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I give you my mantra

Lord Krishna
April 9, 2005

Lord Krishna

I AM Krishna, having come to you through this Messenger.

I AM Krishna, Lord Krishna. I am known and respected in India. I am also known in many countries of the world due to the devotees of Lord Krishna.

I am everywhere in fact. I am in the world of shapes, and I am in the shapeless, I am in consciousness, and I am in the Spirit.

My level of merit enables me to dwell in many shapes simultaneously. I AM Omnipresent.

The most widespread of my images is that of a shepherd boy with a pipe. I really love this image most of all. This is the image in which I was incarnated in Vrindavan.

I gave my devotees my mantra lauding the names of God. I gave them this mantra because the mind of the people was not able to perceive any elevated Teachings during the cycle of Kali Yuga that began just after my ascension. The mind is restless and unruly. Therefore, it must be engaged in continuous uttering of mantras lauding the names of God.

When the mind is busy repeating the names of God, it has little time to think its low thoughts and to dwell on its base wishes.

The practice of the uttering of mantras and the mantras themselves allow the mind to be kept in check and to be subjected to the Higher Self of man.

I want the people on the whole planet to return to the practice of lauding the names of God, as this is the shortest path leading them back to God.

You become the thing to which your mind is aspiring. If your mind is constantly concentrated on the images propagandized in the TV programs and from advertising posters, such a mind is attached to this world and is not able to tear itself away.

The practice of lauding the names of God does not demand any special conditions. You are not demanded to attend church services and ceremonies or to join any religious organization. You only have to learn how to pronounce the names of God correctly in the right state of mind. You must be completely concentrated on the Divine while uttering mantras. You mind must stop wandering among objects and images surrounding you in the physical world.

You must think only about God.

It does not matter what you are doing while uttering the mantras. You can be washing the dishes, taking public transportation, working in your garden, walking with children or at your work place.

It is good to say mantras aloud or in an undertone so as not to bother people around you. But you can also utter mantras to yourself so as not to draw outside attention to you.

Do remember that you must pronounce these mantras for God and not for making an impression on the people around you.

Some devotees pronounce the names of God almost all the time. They spend the entire day uttering mantras. They especially adore uttering mantras among crowds of people in order to show everybody their true service to God.

The effect of such a practice will be directly opposite to the desired one because the Divine energy will be wasted on strengthening the ego and not for tightening the link with God.

I give you my mantra.

I ask you to find people who can pronounce this mantra or to buy cassettes with a record of this mantra. It is important that the cassettes with recordings of my mantras should carry the right Divine vibrations. Feel these true Divine vibrations with your heart.

If you or your relatives are embarrassed by the fact of your uttering mantras and lauding the names of God, do not force yourself.

In such a case you can use another practice that will lead you back to God.

There are many paths and many ways leading to God. In fact, each of you has his own path.

But you should never forget that there are many paths and ways leading nowhere.

But if you sit doing nothing and move nowhere waiting for a miracle to happen, you will wait in vain.

God wants you to act. The more effort you make the more help you will receive from the Heavens.

I give you my mantra. Do promise me to pronounce my mantra as many times as this practice brings pleasure to you.

Pronounce it while doing your household chores, use every free minute for pronouncing it.

I know that many people came to the land of India in their previous embodiments. Thus, the uttering of mantras is a natural must for them. These are the people that must answer my appeal soonest of all.

There exists an ancient historical link between India and Russia.

Once upon a time, a much-evolved civilization came to India, and it was much more evolved than the population living in India at that time. This civilization, these people came from the north. It will be a surprise for many of you if I say that these people came from the territory occupied by Russia at present.

Therefore, there is a tight link between the motherland India and the motherland Russia.

These two countries are very close to each other, primarily by their rich spiritual traditions.

I hope that Russia will manage to remember its ancient historical roots and the faith of its historical ancestors, the faith that had its roots in the faith of the people inhabiting this country in the old times.

Many temples with many magic crystals were founded in the territory of Russia.

These sacred things are asleep for the time being. But the time will come when these historical sacred things will revive together with the awakening of the consciousness of this nation. The focuses of Light placed in the territory of this country and hidden now from the eyes of ignorant people will work with all their might.

I give you my mantra, and I know that this mantra is capable of awakening in you your historical memory about the roots that are laid down even in the very basis of the Russian language.





Do repeat this mantra in Sanskrit.

Its sounds will endow you with strength, joy, courage, self-confidence, and confidence in your future and the future of Russia.

I AM Krishna. I feel your need of my help. And I will render you help if you appeal to me.

Do not be embarrassed by my appearance and my difference from the images in your churches that you are used to worshipping.

There is no difference between Jesus and me. We are One and Indivisible at the level of Spirit.

My name Krishna means the same as the name Christ.

All the differences and all the divisions exist only in your consciousness and only at this concrete historical moment, a very important moment of the awakening of your consciousness after a state of lethargy that you have been in for millions of years.

I will be happy if any of you enjoys my advice and pronounces my mantra.

I AM Krishna. I have come to impart a particle of my love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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