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You must oust all the darkness out of Russia with the might of your hearts, with the might of your example

Ascended Master Nicholas
April 24, 2005

Ascended Master Nicholas
About Ascended Master Nicholas

I AM the Ascended Master Nicholas. You know me. I AM the Russian Tsar Nicholas the Second, Romanov, now the Ascended Master Nicholas.

I am very excited about our meeting today and the opportunity to address every one of you who lives in Russia and in the territory of those countries that were once called Russia.

I am speaking, and my eyes are filled with tears. So much I want to say. But I want to say the most important thing, what you need to know at this historical moment; about what is not visible to you, but about what is really taking place on the subtle plane over Russia.

A great number of Heavenly forces have concentrated their constructive efforts over the territory of this country now. An enormous power has been focused in Heaven over Russia.

And we are ready to act. Everything has been ready; the final preparations have been completed. The Divine opportunity, the plan of Heaven for Russia is ready to be precipitated on the physical plane.

O, this is an utterly grandiose plan! And all we need now is your help in manifesting this plan on the physical plane. You know that in order for the Divine plan to be manifested on the physical plane, we need to have a certain number of individuals in embodiment who are devoted to us, and fully and completely devoted to the Will of God.

We understand how difficult it is for you to withstand such a frenzied pressure from those forces that anticipate their end and thus act, showing their hands, not caring at all to cover up their godless actions with the slightest veil of ideology or any other disguise of their shamelessness.

This is how a mortally wounded beast behaves, which anticipates its impending demise, and in its frenzied anger from its powerlessness, is ready to crush and tear down everything in its path.

The powers that are now in power in Russia are like this mortally wounded beast, and it seems that nothing can stop them and bring them to reason.

However there is a plan of God for this country, and this plan will be implemented. A postponement of several decades or even a whole century is an insignificant historical period. You know that many members of my family and I were embodied for this high mission in the late 19th and early 20th century.

But the beast was still strong at that time. And he found support among the people of Russia, taking advantage of the ignorance of the people inhabiting this country. Ignorance is the disadvantage through which the most malicious forces on this planet act. An ignorant person becomes a blind instrument in the hands of the forces of darkness.

How painful it was for me to realize my powerlessness during the period of my abdication and subsequent dishonorable arrest, and detention. I love Russia. I love Russia with all my heart, with all my being. And I was ready to sacrifice myself, to sacrifice myself and my family in order only to give the people of this country an opportunity to receive their chance for the radiant future.

You know that I was aware of my destiny, I knew about the martyrdom that was coming before me and my children. There were many ways to save my life and escape abroad. I rejected them all.

I consciously took this cross upon myself, this crucifixion on the cross. The most difficult thing was to overcome the resistance of that part of me that was trying to save the children at any cost. But I sacrificed my children, just as Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son. Until the last moment, I hoped that the Lord would divert the hand of fate, if not from me, then from my children. But no, a terrible thing happened.

The holy innocents were committed to the martyrdom. And this moment served as a signal for the most malicious forces of darkness to creep out of their corners and rush to power.

All the darkness emerged outward. What was trying earlier to keep up appearances and hiding in the corners crawled out. It was a bacchanal of evil spirits. And this bacchanal has been continuing to this day. Earlier, they covered themselves with an ideological disguise, hiding behind the pretense of care about the needs of the people, but now they do not bother themselves with any justifications for their lawless actions

It is sad to watch everything that is happening in Russia. But you know that when a disease is driven inside, it undermines the organism unnoticeably, until it is absolutely weakened and dies.

What happened in Russia was that all evil forces, all evil spirits, and all the diseases came out to the light. And for more than a century, Russia has been in a fever. But I believe in the might of this country, I believe in the people of this country, and I know that sooner or later, the disease will be eradicated.

Before God gives a new opportunity for this country, the country must go through the catharsis, the purification. The purification must be followed by repentance, and only then will a bright path be open for the peoples of Russia.

I could have resisted. I could have saved my family and all of us could have stayed alive. But what was the point of my life without Russia? I chose the path of abandoning the struggle, abandoning violence. I chose the path of Christ and allowed myself and my whole family to be crucified.

I became an Ascended Master; I achieved my ascension. But my children, my daughters, are still in embodiment. Two of them have become Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. One is in the territory of America, and the other - in the territory of Russia.

And if my life could be lived once more, I would choose the crucifixion for myself and my family again.

You know that Jesus, by his martyrdom, took upon himself the karma of mankind. He suffered for the sins of people. All the saints, at all times took upon themselves the sins of mankind, a part of the planetary karma, so as to ease the burden and to allow mankind straighten up and look upwards at Heaven.

Now it is your turn. It is on you, on those of you who are in embodiment now that the responsibility for the future of Russia and for the whole planet lies, because Russia, in accordance with the plan of God, is to show the path to all other countries.

I am describing to you the situation, which you are in, as I see it from my ascended state of consciousness.

And I see that there is not much time left to wait. But it is exactly now, more than ever before, that all your efforts will be required of you.

Everything has become mixed up in Russia. The grains have mixed with the weeds. As if deliberately, everything has become a medley. The huge beast has mixed up everything on its path and goes on crushing.

However, everything has appeared in sight now and you have an opportunity to judge by the fruits.

Now you see who is who.

But, please, abandon the struggle. Follow the path that Jesus showed you, the path that I chose in my last embodiment. Your task is to give up violence.

You must oust all the darkness out of Russia with the might of your hearts, with the might of your example.

Each of you must turn into a gigantic generator of Good and Light. And where you are, there will be no more place for darkness.

Let them flee from Russia. Let them take the stolen goods and go away. God will never leave Russia as long as there is at least one saint in embodiment.

And now an unprecedented number of saints are in embodiment.

Remember that even if you sustain an apparent defeat on the physical plane, you gain gigantic victories on the subtle plane.

You are immortal. And by sacrificing your physical body, you only affirm Life. You affirm the principles of Good and Light on this planet.

Multiply the Light! Do Good!

You will be persecuted. You will be humiliated by destitution.

I beg you to endure all this, just as you have been enduring throughout the entire difficult history of this country.

There is a little left, beloved. Be patient.

The time has changed, and what is not visible to your eyes, I see from my ascended state.

And I tell you, Russia is a great country. And her might is now concentrated on the subtle plane.

You know that the plan of God, the idea of God, will be implemented despite any resistance of the forces of darkness.

No matter how long the wounded beast rages, the end is predetermined.

There is not much time left to wait. Be patient, beloved.

I will render help to you. I will render you all the help that I will be allowed to give you. Ask me for help in your prayers.

And may your hearts be filled with joy in anticipation of the imminent great victory!

I AM Master Nicholas, and I am with each of the light-bearers of Russia.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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