go on violating the Divine principles to please your ego, your karma‘s character becomes much heavier.

Believe me; we never say our words without a purpose. And we do not spend our energy in vain. Every word told in these Dictations through this Messenger is directed exactly toward giving you the knowledge that you need most at this moment.

That is why we do not become tired of repeating to you one and the same thing: You are responsible for the spending of your energy, and you are twice as responsible for the spending of your energy if you continue your way of life after reading these Dictations and persuade yourself that nothing told in them concerns you in any way.

You are in embodiment in the physical octave, and before being embodied many of you undertook upon yourselves the duties of helping mankind in this hardest time of the changeover. Now we remind you about the responsibilities undertaken.

Do not say then, when you appear in front of the Karmic Board, that you knew nothing and guessed about nothing, that you were not warned and you heard nothing.

I repeat it to you again and again. You have run out of time for learning. You are required to perform concrete actions and concrete steps in the physical plane.

It is hardly possible to formulate our demands to you more clearly than was done through this Messenger. You should alter the priorities of your consciousness.

Remember, that we are powerless to do anything in your physical plane without your help and support. We have no access to your physical world, unless some of you prepare your temples for our presence and ask us to use your four lower bodies so that we can use your hands and feet for implementing our plans.

Thus, I give you this appeal. Please, make it every day.

In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self, I appeal to beloved El Morya to enter my temple and act through me so that the Will of God can be manifested in the physical octave and in the densest layers of the astral plane. Beloved El Morya, I grant all my four lower bodies at your full disposal: the physical body, the astral body, the mental body, and the etheric body. Act through me if there is God’s Holy Will for that. Let God’s Will be done. Amen.

I promise to you that as soon as an opportunity occurs I will enter your temples and act through you.

And thus, we will change this world! And Earth will live and become a beautiful star of liberty, joy, and love!

I AM El Morya, and I have given this Message from the point of the highest Love towards you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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