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Just one of your vibrations of Love and Compassion is capable of extinguishing the fire of hell where many souls of this planet are burning now

Beloved Hilarion
April 10, 2005

Beloved Hilarion

I AM Hilarion, Lord of the Fifth Ray. I have come to you through this Messenger.

I have come to inform you about some things that you face in life but to which you do not attach much importance. But if you scrutinize these things, it becomes clear that they will determine your life in the world for many years ahead.

I have come to tell you how you yourselves can create your own future. To some of you this information can seem unreal and unjust. Others may be familiar with it already. But I think it is always useful to remember and to repeat the lesson you have sometimes learned.

So, I would like to dwell on the reasons for the spiritual and somatic ailments burdening your physical and higher bodies.

Man’s memory is very short, and as a rule, it is very difficult for man to follow a direct link between the actions he performs in life and their consequences. But it is exactly this connection that is at the basis of the Law of Karma or so-called Law of Cause and Effect and Retribution.

Mother Mary and I have to listen to many humans asking for the healing of ailments. A person whose physical temple is stricken by a serious ailment is ready to make significant sacrifices so as to get rid of it. He seeks external healers capable of helping him.

Only after having seen a series of doctors and healers — who spread their hands helplessly and receive proper payment for it — does this person appeal to God and the Ascended Hosts for help.

The moment comes when mind prevails in man and he realizes that the ailment was sent to him from heaven and that only God can liberate him from it.

And man seeks paths to God; he is ready to make sacrifices and to read a lot of prayers so as to heal himself.

Hardly anybody understands that the ailments and suffering were caused not by an angry and vindictive God but by his own actions performed both in his previous lives and during his current embodiment.

When you are young and full of strength and energy you almost never think about the consequences of your actions. It seems natural to you to receive something that you wish for, even if you have to offend or insult somebody painfully.

How incommensurable sometimes is a wish you fight to satisfy with the harm that you are ready to do to others simply to satisfy your wish at any price.

Thus, your first and main enemy that is sometimes your only enemy is hidden inside of you. It is your carnal mind with its insatiable desires.

You think there is nothing awful in your fight to satisfy your wishes. It seems absolutely natural to you, especially in youth. You do not even attach any importance to obvious breaches of moral norms that you commit while satisfying your desires. You simply do not think about the harm you do to other people.

How can your insatiable passions be conquered? How can we put an end to your greed for the pleasures of life?

Very few people are capable of learning by themselves, looking at examples of other people, reading books and finding people who can share their Wisdom with them.

For those who are not capable of understanding and learning, the Law of Karma or Retribution comes into force.

Each of your deeds committed in disagreement with the Will of God leads to the fact that the Divine energy that you are using continuously, and without which you are not able to exist, is tainted with this imperfect deed. The more imperfect actions you perform, the lower the vibrations of the Divine energy become. This energy does not disappear; it is kept in your aura, in your emotional, mental, and etheric bodies.

And this energy turns into a magnet attracting to itself similar energies from the external world surrounding you.

Therefore, if you have offended someone, this energy will attract to you a situation that will offend you sooner or later.

You carry in your aura records of all your imperfect deeds. These records are like holes in your aura. If you often allow yourself to perform actions that are to be punished due to the Law of Karma, sooner or later your aura becomes over-saturated with these negative vibrations. And you will no longer be able to work out your loads of karma by performing right deeds during those karmic situations that are sent to you in exchange for your previous deeds until the end of the current embodiment — too much negative energy has accumulated in your aura.

You have already been told that the time you live in is unique. It is the time when the change of cosmic cycles takes place and a new cycle begins.

People burdened with too much negative energy will be sick and will be deprived of an opportunity to be active in life. They will be denied the Divine energy and an opportunity to go on multiplying their imperfections in this world. A person with an aura burdened with too great a quantity of negative energy is like a leper, an incurably sick and dangerous person. The negative vibrations of his aura are capable of inducing similar negative vibrations in the auras of all the people with whom he comes into contact.

Due to the law of likeness such people will be drawn to each other, and they already inhabit whole zones on planet Earth that can be compared with leprosaria for lepers.

If a person with a pure aura happens to be in such zones, then he feels like a fish thrown to the shore.

When we watch your planet, we see these zones, these centers, as receptacles of negative energies, condensed to such an extent that not one of our healing rays sent tirelessly by us to Earth is able to break through them.

People who have trapped themselves in these energetic leprosaria are not able to help themselves anymore and need help that can still be rendered them from outside.

That is why we are ready for cooperation, and we are ready to use everybody who is capable of keeping his vibrations at a level high enough for him to render help through himself to those people who seem already absolutely dead spiritually but fasten their eyes on heaven in their last hope and sincerely plead and implore for help.

We are ready to help and we help everybody. This help may not concern the physical body that is already beyond the possibility of being restored due to the predominance of the irreversible processes in it. Our help concerns primarily the souls of these people. We are trying to heal and keep the souls of those who have fixed their eyes on heaven at least once in their life, sincerely asked for help, and confessed to all the sins committed. There is no sinner without a future. But it is also fair that it is impossible to save those who themselves do not need this salvation.

Therefore, there is always a possibility to render help, though sometimes we lack sincere servants who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of mankind’s salvation and for the sake of rendering help to all living creatures.

Now I am appealing to those who are capable of understanding me and who understand what I am talking about.

The time has come when war is being waged literally for every embodied soul.

There are forces trying to keep as many souls as possible in the plane of illusion. And there are forces fighting literally for every soul in order to pull it out of hell, which is now represented in the physical plane by many places on planet Earth.

Sometimes just one meeting, one loving and compassionate look, is enough for a soul doomed for non-existence, to help it find Faith, Hope and Love.

Keep your balance, your mental peace. You are warriors in this world. And just one of your vibrations of Love and Compassion is capable of extinguishing the fire of hell in that many souls of this planet are burning now.

I AM Hilarion, and I have appealed to the warriors of Spirit on this planet.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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