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The time has come for you to start acting!

Ascended Master Igor
April 5, 2005

Ascended Master Igor

I AM Igor, having come through this Messenger.

I AM Igor who, while living as a simple peasant, was neutralizing the karma of the whole Russia during the bad times of revolution and civil war at the beginning of the 20th century.

Two powers collided in the battle for the future of Russia. It was really a battle between Light and dark.

But we failed to keep the balance. The opportunity of having a radiant future was postponed for Russia despite all my efforts and the efforts of the other embodied people who were neutralizing this situation and trying to do their best to minimize its victims.

Russia’s karma did not allow this country to fly over the abyss and to rise onto a new level of the Russian State system. Russia had fallen into the abyss of unbelief for 100 long years.

Even now, this hard period of stagnation has not passed yet. Russia has become bogged down between the past and the future. It does not move towards the predicted radiant future and can no longer return to the past, which seems terrible and is a reminder of the millions of victims of wars, revolutions, dispossession of the kulaks, and repressions.

I tell you that no other country could have endured all these monstrous experiments upon itself.

All the endless patience and humility of this nation were required in order to go through this part of its Path and not to be overcome.

The people of the country would have liked to take a break when perestroika[1] started, but their hopes failed again.

The beast that has overwhelmed Russia does not doze, does not let it rise from its knees, spread its wings and throw off the beast of ignorance and unbelief — the bloodthirsty beast, having seized a firm hold of Russia.

Mother Russia, long suffering Land of Mother, the darkness has cloaked Russia so tightly that no ray of hope can be seen. It is impossible to see where to aspire to. The faith has been ruined; the moral ideals of society have been corrupted. Absolute unbelief and chaos have settled in the hearts and minds of its people.

The might of any nation is in the hearts of its people. There is nothing that cannot be altered in the external physical environment if there are aspiring, loving and believing hearts — hearts ready to sacrifice life itself for the sake of establishing the happy reign in their favorite country.

I was doing my best when I was incarnated. I did not leave my prayer-post for days and nights, only occasionally letting myself break for a nap.

I prayed, and prayed, and prayed. I wanted only one thing: I wanted Russia to be carried over the abyss. I begged the Divine Mother and the Lord to grant this miracle to Russia.

But the miracle did not happen, though the burden was lightened and Russia managed to keep its integrity.

One hundred years have passed since then, but the situation is similar at present. The same poverty and the same lawlessness of officials reign in Russia. And it is impossible to look at it and endure it. The heart is bleeding when watching the suffering of this country’s people.

Is there any way out of this situation? Are you waiting to hear from me a piece of advice and recommendations for your actions?

I will tell you honestly that if I were incarnated in Russia now, I would not be able to neutralize its karma just with the help of prayer.

If you see a child in a burning hut that is going to crash down, what will you do? Will you pray and call for a miracle or will you rush into the fire and save the child?

Everybody finds his personal solution to this question. The matter is in the purity of the heart of the praying person. And if you are sure of your holiness, if you are sure of the fact that you are able to prevent any disaster with a prayer, I worship your faith. And I am with you in your prayer. And I will intensify your prayer by my presence within you.

But now Russia needs certain acts in the physical plane, especially in the sphere of the enlightenment of children and youth. Having been deprived of any ideology and of the elementary moral principles, the young people who are Russia’s future will not be able to take responsibility for the country in their maturity.

For the sake of the up-to-the-minute profits for their families and themselves they will be ready to mortgage their Mother Russia for 30 talent pieces to receive for themselves the kingdom of heaven in the overseas lands.

There is not and there cannot be any Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. And the degree of your achievements is not measured by the quantity of dollars in your bank account in a foreign bank. The degree of your achievements is measured by the degree of the sacrifice you can make for saving your fellow men, the hapless, and the unfortunate.

Any country is formed with the aim of protecting itself from both external and internal enemies. Poverty and misery are the internal ones.

That is why a state that does not care for the people who are in need of such care — children, elderly people and the hapless — cannot be a state supported by the Higher Law. Such a state is doomed either to extinction or to a reconstruction.

I offer you help of the Heavens for reconstructing your state. There were times in Russia’s history when it was almost conquered by foreigners.

You remember the Tatar invasion, the civil war in 1812.

Try to remember the personalities of Minin and Pozharsky, and Alexander Nevsky.

Recollect the Great Patriotic War in the previous century.

There were always people who rose and liberated the country from foreign invaders at the cost of incredible efforts and at the cost of life itself.

I am telling you that the country is being conquered by foreigners now. And the difficulty is that they have come from within the country, from the nation itself, but in fact they are foreigners. They are robbing Russia and taking the robbed away to Europe and America.

People of Russia, you must rise again altogether and you must gain the decisive victory in this battle between the Good and the evil.

The radiant future is expecting Russia. But beforehand it is necessary to get rid of the foreign invaders who have seized power in the country with the help of intricacy and deception and are reigning and rubbing their hands with joy from each robbed million deposited in Swiss banks and banks of America.

I promise to render you help from the Ascended Hosts and from all the Heavens in the liberation of Russia from these invaders, but you must rise altogether and throw this yoke off yourselves.

The time has come to roll up your sleeves! You cannot lie idle any longer! You must act! The child is on fire!

Mother Russia is on fire!

Only the blind and the deaf can pretend that nothing is going on.

I am giving you now the strongest weapon against which there is no protection and which no enemy can withstand.

I fill your hearts with Faith, Hope, and Aspiration. I endow your hearts with Love for your Motherland, for Mother Russia.

I kindle a fire in your hearts. With this fire you will no longer be able to be inactive.

This fire will let you lie idle neither at daytime nor at night. And you will do what you must do, and you know what it is. You will do the things for the sake of which you were embodied. You will fill any person you meet on your Path with the fire of Faith and Knowledge. You will do your best just as it was when your native towns were besieged by enemies. And you will work unceasingly, having time only for a quick nap.

You must act!

Rise to your feet, Rus!

Rise to your feet, simple people!

The enemy is in the yard!

The Victory is ahead, and Liberation, and Joy!

I am giving this impulse of my heart and I am filling you with aspiration to Victory!

Beloved, Heavens are looking at you. The time has come for you to start acting.

I AM Igor, and I am with you now.

[1] Perestroika is the Russian term (now used in English) for the economic reforms introduced in June 1985 by the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Its literal meaning is restructuring, referring to the restructuring of the Soviet economy. (Translator’s footnote.)

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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