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The main task that you must fulfill on Earth is to raise the consciousness of the earthlings

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
April 20, 2005

I AM the Ruby Ray Buddha, having come through this Messenger. My duties are to hold the post of a Buddha of the Ruby Ray.

I have come to give you some knowledge about the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray.

You know that many years ago, millions of years ago in earthly measures, the Masters of the Ruby Ray Hierarchy descended to the physical plane of planet Earth. We were incarnated in human bodies. Each of us received an opportunity to dwell in many bodies simultaneously as parts of the Higher bodies of people.

There were individuals who could not accept us due to their level of development and vibrations. There were also individuals capable of receiving a significant part of the Beings of Light as their own constituent part. And there were people who received only a very small spark.

This is how this universe is organized and such is the way of evolution of all the living in this universe: When the time comes, the Highest Beings give up the impetus of their achievements in the form of service to life, merge with the lowest form of life, and thus give it the necessary impulse to enable it to develop its Divinity.

You know that Sanat Kumara is the ruler of the Ruby Ray Hierarchy and he came to you from planet Venus at a difficult time for planet Earth. Hence the ties between planets Venus and Earth started. Our evolutions are tightly interwoven. Practically every earthling has in his Higher body-structure a particle of souls from Venus. The new knowledge and understanding I am giving now simply explains to you the well-known fact of the descending of 144,000 souls from Venus into human bodies. You know about it or you heard about it earlier. I will just broaden your knowledge a little and give a more concrete expression to it.

The process of the Masters’ incarnation in human bodies was varied. It was very rare, and in very ancient times, that a Higher Master could reside in one human body with all the might of his Light. As a rule, one Master from Venus gave his Light and his merits to a large number of earthlings. This process can be compared to the process of cutting up a big piece of butter and putting its little pieces into different portions of porridge. Therefore, those Masters whom you know as the Ascended Masters, have a considerable part of themselves incarnated in different people.

A person, having in his structure a particle of a Master, is subject to the law of karma and has to be embodied on Earth; this Master cannot leave planet Earth and become a Cosmic Being. He is tied down to your planet and your bodies.

You know that each of you belongs to one of the rays and each of you feels a link between yourself and one of the Masters. Now you understand why you have this link. The Ascended Masters will be residing on Earth and serving mankind until the moment when the last embodied human overcomes his ego and karma and reaches the level of consciousness of an Ascended Being.

This is very secret and specific knowledge.

You know that in fact everything in this universe is God. And each of you is only a particle, a cell, an atom of the Divine body. As far as you raise your consciousness, you understand that there is no difference between you and all the living creatures, and you are ready to sacrifice for the good of all the living creatures. The higher your level of merit and stage you occupy in the cosmic Hierarchy, the easier it is for you to sacrifice for the sake of life in the universe.

Such is the law of this universe. The highest forms of life sacrifice for the sake of the lowest ones in order to enable the lowest manifestations of life to evolve and reach a higher level of consciousness. So, when the Great Teachers are incarnated on Earth, they teach that everybody possessing high merits is a great servant to all.

The quality of the heart makes a person possessing a higher level of consciousness sacrifice for the sake of the development of the consciousness of those who are on lower steps of the evolutionary ladder. And when you reach the stage of a Buddha, you can bestow yourselves and your presence upon millions of living creatures.

There are Ascended Masters tied down to planet Earth, but there are Cosmic Beings whose home is the entire cosmos and the entire universe, and in accordance with the Cosmic Law and their own will, they are able to project their parts onto many living creatures so as to give an additional impulse of Light and additional reason to the creatures residing at the lowest stages of evolutionary development.

I, the Ruby Ray Buddha, have an opportunity to reside in the bodies of many inhabitants of Earth. I possess a divisibility of consciousness, and I can reside both in the bodies of thousands and millions of embodied people and in the Ascended state simultaneously.

This is the quality you are to gain. You must constantly comprehend that your stay on Earth is passing and that the main task that you must fulfill on Earth is to raise the consciousness of earthlings up to the level of the Ascended state.

And further, when you are no longer bound by earthly dogmas and limits, absolutely new captivating perspectives will open before your consciousness.

The evolution is infinite.

Today I have attempted to broaden slightly the horizons of your perception of the universe. And, perhaps, some of you will gladly agree to the fact of an Ascended Master’s presence within you, as this has been a known fact for you for a long time on the subconscious level. But for some of you this will seem too fantastic. All of you are at different levels of the evolution of your consciousness.

But due to the fact that these Dictations are being given to a very wide audience, I have given you this new grain of knowledge on a very comprehensible level.

When you make advances on your path, you are linked with many people at inner levels, and your gains are handed down to thousands and millions of people in the higher plane simultaneously. But when you slide in your consciousness to the level of a cave dweller, this also influences thousands and millions of living creatures.

You should never be afraid to find yourselves in the wrong place. Do not be afraid to experiment. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

You will always receive help on your path, and you can always ask for help.

You are not alone. You are under reliable guardianship and protection. But you are under this protection only until you wish to follow the Path and obey the Law ruling in this universe.

If you wish to separate yourself from this universe and to live according to your own laws and of your own will, you are not forbidden to do so either.

But in this case your freedom will extend only to a definite limit, beyond which you will be threatened by the state of non-existence. Do not misunderstand me. I do not want to frighten you and to arouse fear in you. In fact, when you become so dangerous for God’s plans for this universe that non-existence inevitably threatens you, even then you do not disappear. You go on existing in the form of energy; only the records that do not correspond to the Divine plan disappear from your consciousness. And you begin your evolution from the lowest level again, climbing the steps of evolution leading to infinity.

I AM the Ruby Ray Buddha and I send my Ruby Ray to those of you who are ready to take it.

The Ruby Ray is a concentrated manifestation of Love and it is capable of awakening your consciousness and opening for you the prospects of your further Path.

I AM Buddha of the Ruby Ray.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
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