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A Teaching about Community

Gautama Buddha
April 3, 2005

Gautama Buddha
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I AM Gautama. I have come again through my Messenger.

Today I want to dwell on the theme of mutual relations between members of different communities and religious groups.

It is very easy to establish your personal relations with God inside of you. And it is very hard to establish relations with other people who, it would seem, follow the same Path as you and should be your friends. But it is in these people who follow the same Path as you that you meet the strongest opposition and get the strongest negative feelings in the form of hatred, envy, and blame.

Why does it happen?

Many of you have asked yourselves this question. And many of you have tried to find the answer but in vain.

Your companions on the Path are in reality your karmic partners. You have been drawn to each other to solve your karmic contradictions. There is not a single debt of yours that can be remitted. That is why, when you reach a certain level of spiritual achievements, you cannot move any further until you meet all the embodied individuals with whom you have unsolved karmic problems.

That is why on the one hand you find yourself in the circle of people who are attracted to the Teaching by their wish to achieve enlightenment in the field of learning the Divine Truth. And on the other hand these very people are your old karmic debtors, or you have to pay off your own karmic debt to them.

Therefore, the contradictions in religious movements often become so acute and reach such a degree of hostility that it seems that the people belonging to them have nothing in common with God and indeed serve the devil himself.

There is God and there is devil in each of you. There are no people in embodiment who are perfect.

The pure perfection in order to be embodied in your world has to burden itself with such voluntarily taken karmic problems peculiar to this planet that when you meet this Divine perfection in the flesh you can think this is the devil himself.

The Truth here lies in the fact that the most perfect souls, coming into embodiment, try to take as big karmic loads as possible so as to lighten the burden of the people to whom these loads belong.

That is why I give you today this Teaching and this understanding of interaction between people in a community; why many people, when they see before their eyes many problems specific to a commune, prefer to leave it and look for another one with smaller problems and that is more poised and balanced in its manifestations. Doing so, they forget that in accordance with the quality of their vibrations, they will be drawn to that very group of people that can give them the quickest way to work out their karmic debts.

Not all imperfections can be overcome by means of prayers and other spiritual practices. You can only overcome some of these imperfections by coming across the person with whom you have karma and working out this karma in immediate communication, solving the conflict and surmounting it first of all in your own consciousness.

That is why you should never feel anger or indignation when one of your brothers on the Path treats you, as it seems to you, unjustly. You have the opportunity to return your karmic debt to this person in the softest of all possible ways. Imagine that you killed this person in one of your previous lives. And in this life this person insulted you only verbally, or expelled you from the community, or created unbearable living conditions for you in the community through intrigue and gossip.

Such a situation will make you think that it would be much better to be killed than to endure this unbearable inner pain.

Let God decide how you have to repay your karmic debt. Let God take care of your soul. Believe that you get precisely such tests in your life and meet exactly those situations that in the best way contribute to your progress on the Path.

No matter how long you run from one religious group and community to another, looking for a place where you would feel comfortable staying with those people who surround you in the community, you will not find what you are looking for anywhere because the energies you yourselves and your auras contain do not allow you to find a place on Earth where you can hide from your karmic debts. And only your unreal part, your ego, makes you blame someone outside of you for your problems.

And until you break the resistance of this enemy of yours, you will meet situations that will hurt you and cause strong emotions and spiritual wounds.

You cannot change other people and you cannot change life on Earth — at least you cannot achieve significant changes during one life. But you can change your attitude to the circumstances of your life. And you can change your attitude to those people who insult you or commit nasty actions against you.

If you are gold, it does not matter into what dirt you get in the course of your life, whatever your offenders call you, you still remain gold.

Each of you is such a gold nugget. All of you have perfection inside of you. But the layer of mud that hides your perfection, your gold, does not let other people discern in you your Divine, perfect nature.

Is it possible for any group to create relations that conform to the high standards of the Teaching given by the Lords, prophets, or messengers?

Of course it is possible, but only when the entire group moves ahead in compliance with the Divine plan and if this group aspires to reach the heights of the Divine service that materializes as a service to a neighbor, a service to life in all its manifestations.

The group that consists of the individuals who have achieved substantial stages on the spiritual path is always harmonious and devoid of conflicts. But it is necessary for the group to have among its members at least one person with a high enough level of achievements and to strive to follow this person’s example.

It also happens sometimes that a person suddenly begins to see things clearly or a spiritual enlightenment dawns upon him, and he aspires to transmit his experience to the people who are close to him in the group. But instead of support and joy in sharing this experience, he encounters a wall of incomprehension and even accusation of pride and imperfection.

The general level of the group in this case does not allow it to distinguish in its consciousness the achievements of its brother. And the group loses its beacon, a person who could grant it his Light and achievements.

Many situations appear in different groups. But it is necessary to get through all these situations and to accept them, as all of them are formed by the Creator in order to provide you with an opportunity to perfect yourselves in God, having rejected your imperfections.

Therefore, everyone gets what he deserves. But I do not want the feeling of despair and gloom to settle in your souls after today’s conversation.

In fact, the rise to the next level of consciousness happens very quickly, in a few seconds. You only have to keep the right orientation, the right direction, and the right aspiration constantly in your consciousness.

We give you these Dictations exactly with the purpose of stirring your consciousness and showing you the right direction to your aspirations.

Do not pay attention to the layer of mud that covers the souls of people around you. Be able to discern the Divine nature of every person behind any layer of mud.

Try to choose right models for imitation around you. You will find many promptings on how to do it in these Dictations.

I wish you success on your Path.

I AM your brother Gautama.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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