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You must find all the warriors of Light who are in embodiment and remind them of their mission

Lord Lanto
April 12, 2005

Lord Lanto

I AM Lanto, having come to you through this Messenger.

I AM, having come for a very important and crucial conversation we are about to have. You know that every time we come to give a Dictation, we try to offer you a new piece of information, but usually we just give a new view on the facts and information that you are already familiar with.

Now I want to offer you absolutely new information, and this information will possibly seem unexpected and too fantastic for many of you.

So, I am beginning. You know me as the Lord of the Second Ray. This is the Ray of Wisdom. Therefore, my knowledge will be offered to you on this very Ray.

Imagine a person who has managed to balance the negative karma accumulated in his bodies for many thousands of embodiments. The emotional, mental, etheric, and physical bodies of such a person do not contain the energy that was misused by this person during the entire cycle of his life on planet Earth. What do you think will happen to this person?

Will he be able to continue to exist in the physical world, or will he have to make a transition and continue his existence in the more subtle world?

And are there people on planet Earth who have managed to balance all their karma?

You may correctly notice that apart from balancing karma it is necessary to fulfill the Divine plan.

And the Divine plan for every individual is fully consistent with the Divine plan for the planet Earth as a whole. Therefore, perhaps many of you have guessed already, that most likely such a person will stay in embodiment. The Plan of God is not that one individual with very great achievements will continue to perfect himself without connection to other living creatures and the entire universe. Therefore, if a person has balanced his personal karma, it does not mean that he will immediately make the transition.

On the contrary, such a person becomes very important for God and the Ascended Hosts. He is not burdened with excessive karmic baggage; his chakras are freed from the karmic garbage and begin to conduct the Divine Energy in all its fullness.

Of course, if an individual wishes to make the transition, his wish will not be denied. However, a person who has balanced his personal karma to 100 percent stops thinking in terms of personality. He realizes his Oneness with the entire universe, and he realizes his complete Oneness with God. Therefore, such a person voluntarily provides his bodies for the implementation of the Divine mission.

You know that in addition to personal karma, there is the karma of a family, the karma of a city, the karma of a country, and the world karma.

The planet as a whole is surrounded now by very dense energies, as if under a very dense crust of negative energy. And this crust of negative energy must be dissolved.

A person, who has worked off his karma, on the subtle levels, assumes upon himself obligations to transmute the karma of the planet. How does this technically happen?

When the aura acquires the Divine purity and the chakras conduct the Divine Energy into the world freely, then such a person of his own free will begins to absorb the negative energies of the surrounding world into his aura and converts them. It is like a vacuum cleaner. The person comes into contact with the auras of other people, or with clots of negative energy floating in the surrounding space, and with the help of the energy of his chakras begins to neutralize this dense, negative energetic substance.

Such people perform their service to the world like Christ. As the vibrations of these people differ too much from the vibrations of the surrounding world, then the very dwelling in the surrounding world is perceived by them as an endless, everyday crucifixion on the cross.

They are truly crucified on the cross between Spirit and matter.

Within these people, worlds connect through their chakras.

You know that human chakras connect the physical body with the more subtle bodies. Therefore, when the chakras of a person are completely purified, such a person is an open door between the worlds.

And the service that this person performs is akin to the service that Jesus performed when he was in embodiment. They voluntarily sacrifice themselves for the sake of the salvation of other people.

Do you understand what I am speaking about, beloved? A person voluntarily chooses to stay amidst the dense energies of this world. And because his vibrations are too different from the vibrations of the surrounding world, the very staying among people is like an everyday crucifixion on the cross. And this really is a crucifixion. Such a person takes upon himself the karma of the world, the sins of the world. He absorbs these sins into his body and transmutes these sins, this world karma, through his service to the world, through his service to all living creatures.

I am describing in so much detail the service of this person, because many of you carry out such a service to the world, but perhaps, not all of you are aware of this service with the external consciousness, the waking consciousness, the physical mind.

Each true light-bearer, who is in embodiment, carries out his or her service 24 hours a day, knowing neither sleep nor rest.

That is because many of you continue your service during your sleep as well, being on the astral plane in the subtle bodies and helping to cleanse this astral plane from negative energy. During these night labors, your subtle bodies receive real wounds. And you get up in the morning, not remembering your night of feats, but feeling broken and weak because the angel-healers did not have time to help your subtle bodies during your night sleep.

I want you to know about the service of your fellow human beings, and about your own service.

Your work is invaluable in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the Ascended Hosts.

And I am even embarrassed to ask you to take upon yourselves an additional burden. There are very few warriors of Light in embodiment. Many warriors have forgotten about their duty and have yielded to the temptations of this world. They have forgotten what they came into embodiment for.

That is why I am asking you to find these warriors of Light and to remind them of their service, which they pledged to implement before their embodiment.

Find them, give them these Dictations to read, talk to them. Let it be a personal conversation or a public lecture. Each of you knows what you must do.

But you must find all the warriors of Light who are in embodiment and remind them of their mission.

I want to express my gratitude to you for your service. And I bow before the Light of God in you.

I AM Lanto.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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