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You should become electrodes through which the physical plane of planet Earth will be saturated with Light

Beloved Pallas Athena
April 17, 2005

Beloved Pallas Athena
About Beloved Pallas Athena

I AM Pallas Athena, having come to you through this Messenger.

Do you know me? I AM the Goddess of Truth, and I AM a member of the Karmic Board as well.

I have come to you today to give you certain knowledge about the manifestation of the Law of Karma in your physical world. When you come into embodiment, a veil is drawn behind you and you forget about the events you lived through before the embodiment; you forget your previous embodiments. Such a state of affairs has not been forever. But this measure is rather more humane than restricting with respect to your lifestreams.

The point is that in the course of your numerous lives you performed actions that were not the best ones. And if you remembered all your past grave actions and abuses, you would not be able to function in your current life. Therefore, the veil of your memory is drawn just after you are born. However, this veil is not thick for those who, due to their merits, have woven the way for obtaining the gift of seeing the past and the future. You know that many prophets and saints, embodied on Earth in the past and in the present, had the gift of second sight.

The veil rises slightly when your four lower bodies obtain a certain level of purity and your consciousness rises up to the level at which it is not frightened by some phenomena taking place at the moment of the interaction of the worlds. In reality the human consciousness is very limited. It is limited by the role you perform in your current life and by the karma you created during your previous lives. It is your karma in fact that causes an obstruction between you and the higher planes. Your karma is energy, a thick energetic substance with a very low frequency of vibrations. And these low frequency vibrations are the very veil that separates you from our world. Therefore, beloved, there is no difference between you and me except the difference in our vibrations. And when an opportunity comes for you to get rid of your karma and imperfections due to your efforts and merits, you are able to communicate with our world and to dwell in it. Your range of world perception is broadened and you acquire many abilities called the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

That is why the target of my talk today is to give you a more correct understanding of the fact that only you yourselves with your actions in the past and present have created this veil separating you from the Real World of God. But, as due to God’s plan everything in this world develops in an evolutionary way, the next stage you reach will inevitably be the stage of liberating your earthly embodiments from karma. You get rid of your karma and rise to a higher energetic level.

In reality you can get rid of your karma in a few ways. You can make the right choices. Your life is nothing else but a chain of situations in which you are always given a chance to select one of two choices. One of them advances you to God while the other one estranges you from Him. Everything is very simple. And all the multiplicity of life situations can be condensed down to just these two choices. This path is the only one followed by all people embodied on Earth. All the other paths are just supporting ones.

This path is familiar to you as a prayer-practice when, with the momentum of your heart, you start attracting additional Divine Energy into your life and, with the help of this Energy, further dissolve your karmic burdens.

You have been told recently about a higher practice of dissolving karma with the help of chakras’ pulsation.[1] I’m sorry to say that this practice becomes accessible only when your level of spiritual merit is high enough. But the main task for you is just to fulfill your aspiration to overcome that limited state in which you are dwelling because of karma. If you know the diagnosis, it is easier for you to find the correct treatment and to apply it in your life. That is why everything you do in life is a way of overcoming your limited karmic state. That is the purpose in coming to embodiment.

Such is the Law of this world. There was a time when you made a choice to test yourselves in embodiment as individuals. You were granted freedom to perform your experiments. And you started to use the Divine energy of your choice. For this purpose each of you was endowed with a personality. Your personality was given a mind at a certain stage of evolutionary development. But the mind has a quality of duality. It has an opportunity to choose how to use its abilities.

As a result of your experiments with your mind you began shrouding yourselves with thicker and thicker energies, creating karma — i.e., using the Divine energy not in harmony with the plan of God but in accordance with the plan of your own mind.

Your activity in the lower physical world during millions of years has created the surrounding reality you are living in now. You know that the world surrounding you is just a mirror reflecting your imperfect consciousness. That was the stage when, in accordance with the plan of God for this universe, you were allowed to experiment with the Divine energy of your own free will.

Now a new stage is approaching. During the first stage you plunged into the illusion, but now the stage of your return to the Real World of God has come. In accordance with God’s plan, those souls who took part in the creation of the illusion have to overcome this illusory manifestation through their actions. And first of all, you must give up your imperfect creation in your consciousness.

At the first stage you must plunge into the matter deeper and deeper and thus separate yourself from God more and more. At the second stage you must return to the real part of yourself. This can happen after you have given up the illusion and turned to the Reality and after you have understood your Unity with God.

While overcoming your imperfect state and working out your karma you raise your vibrations. The rise of your vibrations simultaneously causes the rise of the surrounding world vibrations.

You overcome yourselves, overcome your human nature and obtain more and more Divine qualities, returning step by step to the Divine Reality from whence your souls have come into the physical world to experiment.

The Dictations given through this Messenger are destined for the awakening of the memory of your souls and for giving your aspirations the right direction. In the course of your evolution you obtain a more correct vision step by step, and you recognize the Divine Truth and become united with this Truth at a certain stage.

Today I have tried to give you a slightly different point of view on the changes taking place on Earth now. In fact, all the changes are possible and will become possible only due to your help, due to the aspirations of your hearts and due to the Divine energy that you pass into your lower world.

And in the nearest future, you who are reading these lines should become electrodes through which the physical plane of planet Earth will be saturated with Light.

I wish you to succeed on this path and to overcome the obstacles within you that prevent you from implementing God’s plan for this planet.

I AM Pallas Athena.

[1] See the Dictations The greatest among you is the one who serves others most of all, Beloved Vairochana, April 16, 2005 and You must find all the warriors of Light who are incarnated now and remind them about their mission, Lord Lanto, April 12, 2005

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