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Your planet enters a cycle that leads to the contraction of the illusion

Beloved Serapis Bey
March 29, 2005

Beloved Serapis Bey

I AM Serapis. I have come.

The creation of this universe and its evolution are connected with the overcoming of thousands of obstacles. These obstacles are being created by the interaction of the two main forces functioning in this universe. At the moment when the differentiation starts, the primordially pure Divine plan experiences resistance from the side of the forces dwelling in the state of eternal bliss. These forces stand in the way of the manifestation of the universe. They are slow in leaving the state of primordial bliss, just as you are slow to awaken from your sleep in the morning, especially if your dream was as sweet as in childhood.

But time passes by and the universe starts experiencing resistance from the side of the forces that do not want to return to the state of primordial bliss. This resembles a man who is absorbed too deeply in his day’s problems and does not hurry to plunge into a sleep at all.

The same can be said about this universe. In your life the day unavoidably turns into night, the period of vigilance is changed by the period of sleep, and this universe also has its period of the day and vigilance and its time of rest and peace.

Everything is subject to its cycles and to the cycles that are inside of greater cycles.

Your planet enters a cycle that leads to the contraction of the illusion. However, humans have plunged into this illusion to such an extent that they resist the established order.

Inside of yourself you have your Higher Self, your immortal part. The other part of you is mortal and is composed of your four lower bodies. Your Higher Self submits to the Divine Law because during the whole period of your individual travels in the manifested world this part of you has never lost its link with the Creator. At a certain stage of evolution, your lower part lost its feeling of unity with the Creator of this universe as well as with the universe itself.

It showed its desire to live its own life and lost its way in the jungles of illusions. But however long souls can travel in space, there always comes the time when they are to return from the world of illusions to the Real World of God. This time has come now — the time to refuse from the illusion and to return to the Real World.

Therefore, you are given a guide, your Guardian Angel, your Sacred Christ Self. This guide must set you on the right Path, the Path of your returning to your Father’s Kingdom.

All of our external Teaching that we are giving through this or any other Messenger is aimed at restoration of the link with that part of yourself that remembers who you are. The tighter your link with your real part, the faster your returning Home will be.

All the real initiations that I and other Ascended Masters have given to our disciples are directed exactly at overcoming the illusory part of you and bringing you into contact with your immortal part.

Those of you who have visited my Retreat, my Temple in Luxor, must recollect now the knowledge they were granted in my Temple.

I am a strict teacher and I demand from my disciples an extraordinary discipline because if a disciple does not obey the Teacher whom he himself has chosen, he is deprived of the right to be taught under our guidance.

At present it is necessary for you to be taught and initiated in your everyday life. You are not required to go very far away to some overseas teacher in order to receive the necessary knowledge. The demand of the present time is to give you the knowledge in that very place where you live. You undergo the initiations in your usual life. We use the circumstances of your life to give your souls exactly those initiations that they need most of all.

You receive knowledge during your night sleep when you unconsciously or sometimes quite consciously visit our retreats and receive Teaching in your sleep.

In truth, your souls work day and night indefatigably.

I do not speak here about those souls who shirk from the Teaching and prefer wasting the time of their night sleep not for their education but for visits to the astral plane where they receive the same illusory pleasures as in the physical world.

I do not want to scare these careless individuals. But all the things that are not parts of God’s Plan will not be able to exist in the New Reality. It is not because God is cruel and wants to punish you. No, it is you who sentence yourselves to nonexistence, as you will not be able to exist in a higher world that is the next stage of evolution for your planet and for the other planets in the universe. Life will be gradually transferred to the higher planes. Certainly, it will take many millions of years. But those who will not be able to adapt to the existence in higher planes will be gone with the winds of cosmic changes.

That is why these Dictations give you an impulse that aims at moving the center of your being onto a higher plane.

When you raise your consciousness onto a higher plane, simultaneously raising your vibrations, it is as if you pull your planet up to a new level.

I can compare this process to a mountain climber clambering up a steep peak. Imagine that this peak is the Peak of the Divine Consciousness. The mountain climber pulls the whole planet on a rope after him. The more such mountain climbers assault the Peak of the Divine Consciousness, the faster and less painful will be the process of the raising of the planet’s vibrations and of its transition onto a new level of evolution.

As an example we can take such a phenomenon as the breaking of a dam. If the Divine energy given for the transformation of this world meets resistance from the overwhelming majority of the individuals living on this planet, their consciousness can be likened to a dam on the flowing of the waters of the Divine renovation and transformation. Sooner or later rising water will break through the dam and wipe off the face of the earth everything resisting it.

Therefore, it is only your consciousness that resists the Divine renovation. The faster you change your consciousness the fewer cataclysms are to be anticipated on your planet in the future.

Every time you are unable to cope with any block in your consciousness, every time you are too lazy to obey the demands we place on our disciples, you must remember about that mass of water that can rain down upon the Earth at any moment and sweep away everything resisting the Divine Law.

I have told you about the necessity of the present time.

At the end of my talk I want to tell you how to overcome the resistance of your own consciousness with the best result.

At bedtime, when you are getting off to sleep, try to recollect that you should visit the Sacred Retreats in the etheric Octaves of Light. Your last thought before sinking into sleep and before your consciousness leaves you must be a desire to visit our sacred retreats and to bring the knowledge granted to you in them to your external consciousness during the following day.

Do not scorn our help and this opportunity granted to you by the Ascended Hosts.

I say goodbye to you now, but I hope to meet each of you in my sacred retreat over Luxor.

I AM Serapis Bey.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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