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A prayer through deeds has always been and will always remain one of the highest forms of prayer

Padre Pio
April 19, 2005

Padre Pio

I AM Padre Pio. I have come to you through this Messenger. Perhaps, my name is unknown to many of you.

I lived in Europe in the last century, and I was a priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

I became famous thanks to the gifts received from the Holy Spirit, but most people knew me owing to the stigmas I bore for almost all my life.

Crowds of people came to the masses I celebrated just to look at my stigmas.

I bore this burden on my body because at the inner level I took it upon myself. To bear the stigmas was a voluntary wish of my soul. Having received the stigmas I simultaneously took upon myself a considerable part of the world’s karma.

I belonged to the Roman Catholic Church all my life and I served this church. After my death, many people set me up as a model of devotion to the church and obedience to the church dogmas and regulations.

I still remained in the church for a long time, even after I had been deprived of the right to hear the confessions of the parishioners. It was the main part of my service. During confessions I took upon myself a part of the karma of those people whom I was listening to so as to lighten their burden. During confessions I also had an opportunity to see the real reasons for the problems people faced in their lives, and I could give them exhortations necessary for their souls. While hearing confessions, I talked not only with the person I confessed, I talked also with his soul, and I tried to do my best to lighten the burden lying on him as the karma of his past deeds, although such a term as karma is not used in the western Christian church. However, I was able to see the reasons for the souls’ sufferings and I did my best to relieve this pain and to direct the external mind of the people whose confessions I heard to the right path, enabling their souls to evade the reasons for pains in the future.

Many people set me up as a model of humbleness to the church hierarchy. Indeed, I did not leave the church during all the long years while I was waiting for my right to hear confessions to be returned. I stayed in the church not because I succumbed to the injustice done to me by the church authorities; I did not see any other way but the Roman Catholic Church, which I could use to serve people actively. But what could I oppose to the decision of the church authorities? Was it my struggle? Should I have begun to fight for my right to serve the people?

I thought it was fair that God had a right to tempt me in any way. And He did it through the church authorities.

God deprived me of my right to use my gift. It was God, not people; they were only the executors of His will in this case.

Therefore, the discussion that takes place is not about my humbleness and obedience to the church authorities and church law. It is about my humbleness and obedience to God’s Will.

God has a right to deprive us of anything we are attached to, even if this attachment is very insignificant, so as to test us and our humbleness and devotion to His Will.

There are only your interrelations with God — your personal interrelation with God and your personal interrelation with the devil. Both are inside of you. That is why it does not matter to which religion, religious group, or religious movement you belong. The main thing is your personal interrelationship with God.

You can run from one church to another, from one religion to another, but you will not find peace for your soul until you understand that both God and the devil are inside of you. Any external religion with its external system is only of secondary importance. It can be helpful only if it assists you in solving your inner problems and inner questions, if it helps you in solving the main question concerning your interrelations with God.

You must always remember that, apart from the genuine servants, there are people in every church who come there only with the purpose of worshipping their ego.

Genuine servants are always less in number. But they are in any church and in any religion because the power and the influence of a church are based just on the Light borne by the saints of this church and this religion.

If a church starts to persecute its saints, it is doomed to a slow death because it loses the base it is founded on.

So, you may seek new religions and new people, gaining knowledge, but you can also remain within the framework of the traditional religions and traditional churches. This is determined not by your externally belonging to either a right or a wrong religious movement but by your inner aspiration and search for the Truth inside of you.

If your aspirations are sincere, then in any religious confession you will always meet people whose vibrations will be in keeping with yours, and you will receive from them precisely those things that are most necessary for the evolution of your soul at that moment. And this can be not only words of approval and encouragement but also ordeals from which you must emerge triumphantly because at this particular moment, this is exactly what is most needed for your soul for its development.

The probability of meeting false religious teachings and sects outside the limits of official religion is equal to the probability of meeting false religious interpreters inside old religions of proven worth.

It is with your vibrations and energies that you attract life situations that become, in fact, tests on your path and from which you must escape with honor.

Thus, do not strive to find God outside yourself. Try to establish interrelations with God inside of you. And you will certainly meet a person, no matter whether he is ordained or not, who will give you necessary knowledge on your path.

Learn to listen to your heart, learn to identify numerous wolves in sheep skin looking for a chance to take possession of your soul both inside traditional religious confessions and outside them. But there is no guarantee that a person whom you meet on your path outside the boundaries of the official church will give you all the things you need.

You get precisely in such life situations that you attract to yourselves with your vibrations.

If for some people it is necessary to break out of the limits of the traditional church, others just need to remain in its framework. It is not because their church is so good; simply it will be better for the inexperienced soul of such a person to stay within customary traditions, permeated with the smell of dust. Such a soul can fall ill in the fresh air and will not endure the trials.

There is no — and there cannot be any — common advice for everybody. Every man is at his own level of evolutionary development. Thus, what is good for one can be simply fatal for another.

I would like to give you some pieces of advice in conclusion.

Never hasten to take upon yourself any responsibilities connected with financial attachments to any organization. Never sign any external documents and agreements.

Your interrelations with God cannot be based on any external responsibilities towards any church or organization that will tie you down.

You and only you can decide how much money or what property you can sacrifice to any organization or church.

None of the organizations on the physical plane can make you take upon yourself financial responsibilities for its maintenance.

To find your path to God you need not belong to any external organization. You probably may need an external organization if you want to follow the Divine guiding principles in life in accordance with the law of the country you live in. Still, it is not obligatory for the organization to be religious. This may be any organization intended to introduce the principles of the Divine guidance into any sphere of your life: bringing up children, caring for the old and homeless, public health and medical services, education and even any business.

Life is richly varied, and each sphere of human activity needs to be based on the highest Divine principles, not on the principles of profit. It depends only on you which principles you will follow in life while creating these organizations.

Sometimes, if you are able to build up an organization and to lead it in accordance with the highest Divine principles, you are of much more benefit than if you devote your whole life to prayers in a monastery.

A prayer through deeds has always been and will always remain one of the highest forms of prayer.

I AM Padre Pio.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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