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The benighted times are over for Russia!

Nicholas Roerich
April 14, 2005

Nicholas Roerich

I AM Nicholas Roerich, the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich. I have come to you together with this Messenger.

I am happy to have this opportunity to meet you.

The Ascended Hosts have applied a lot of effort to make possible the presence of this Messenger in the land of Russia.

You know that during the period of my incarnation we tried to return to the Land of Russia many times. Every time that was not possible due to many reasons. The main reason was a strong resistance of the forces of darkness that had captured Russia and prevented any opportunity for our presence in this country.

You know how important it is to have a Torch Bearer, a Focus of Light, in the territory of such a country as Russia and to anchor it in the heart of an embodied person.

You know how hard it was to establish this Focus of Light in Russia.

This is indeed a great victory for the forces of Light!

You cannot even imagine how the future of Russia can change if you manage to keep this Focus of Light, to guard it, and to kindle many other focuses of Light from this one both in the Russian territory and in the territories of the neighboring countries.

We are happy. The Heavens are happy. The Heavens are rejoicing!

The anchoring of this Focus was not just a stroke of luck; it was a painstaking labor during the last one hundred and fifty years.

You know that none of the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood has so far been able to reside for a long period of time in this great country. You can only imagine those great efforts that we had to exert so as to provide you with an opportunity to receive these Dictations.

Indeed, all the significance of this event cannot be understood by the consciousness of the light-bearers at once.

You know that during our short stay in the Russian territory in the 1920s we happened to pass through the town Omsk twice. The first time was on the way to Moscow and the second time when leaving Russia.

But very few people know that during our stay in Omsk we laid a Focus of Light there, a crystal of the energy of Light, which has been active since that moment in the higher plane.

That is how we prepared the Path. And you know that this Messenger was born in Omsk and has lived in Omsk all her life and it was impossible for her not to receive support in the higher plane from our Focus of Light — from the crystal that we laid in this place almost one hundred years ago.

Thus, history comes to pass; thus events on Earth take place. And there was no guarantee that this experiment would succeed and would not be terminated as had already happened with many previous attempts to anchor the Focus of the Brotherhood in the physical temples of the people residing in Russia.

I am explaining all this to you in detail to help you get to the bottom of the opportunity that is being opened before you. Not all the events occurring in the physical plane reflect the actions taking place in the higher plane. But a New Russia was created in the higher plane long ago. It was created by the endeavor of the best sons and daughters of Mother Russia. So many temples, so many gorgeous projects exist in the etheric plane over Russia. And these ideas of the projects inspired by God are ready to descend to the physical plane.

The night is dark before dawn.

Just like an unbroken horse, Russia was throwing off many significant missions of the forces of Light with enviable constancy. This country chose a hard Path. During these long years the groans of millions of lifestreams, receiving their complete karmic retribution for the unruliness to the Will of God, have been resounding in the Russian territory.

The people have endured much. The people have come to a standstill. No matter how long you beat about the bush, it is impossible to escape from the plan of God for this country. And the time has come for the implementation of the conceived plan.

The time has come for this country to use its cosmic opportunity. Thus, the people who are supposed to implement the etheric plan in the physical plane of this country are in embodiment now.

You know that it is always hard for one to climb an inaccessible peak alone. But when one has climbed, many can make use of his help and example and also ascend to their summits of the Divine consciousness.

Oh, Russia, hasn’t your time come at last? Yes, it has come and it cannot be otherwise!

There are many unexpected turns ahead of you, many dangerous ascents and steep cliffs, but the light-bearers of Russia have reached the point from where the way to the summit becomes visible.

This stage of work, which is just about to come, will take all your strength and abilities in order for the Plan of God to be materialized in the physical plane.

The benighted times are over for Russia!

In your hearts you already feel tomorrow approaching.

Deep in their hearts the Russian people have always cherished a hope for a radiant future which is to come. In their hearts the Russian people have always believed in a miracle that would save Russia.

Many times it was really a miracle that saved Russia.

And now the time for miracles is approaching.

The Golden Age will be created in Russia through your hearts and minds, with your hands and feet. This country has always kept aloof from other countries and has always stricken them with its unpredictability. The best representatives of its people have always cherished in their minds a hope for a special Path that would suddenly come to light and would be undoubtedly connected with God.

Russia is a country loved by God.

I am overwhelmed with joy and anticipation for a near sunrise and the following bright and sunny day for Russia!

I have been with you today, and I am glad that we have met.

I AM Nicholas Roerich.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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