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You must oust all the darkness out of Russia with the might of your hearts and with your own example

Ascended Master Nicholas
April 24, 2005

Ascended Master Nicholas
About Ascended Master Nicholas

I AM Ascended Master Nicholas. You know me. I AM the Russian Tsar Nicholas the Second, Romanov, now Ascended Master Nicholas.

I am very excited about today’s meeting and the opportunity to address you and everybody living in Russia and in the countries that were also called Russia not long ago.

My eyes are filled with tears while I am speaking. I want to say so much. But I want to say the most important things that you need to know at this historical moment. You do not see these things, but they are really taking place at the higher plane over Russia now.

A great number of Divine forces have concentrated their constructive efforts over this country now. An enormous power has been focused in the Heavens over Russia.

And we are ready to act. Everything has been prepared; the final preparations have been completed. The Divine opportunity, the Divine plan for Russia is ready to descend into the physical plane.

Oh, this is an utterly grandiose plan! And all we need now is your help in leading this plan downwards into the physical plane. You know that in order to do this we need to have a certain number of embodied individuals, utterly and completely devoted to us and to the Will of God.

We realize how hard it is for you to withstand such a frenzied pressure of the forces who anticipate their end and thus act, showing their hands, not in the least bothering to screen their shameless actions with a mere cover of ideology or any other disguise of their shamelessness.

This is how a mortally wounded beast would behave, anticipating its near death and being ready to crush and smash everything on its way in a mad fury caused by powerlessness.

The powers ruling in Russia now are similar to such a mortally wounded beast, and it seems that nothing can stop them or bring them to reason.

However, there is God’s plan for this country, and it will be implemented. A postponement of several decades or even a whole century is nothing but an insignificant historical period. You know that many members of my family and I were embodied with this dignified mission at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

But the beast was still very powerful at that time. And he found support from the people of Russia, enjoying their ignorance. Ignorance is the very disadvantage due to which the most malicious forces act on this planet. An ignorant person becomes a blind tool in the hands of dark forces.

I was so sorry to realize my powerlessness during the period of my abdication and the subsequent dishonorable arrest and being taken into custody. I love Russia. I love Russia with all my heart, with all my being. And I was ready to sacrifice my family and myself in order to give the people of this country an opportunity to receive their chance for the radiant future.

You know that I was aware of my destiny, of that impending martyrdom of my children and me. There were many ways of saving my life and escaping to other countries. I rejected all of them.

I took this cross upon myself sensibly, accepted this crucifixion on the cross. The hardest task was to overcome the resistance of that part of me that was trying to save the children at any cost. But I sacrificed my children exactly as Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son. Until the very last moment I hoped that God would divert the hand of fate, if not from me, then at least from my children. But no. The terrible happening took place.

The blessed innocents were committed to the martyrdom. And this moment served as a signal for the most malicious forces of darkness to creep out of their corners and rush for power.

All the dark forces emerged into the light. Everything that was earlier trying to keep up appearances and hiding in the corners crept out to the light. It was an orgy of evil spirits. And this orgy has been continuing up to now. And if earlier they covered themselves with an ideological disguise, pretending to care about the needs of the people, now they do not bother themselves with any justifications of their lawless actions.

It is sad to watch the things happening in Russia. But you know that when a disease is driven inside, it undermines the organism unnoticeably until it is absolutely weak and dies.

In Russia, all the evil forces and all the diseases came to the light. And Russia has been in a fever for more than a century already. But I believe in the might of this country, I believe in its people, and I know that sooner or later the disease will be eradicated.

Before God gives this country a new opportunity, it must go through the catharsis, a process of its freeing. This freeing must be followed by repentance, and only after that a radiant path will be revealed before the peoples of Russia.

I could have resisted. I could have saved my family and all of us could have stayed alive. But what was the point of my life without Russia? My choice was to flee from the fighting and violence. I chose the path of Christ and allowed them to crucify me and all my family.

I became an Ascended Master; I obtained my ascension. But my children, my daughters, are still in embodiment. Two of them have become Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. One is in the American territory, and the other is in Russia.

But if my life could be lived through anew I would choose the crucifixion for my family and myself yet again.

You know that Jesus, by his martyrdom, took upon himself the karma of mankind. He suffered for the people’s sins. All the saints at all times took upon themselves the sins of mankind, a part of planetary karma, so as to lighten the burden and to let mankind draw itself up to its full height and look up at the Heavens.

Now it is your turn. The responsibility for the future of Russia and for the whole planet lies on you, people who are embodied now, because Russia is to show the path to all the other countries in accordance with the plan of God.

I am trying to show you your present situation just as I see it from my ascended state of consciousness.

And I see that there is not much time left to wait. But it is now that you will need all your efforts as never before.

Everything has mixed up in Russia. The grains have mixed with the weeds. Everything has turned into a medley as if deliberately. The huge beast has mixed up everything on his way and goes on crushing.

However, everything has appeared in sight now and you have an opportunity to judge by the fruits.

Now you can see who is who.

I ask you to give up fighting. Follow the path Jesus showed you and the path I chose in my last incarnation. Your task is to give up violence.

You must oust all the darkness out of Russia with the might of your hearts and with your own example.

Each of you must turn into a gigantic creator of Good and Light. And there will be no place for the forces of darkness near you.

Let them flee from Russia. Let them take all the riches they have stolen and go away. God will never leave Russia as long as there is at least one saint in embodiment there.

But now there are an unprecedented number of saints staying in embodiment.

Remember that even when you sustain an apparent defeat in the physical plane you gain overwhelming victories in the higher plane.

You are immortal. And you just affirm Life by sacrificing your physical body. You affirm the principles of Good and Light on this planet.

Do augment the Light! Perform good things!

You will be persecuted. You will be humiliated by destitution.

I beg you to endure all this, just as you have been enduring for the entire difficult history of this country.

There is not much time left, beloved. Be patient for a while.

The time has changed, and I see from the level of my ascended state those things that you cannot see with your eyes.

I tell you, Russia is a great country. Its might is concentrated in the higher plane now.

You know that God’s plan will be implemented in spite of any resistance of the dark forces.

No matter how long the wounded beast will rage, the end is predetermined already.

There is not much time left to wait. Be patient, beloved.

I will render help to you. I will render you all the help that I will be allowed to give. Apply to me for help in your prayers.

And let your hearts be filled with joy in anticipation of the near great victory!

I AM Master Nicholas, and I am with each of the light-bearers of Russia.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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