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The carnal mind has to give up its place to the Divine reason

Beloved Zarathustra
March 30, 2005

Beloved Zarathustra

I AM Zarathustra, having come through this Messenger.

The Fire is my main quality. The Fire is my element.

The distortion of our Teachings takes place at the moment when the fire vibrations inherent in our world come into contact with the vibrations of the physical plane of planet Earth.

But you can feel the Fire contained in my words even through the worlds.

I have come!

The state of the fiery world differs greatly from the state of your world, and the images of our world can seem unusual to your consciousness. We speak in the language of Fire and the interpretation of our vibrations into the language of Earth cannot reproduce all the information contained in them. However, the essence and the basis of the Messages are reproduced fully enough.

I have come to you today with a desire to give you a short Teaching. I gave this Teaching to my disciples when I was incarnated on Earth many thousands of years ago. Nevertheless, its importance has not been lost over time. Moreover, I have to tell you that very few people on Earth have managed to master this Teaching in all its soundness.

In accordance with the Cosmic Law, when the Higher Space Spirits who achieved a certain level of merit during the period of the previous manvantaras are to be incarnated again, the perfect Spirit descends into the lower physical plane. When it plunges into the manifested matter a clash occurs and things happen that I have to tell you about today.

You have probably heard from some other teachings or read in some books that man, from the moment of his creation after the image and likeness of God, had two united parts. His Higher immortal Self has never forgotten about its ties with the Creator, but his lower self has lost its feeling of unity with both his Higher Self and the Creator in the course of many millions of years on the planet.

However, there was a time in history when the evolution of mankind seemed to have reached a deadlock and was deemed a failure. Human beings were like animals and differed from them only in appearance. It so happened that the creators of the lower shape did not manage to endow the humans with the fire that is inherent in human beings and makes them similar to God. This is the fire of reason, a Divine spark that must be present in every human.

Many millions of years ago the evolution of Earth was to be concluded as a failure. But the Higher Spirits volunteered to save the situation. By that time they had been dwelling in a state of nirvana or bliss from the times of the previous manvantaras. These Spirits had to descend into the highly organized matter and to impart to it the aspects of fire, flame, and wisdom, inherent in them.

And they descended. They descended into the bodies of people who were in fact animals. They imparted to people the quality of fire inherent in them. And people’s eyes were lit up with the fire of reason. People realized that they were different from animals. Thus, every man received in his depth a seed, a spark, a particle of fire from the highly spiritual Beings who descended into matter from the highest spheres of fire.

Each of the Higher Spirits gave a small part of his fire to many human beings.

And each of the human beings was endowed with reason in accordance with the level of his evolution.

It was the fall into generation of the Higher Spirits and Angels. They descended partly under the influence of the Cosmic Law, partly striving to save the humanity of Earth from annihilation. Otherwise, humanity deprived of reason could not correspond to the Divine plan and the aim it had been created for.

The humans deprived of reason and suffering from this loss received an opportunity to turn over a new leaf in their evolution with the help of the Higher Beings who sacrificed their nirvana in order to descend and render help.

They descended and endowed people with reason and with a part of their own features that were just a subtle reflection of their merits in the previous manvantaras.

But what can we say about mankind? Mankind became reasonable. It received the right to act in accordance with its free will as the reason of each person dictated.

And, when people realized that they were similar to Gods, they began to behave like Gods. They began to behave the way they thought Gods should behave.

They wanted to dwell in bliss and pleasure, to receive all kinds of pleasure accessible to them in the physical world.

The human reason acquires a dual character when meeting with the manifested world. It is explained by the fact that the qualities of Gods dwelling in the Divine world turn into their complete antithesis in the plane of the illusion.

This phenomenon is the key to the paradox of the manifested world. The Plan of God for the manifested world also consists in this.

When a human mind starts its activity in the conditions of the material world, it has to use the dense matter as an object to which it applies all its abilities. When starting to apply its abilities to the dense matter, it still remembers the Divine world and tries to introduce its Laws into the lower world. But, as the vibrations of the matter are very low, any application of the mind’s qualities in the physical world can lead to the creation of a complete antithesis to the same quality that is created as a result of the similar efforts in the higher world, the world of Fire.

It is a mystery. When a Higher Spirit descends from the fire spheres into the lower worlds and continues to use in the matter the qualities of mind inherent in the fiery world, the resulting effect on the matter does not always correspond to the Divine plan precisely because of the density of the matter.

Each of you reading these Dictations now was endowed with a spark of the Divine mind millions of years ago. It took place due to the descending of the Higher Spirits who came especially to endow you with reason.

Each of you has a particle of these Masters who are named differently in different Teachings — Masters of Wisdom, Ascended Masters, or Masters of Shamballa.

There were seven Great Spirits who descended. Each of them granted a particle of himself to millions of human souls.

People received an opportunity to live and evolve. Each of the human beings received a particle of a High Soul that became his inner teacher, his Guardian Angel or his Christ Self.

And it is impossible to distinguish now where the animal nature of a human ends and where his spiritual element begins.

A human has to lead a struggle with his animal nature constantly and at the same time to aspire to the Spirits. But sooner or later the time will come when man will win a victory over the animal dwelling inside of him, over his passions, his ego, and will enable the Spirit to become his absolute Master. And man will stop being a lower creature, a hybrid of animal and human. The beast will be suppressed and man will again become similar to God.

A spark of reason, burning in the temple of each man, is smoldering now in most of the people and is close to dying down or has already gone out.

Therefore, this Teaching is being given and these words are being told in order to help the spark flare up.

Man-animal must give up his place to the Divine man. The man liable to decay must give way to the imperishable man.

The carnal mind has to give up its place to the Divine reason.

And this will happen because the spark and the flame inside of you will give you no rest until it happens. You will be rushing about; you will be seeking. You will be aspiring to find in the physical world the state of nirvana that is remembered by the tiny particle of the Highest Beings in you. You will be seeking this state everywhere on Earth. But you will never discover it in the physical plane.

Only when you realize that nothing attracts you any more in this world, when you give up your love and attachment to this world, will you acquire the true nirvana and an opportunity to receive bliss in the union with your Higher Part and through it with the Creator of this universe.

Before it happens you will struggle and suffer, rush about and seek.

And you will find your Source, your Victory, and your Bliss.

And only then will the particles of the Higher Beings within you receive an opportunity to merge together, to cast off their chains of matter that have been binding them for millions of years.

I have given you the Teaching that I gave to my disciples thousands of years ago. New knowledge and religions have come since then. But the time has come now to give you the knowledge about your history again. This knowledge will help you look both at yourselves and at the conflict in your world from another point of view.

I AM Zarathustra, and I AM standing in the Flame of Unity.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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