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We must enable God to be manifested through us

March 31, 2005

About Confucius

I AM Confucius, having come through this Messenger.

I have come to give you an exhortation concerning the science of the Divine Wisdom. Many hundreds of years have passed since the time of my last incarnation on Earth. I am happy to have this opportunity to speak the words of my Teaching to this appreciative audience again.

It is always more valuable to listen to the words from the primary source than to trust some interpretation of these words made by people who think they have achieved a great level in the knowing of the Truth. However, such people are just dwelling at the foot of the peak of the Divine Wisdom, and the vanity of life constantly diverts their attention and does not let them make a step in the direction of this peak.

I believe that this thing will not happen to those who are reading these lines. You will be able to divert for some time from the illusion surrounding you and to concentrate on the intransient Truths that are not connected with your time, your country and your environment.

Try to concentrate on the beats of your heart. Listen to your breath. Breathe in… Breathe out...

The functioning of your heart and breath is not in any way connected with the country you live in. It is not connected with your role in life either.

The same can be said about the Divine Truth. It exists on its own and does not depend on your consciousness and thoughts.

Then what is the sense of your living if this world can do perfectly well without you? Did you ask such a question of yourself? Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose of your existence is?

I suppose such a question arose at least once before each of you. For many people this question arises so persistently and so often that the search for the meaning of life for them literally turned into the very meaning of life.

You are right, my beloved, it is a worthy task to understand why you are living and why everything surrounding you is in existence.

At the time of my incarnation, I was literally obsessed by this question. There were days when I could not find a place for myself, trying to answer this question again and again.

I was a believer and I adhered to the system of world outlook that was accepted in the world surrounding me. It was then that I realized that this system of world outlook had been created by people who were similar to me. As I grew older, I began to understand that I was not perfect and that some of my thoughts were imperfect even before I pronounced them. Why was I imperfect? And why couldn’t I overcome this imperfection in me irrespective of all my efforts?

Are these questions familiar to you? Have you asked yourself similar ones?

In the course of time the answer to this question became the basis of my system of Teaching that I was giving to people who wanted to be my disciples.

I clearly understood that inside of me there was a Higher and more perfect Part of myself. I could commune with it. However, I realized that it was I in fact who prevented my Higher Self from manifesting. It was I; not anybody outside me.

I believed that all the living creatures together with me were created in the image of the Deity who had created this world and whose position in the universe was much higher than ours. We are interconnected with Him and make an indissoluble Unity with Him. I understood that just as I had my Higher Self, the Creator of the Universe also has His own Higher and Lower Selves. And His Lower Self is nothing else but ME in incarnation. The Lower Self of Him is ME together with all the other living creatures in incarnation, and all the Earth as far as you can see.

All of us represent the incarnated Creator.

He is living in us. He is creating and cognizing through us. He is self-actualizing through us and through each of the living creatures.

All of us are His cells and blood vessels. We make up His body. And we are interconnected with Him and with each of us.

Everything separating us from each other and from Unity with Him has to be overcome.

Therefore, I taught and I continue teaching now only one thing. I invite each of you to take up the work upon those parts of you that prevent you from being united with the Creator. Work upon the part of yourself that separates you from the state of the entire unity with God, Creator, Atman, and Higher Reason. It does not matter what you call that being, a part of who you are in reality.

You cannot do another person’s job. You cannot make another person perform anything for you, or rather, you can do that, but you will have to force this person. You will have to force a person to work for you or to obey your orders. It does not matter whether you do it by brute force or through the force of the law written by you.

But can you try to make your heart breathe in your body and your lungs pump blood through your blood vessels?

Your attempt will be a failure. However, if we appeal to history, we will see that the entire history is composed of the events when some people made others obey their orders. For this reason, wars have been waged and injustice has been manifested in this world.

But the basis of this injustice has always been a desire of an individual to do something in his own way.

Thus, we have returned to the talk about our own imperfection.

When I was young I really believed that I could inspire the world to change simply with the help of my personal example and by means of my persuasion. I wasted great efforts and energy trying to influence how people should act and behave.

I was lacking the strength to persuade people to act in the way that I believed to be reasonable.

Then I began acting together with the people who accepted my system of persuasion. However, I was still lacking strength.

Trust me; I wasted very much of my strength persuading the people just to listen to me and to realize that their way of life was not right and not worth living.

Years passed, decades went by, but the situation in the world remained the same regardless of my efforts and the attempts I made.

What was the reason for that?

I was only a tiny grain of sand, a small cell in the organism of the universe. And I was trying to persuade the entire universe to live according to my laws.

In the end, many decades later I realized that the only person on Earth hindering me was I myself. The reason was in my excessive vainglory and my excessive confidence in the fact that I had known the entire Truth and was able to teach this Truth to others.

My external personality tried to make the whole universe obey my law instead of obeying the law governing in this universe.

I realized the basic Truth. And I must say that it was worth spending the whole life for the realization of this Truth.

It is useless and pointless to set our own laws in the world we are living in. We must obey the Law that was created at the very moment of the birth of our universe and is the basis of it.

This Law claims that we must give up our wish to manifest ourselves and our ego in our life and instead we must do our best to let God manifest Himself through us.

Only then will we manage to restore our Unity. Then we will be able to participate in the realization of God’s plan for this universe.

This is the task and the job each person must fulfill. There is no person in the universe that can do this job for you. That is why this task is the most important, and its fulfillment must become the meaning of your life which you are seeking but not able to find outside yourselves.

This is the fruit of my thought during my earthly life and I grant it to you. But I cannot make you eat this fruit. You must do it yourselves.

Nobody outside you can do the job for you.

I am leaving you. I do hope that I have given your thought the right direction.

I AM Confucius.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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