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The whole point of the practice of prayer is to raise your consciousness

Padma Sambhava
April 23, 2005

Padma Sambhava

I AM Padma Sambhava. Do you know me?

I have come through this Messenger to tell you something about the task that I carried out during my incarnation on Earth.

I came to Earth more than a thousand years ago. I was born by the Mind. I was born in a Lotus flower of the Mind.

My level of merit of a Buddha enabled me to come to this world in this way.

Oh, you may not believe me. Many miracles take place on Earth, but if you do not believe in these miracles, they do not exist for you.

You believe only in what you see on the screens of your TV sets and computers.

You believe unreal things to be real, but you are not capable of perceiving the real things.

You will become a Buddha when a reverse process takes place in your consciousness. You will perceive the Divine reality while staying within the illusion and you will realize all the illusory character of your world.

I have come to Earth to confirm the basis of the belief that was called Buddhism, to renew this belief and to strengthen it. This is my mission. And I am happy to have this opportunity to apply to people who mostly do not belong to the Buddhists.

In reality each of you can become a Buddhist very simply. It is enough for you to come to a decision within your heart not to cause harm to any of the living creatures on Earth, and you are obliged to take upon yourself a responsibility to help all the living creatures on Earth. And if you are ready to fulfill these two promises, you can consider yourself to be a Buddhist from now on.

I have come to you on the eve of Vesak celebration, the full moon in Taurus. I have come to affirm the foundations of Buddhism in your hearts, just as I came with the same mission more than a thousand years ago. Nothing has changed in the world. The world remains in the illusion as before and does not hurry to part with it.

Your prayer-practice should have aspiration. If you pray without proper aspiration, you waste your time in vain. If during your prayer or meditation you are thinking about the greatness of the work you do for mankind, your prayer becomes meaningless.

You should completely leave your human consciousness during your prayer. How can you talk to God if you have not raised your consciousness up to that level where God will be able to hear you? When you talk between yourselves, you care about coming close to your collocutor so that he can hear you. Why don’t you care about the opportunity for God to hear you during your talk to Him?

God talks to you in the language of the heart, and He talks to you within your heart. That is why nothing should refocus your attention during your prayer. You must be completely concentrated on your heart and on the feeling within your heart.

You are not even obliged to utter the words of a prayer at this moment. You simply unite your consciousness with God’s consciousness. You raise your consciousness up to the level of your Higher Self. And you are in God.

The very sense of a prayer-practice is in the raising of your consciousness. If your lips and tongue utter the words of a prayer but your mind is wandering somewhere around watching people doing their business, you’d better give up your prayer. This is a meaningless occupation for you. A prayer is a communication with God, not an exercise for the tongue. You know that there is a difference in the conception of God in Buddhism. But if your conception of God coincides with the conception of the Highest Law, the Absolute, the Highest Reason, you are sure to become almost a real Buddhist.

It is strange to watch people judging with their human consciousness what God is and what He represents by Himself. And if your personal idea of God does not coincide with the ideas of any other person, you may even feel hostility towards this person. Every man has his own image of God in his consciousness. That is why you should only admit a thought in your consciousness that other people can have different conceptions of God. But this does not mean that some people have a more correct conception while others have a less correct one.

You become closer to God when you raise your consciousness up to the highest possible level that is accessible for you. The higher the level of your consciousness, the more and more you realize that it is impossible for you to know God. And even when you become God in the eyes of other people, you still will not be able to know God.

There is only an eternal striving to know Being, an eternal surpassing of yourself. But when you reach the state of nirvana in your consciousness, you realize that you have reached everything and you need not know anything any longer, because you have entered the state of Divinity.

However, cosmic terms approach and you leave this state and begin knowing God again. And this process has neither beginning nor end.

Now you are at the lowest stage of knowing God, and your foremost task is to learn how to differentiate between the illusory world and the Real world. You have to learn how to differentiate the illusion within your consciousness.

If you scrutinize your thoughts and feelings, you will see that your thoughts and feelings are absolutely unreal. Everything that your mind comes into contact with is an illusion. For that reason, the first stage of liberating yourself from the illusion is your understanding that all your thoughts and feelings represent illusions. As soon as you realize it, you will be ready for the next step: for the understanding of what is Real in yourselves.

There are many practices of meditation in the world. All of them are aimed at coming into contact with the Real part of yourself. And the first step to your Real part is the soothing of your mind.

I will give you my mantra. I endow this mantra with my energy, with the impetus of my merits. Therefore, if you decide to utter this mantra now, you will receive a maximum effect from the uttering. This mantra will help you give up not only excessive mobility of your mind, it will enable you to get rid of many of your imperfections.

So, you utter with humility:


Repeat this mantra as many times and as often as you want to do it. This mantra will help you give up your ego as quickly as you can admit it into your mind.

Some people think that they will not be able to give up their ego until the end of their lives. Some people think that they will need a few lives more to get rid of their ego.

But only the things that you admit in your consciousness can actually take place. So, if you admit in your consciousness that you will get rid of your ego due to the uttering of my mantra 1000 times a day for a whole year, it will happen.

But, before the uttering of my mantra, don’t forget to follow the recommendations that I have given you in this Dictation.

Don’t forget that you are talking to God; do approach Him within your heart as close as possible, so that He can hear you.

I AM Padma Sambhava, and I have been with you today on the eve of Vesak celebration.

[1] This mantra has been interpreted as Hail to the jewel in the lotus. (Translator’s footnote.)

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