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A Teaching on twin flames

Beloved Kuthumi
April 26, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you through this Messenger. I have come to give you a new Teaching of twin flames, different from the Teaching that was given to you before.

You know that every man and every woman embodied on Earth is endowed with both masculine and feminine side, the yin and yang. As a matter of fact, you are asexual in your highest aspect and you are androgens in your Higher bodies. In the course of the condensing and differentiating of the matter, you first acquire your physical body and after that the signs of this or that sex. The previous conception was erroneous because you thought that somewhere outside of you there was a part of you that had been separated from you at a certain stage of evolution.

In fact, if we touch upon the history of the evolution of your souls, the white-fire core of your being, your I AM Presence — an immortal particle of God inside of you — has never been divided into two parts representing masculine and feminine aspects. It was an erroneous conception that we admitted in order to display this idea to you at a definite stage of your evolution. A new period has come now, and we can give you another view on the evolution of your soul, slightly different from the previous one.

Thus, your Higher body has never been divided into masculine-feminine polarity. Then where is the origin of the ideas about twin flames and of all these beautiful legends about the searching of one’s second part and acquiring the unity through the official marriage between twin flames?

Let me explain. Your soul, as well as your Higher body, has no sex. They are genderless. Only your physical body has sex, and it has acquired its sexual signs only during a comparatively recent stage of evolution, a few milliard years ago.

Before the appearance of the sexual division, the process of procreation was absolutely different. But we will not become absorbed in it now.

Thus, from where did the idea of your second part and the happiness connected with it originate?

At a certain stage of evolution you acquired your Higher body that has received different names in different religious systems. This is your Christ Self, or Higher Self, or the Highest Manas.

You may have understood from these Dictations that your Higher Self was given to you in the form of an emanation of the higher spiritual beings who granted a particle of themselves to you. This was necessary at a certain stage of human evolution. Man had to receive a conductor inside of himself, following the instructions through which you would be able to acquire the feeling of unity with God and the entire creation that you lack so much.

Beloved Jesus, being in incarnation, gave a Teaching of the unity of the soul. You remember the parable about a bridegroom, and you remember the mention of the bride who prepared herself for the bridegroom’s coming. This is the Teaching of the twin flames given by Jesus, but it also has another meaning, a more correct one. The unity with your twin flame is your unity with your Higher part.

A new stage of the cosmic evolution is approaching, and this stage is already not far off, when each of you will have to find the unity with your twin flame, with your Christ Self.

The reunion of the twin flames is a ritual when the vibrations of your lower bodies or soul become harmonious with your Higher body, your Christ Self.

Since you will have completely purified your lower bodies by that moment, energy will circulate within them freely, leaving your bodies. And the ecstasy of unity that you experience when reuniting with your Higher part raises you to the apex of such other-worldly bliss that cannot be compared with the unity between a man and a woman in the physical plane.

Oh, beloved, God still has many secrets and mysteries that will be revealed to you in due time. Today I have probably blighted in your minds a beautiful legend about twin flames that was close to the heart of everybody who managed to know this Teaching given through the previous Messenger. But sooner or later you have to part with children’s fairy tales and become adults.

When being in the mature state of consciousness it is always pleasant to face miracles in your life, the description of which you did not meet even in the best fairy tales. This is because the Divine reality and the recognition of the Divine reality cannot be compared with the boldest fantasies of the story tellers who are nevertheless interpreting the Divine Truth in accordance with their human consciousness.

Now, beloved, I will dwell upon one more thing that can amaze you. Since in those remote times every Being of Light endowed many lifestreams with its particle, the Christ Self of many of you is of the same nature and belongs to the same Being of Light that endowed you with its particle.

When you reach the state of unity with your Higher part and other people also reach the unity with their Higher part, you become united between yourselves. You feel unity with everybody. And instead of one twin flame, you experience unity with millions of twin flames having a common nature with your Christ Self.

However, there is another aspect of the twin flames legend, and this aspect is connected with an even earlier stage of the cosmic evolution. Once upon a time at the dawn of the creation of this universe, a division into masculine-feminine polarity took place, and this division served as a starting point for the universe to become manifested. It was the Point from where all the creation started to be manifested. That is why, when in the course of your evolution you and your universe return to the state of a point again, both masculine and feminine polarities will disappear in this universe. But this will take place in infinitely remote times.

Now your consciousness cannot contain many cosmic Truths. I do not think it is my task to reveal to you all the Truths even as I see them from my Ascended state of consciousness.

For the present I have told you enough.

I can tell you as a consolation that those individuals who have a Christ Self of the same nature as my Christ Self are to some extent my twin flames. That is why, accepting your Christ Self, which is your twin flame by rights, you have embodied several millions more twin flames now that have a common nature with you at the level of Christ Self.

This can either encourage or disappoint some of you.

However, it is impossible to stop the process of the comprehension of the Divine Truth. This process will continue and the perpetual revelation will go on. The process of the evolution of your consciousness cannot be stopped whether you like it or not. But if you resist the progress, do think whether you act in accordance with the Divine Law.

In today’s talk I have shown you your twin flame that is always with you, patiently waiting for you to stop being crazy about the illusion of this world and fasten your eyes on it. Your twin flame wishes to communicate with you; it is waiting for you. And there is no person in this world more close to you with whom you can share all your secrets and from whom you can receive reliable advice.

I lapse into silence to give you an opportunity to master the unexpected information given in today’s talk.

I AM Kuthumi, and I have a common nature with many of you at the level of Christ.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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